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  1. I stand corrected it is not a NON O, thanks Ubonjoe
  2. Ok Thanks must be a 60 Day Extension then, but it was based on having children here.. either way saves me a trip the the office in 2 weeks. So is a NON O single 60 day visa based on family, is the same as a TR 60 visa? is that right..? If you traveled in on a TR 60 days, then extend 30 days, then 60 day extension (based on child) that would be ok.... Thanks for your info in clearing this up..
  3. Thats is what I just did. 30day extension then 60 days NON O based on child.
  4. I just got a non o visa based on having kids here....60 days.. All i needed was there birth Certifications and there blue house book with there names on it, I went alone , in and out within 2 hrs. Im not married...I didnt need to show 'legitimization' of parenthood.... I have done my TM30 form there months ago , so i think he must have my ladies details already on the system. Very nice and fair immigration officer. Every office is different , so id check what you need .
  5. Thanks for the info, i will take a look into what you suggested, much appreciated
  6. Just wondering what everyone's using to test there pool water in Thailand.. I've a new pool and want to make sure the water is OK. Any info or links to what people use would be great. Regards J
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