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  1. And who needs a constitutional state with laws, judges and cops, when you can just let mobs take over and get things done much quicker? That is, until someone accuses you falsely of a crime of course... I think the police prefer the lynch mob system. Saves time, and if someone is killed as a result it's never their fault of course, because the mob did it
  2. It has everything to do with this topic...the topic is exposing bus company employees corruption and ripp offs...any questions? If you think charging double because you are forced to carry only half the passengers is corruption and a rip-off then we'll have to agree to disagree. It's basic economics. If they don't do that then they'll operate at a loss. I would have thought that was obvious even to a child. I'm glad for them that you are not their business manager because you clearly don't have a clue how to operate such a business. If they kept the fare at the same level then they would not have a business for long. Despite the inaccurate and inflammatory headline there was no rip-off but, instead, sound business sense. So now I'll repeat my original question which you conveniently ignored so you could divert the topic to suit your own agenda. This thread has nothing at all to do with agents who charge a VIP fare for a ramshackle old bus. Nothing at all. What is your solution when you can by law carry only half the passengers you used to? I look forward to your answer.
  3. Fire the ticket agents that sell VIP tickets...place people on the cheapest buses...and pocket the difference... That has nothing at all to do with this topic about fining a company for charging a realistic price.
  4. All those agreeing with the fine, what is your solution instead of hanging the company? Anyone have the answer, or are you just talk and no substance? The bus company can only take half the passengers now, making the journey arguably more pleasant for the fare paid by the way, so of course they have to increase the fare to avoid making a loss. Or the alternative is to run no service at all, leaving no-one a way to get where they need to go. Why is that so hard to understand? Come on, geniuses. What's your solution?
  5. Reminds me of when they went through their re-enactment game at Mor Chit many years ago, and the angry mob tore the accused to pieces. I can't remember now what he had done but he was dealt with by street justice. So much quicker than the courts.
  6. Is that the best you can come up with? I stated clearly that the WHO figure was up to the 26th May 2020, but you conveniently left that out. What about the other 17 million deaths this year? I wonder who is ill-informed? Both of our links are dated 27th May. The number of deaths up until now on my link would place it in the top 20 of the list you linked to. Why isn't it there? It should be, around six from the bottom and above liver cancer.
  7. There have been over 352,000 Covid deaths, which places it on the top 20 list. Why it is not there suggests that whoever compiled it is ill-informed. It is not in the top 20 for daily deaths (573). https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  8. Why would they do that, when the water bottling companies make millions. And I'm not talking baht, but dollars. In my village I receive my water in 20 litre bottles delivered to the door that cost 10 baht, less than most companies charge for a 600 ml. bottle in the supermarket. That indicates the enormous profits these companies make.
  9. I believe the military, after replacing the democratically elected government, declared that no more than five people can gather together as people were meeting in large groups at places such as MBK in silent protest. As far as I know that is still in force and can be enforced at any time. There doesn't need to be an angry mob. Just sitting in silence can get you arrested in Thailand.
  10. I've bought several things from Lazada over the past year, and not once have I received the promised e-mail. I see from the tracking that it's due for delivery and the courier, usually Kerry, phones my wife shortly before he arrives. Once, they said on the tracking they had tried unsuccessfully to deliver, which was nonsense as we were in and have a five-dog alarm system. I'd guess the driver just wanted to go home early and reported the lie to HQ in their system, and he delivered the next day.
  11. Sorry but I think you are correct, and think also that we have Tony Blair to thank for this one. I am also banned from living in my own country with a foreign wife as with my government pension I do not meet the minimum income set by the government. That same government also sets the pension which I believe is one of the lowest in the EU, so it is quite deliberate. I can thank Theresa May for that. Before I get comments saying it's my fault not being able to meet the minimum, I do have other pensions too. It's the principal I'm talking about, and not everyone has multiple pension incomes.
  12. The cop-out by those who believe in mythical creators is that this would be the work of the devil, not the creator who loves us all no matter what.
  13. I believe also that there is a 50 percent surcharge for any use you might make of the NHS, never mind that you might have paid into the service for decades. If you don't have proof of an extended period in the UK (ie not just popped back home for treatment) then you have to pay up. I am ready to be corrected, and hope I am.
  14. Ask the uncooperative wife who pays the bills. And if it is you then tell her if she wants that to continue then she needs to accompany you. If it comes down to money it is amazing how cooperative people become.
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