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  1. Or wait until the road was clear, but instead it's Me First.
  2. So very Thai. A mother who doesn't look after her own child. A grandmother who is given the job but doesn't do it either. And the parents of the seven-year-old refuse to take responsibility. Thailand in a nutshell. What a wonderful society.
  3. Bangkok Barry

    Lights on for safety

    Why doesn't the govt make it mandatory to drive with lights on? Simple answer - because no-one would take any notice. Same as with all the other laws.
  4. Yep. It was a Red Shirt politician that demanded no alcohol sales in the afternoon and wanted to close the bars at 10 and then compromised to midnight.
  5. Bangkok Barry

    rejected entry and sent back home.

    You miss my point. Men can have male partners/boyfriends.
  6. You don't understand. He has been removed from the chain of 'donations' that the generous public so willing give to the police as his punishment for 'freelancing'. Corruption is apparently not a crime in Thailand, otherwise he would have been arrested and charged instead of being given a desk job.
  7. Bangkok Barry

    The night they raided the '56' in Bangkok

    Thais dance beside their table.
  8. Bangkok Barry

    rejected entry and sent back home.

    He didn't say he has a girlfriend. He said he has a partner. There could be a difference. Not that it makes any difference to the subject at hand. Just interesting that people assume.
  9. Bangkok Barry

    Police hunting for driver in hit and run – Patong

    Heavy tinting is illegal but, well you know...... Whether something is illegal or not has absolutely no relevance in Thailand.
  10. Bangkok Barry

    I Caught My Neighbor Using My Bin.

    There are no boundaries in Thailand. I've often had people walking through my garden as a way to the fields, and my father-in-law once came home to find a total stranger in the garden using the hose to wash his (the stranger's) car.
  11. Bangkok Barry

    Emirates Syd--Bkk to stop flying

    You might want to check - my quote is taken from the second link, not the first.
  12. Bangkok Barry

    Emirates Syd--Bkk to stop flying

    According to one of the links above the service is being reduced, not cancelled entirely. Dubai – Bangkok – Sydney eff 31MAY19 1 daily service cancelled (Dubai – Bangkok sector reduced to 5 daily, Sydney reduced to overall 3 daily).
  13. Bangkok Barry

    BTS Fails To Keep Accessibility Promises For 4th Year

    BTS doesn't care about its customers and never has done. And they know they can flout the court ruling with impunity, as has clearly been proved for years. What SHOULD happen is the company should be fined 10 million baht a day until the work is done. What WILL happen is nothing at all.
  14. So many people seem very slow to realise that there is CCTV everywhere these days and there's a good chance you're going to be filmed. I love a story from a few months ago about a woman who had it installed in her dress shop to catch shoplifters, and she was caught on it stealing from a customer's bag while the customer was trying on a dress
  15. I've travelled widely and never seen that done except in the US. A great idea and foolproof. Makro and others operate a system where you are given a tag as you enter with a car which you must present when you leave. Why not a similar system at airports? As you say, too lazy.