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  1. It's yo-yoing isn't it? When finally there are decreasing numbers of Cov cases, there is another wave coming with this time again large numbers which I call fear mongering. In this way there will never come an end to this Peyton Place drama. Please inform yourselves what is going on.
  2. AFAIK there are simple back flow valves available. Just small ones, put it after the T
  3. Jeez, it never ends does it. Typically the ban on alcohol is something to monitor. People drink alcohol and have fun and round goes the gossip about Covid conspiracies et all. People get a little fresh and might get upset about the restrictions and express they want freedom. OMG, freedom?? that is not the way we elite want it directed; we want slaves. Closing entertainment venues is a sign of restriction of freedom. Get informed, do your own research.
  4. Why would one get tested anyway. No symptoms no test. If you have a common cold or a slight flue, the test might be positive and you get tangled in a lot of problems. Still funny there are so little cases as according to Johns Hopkins University about 34,000 Thai die of Influenza and Pneumonia every year. Are those figures correct? Let's assume that Johns Hopkins is trustworthy, but then again they also produced in 2017 the 'Spars Pandemic 2025 - 2028' report, something that is a must read.
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