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  1. Which also refuses to acknowledge that few people now travel with the 20,000 baht they demand to see from some, but use credit cards instead. Truly bizarre, backward thinking.
  2. He who cannot be named uses his own plane. Or at least, one belonging to the air force. He flies it too, clever lad.
  3. I was flying back from Dubai on THAI several years ago, and a fight started over someone pressing the back of the seat in front of him. Every member of the flight crew, who should have stepped in and dealt with it, vanished behind curtains. Makes you wonder how they would be in an emergency. It's interesting that THAI flies between Bangkok and Dubai once a day, while Emirates last time I checked flies six flights a day, including a number of A380s. Kind of sums things up, really.
  4. I once called and asked to speak to their customer relations department. I was told they don't have one.
  5. What is the source for your claim about "freebies to all and sundry?" Bar stool talk, I think, with no facts to actually back it up. People like to spout it often, but does anyone have any facts to support the claim? The airline's problem is and always has been bad management, with no foreign input to teach those who have absolutely zero experience or knowledge of how to run an airline how to do it. That in turn has resulted in them being slow in purchasing new planes and taking no notice at all of the innovations that more progressive airlines have undertaken. Added to that is their fares are often (not always) noncompetitive, sometimes by a wide margin, and you have a perfect recipe for failure.
  6. Thanks. I've tried the site and the problem remains. What is strange is that I go to Applications in Faststone Viewer and I untick an item at the top that says "Show with Faststone" folder context menu in Windows Explorer, but it's still there when I right-click on a folder. Although I have previously used IOBitUninstaller to delete Faststone Viewer, I'll now go through the registry myself to see if there are any 'rogue' elements left. I'd still prefer to use that than the XnView programme that I've found.
  7. I don't think Thais need alcohol to impair their ability to drive, or to judge speed and distance, or to impact their ability to pay attention.
  8. You don't unnerstan mista. Name good, have no inernatnal flight no poblem. Say inernatnal get big face, na?
  9. I'll have a look. I do have a backup of all my files both in a partition on my laptop and on a mobile SSD, but talking about a system partition is getting a little too deep for me. My ageing machine has only a 500GB disk. Imagine that! Much stuff stored on a third 1.5TB SSD though.
  10. A programme. https://www.xnview.com/en/ I've still to explore it (excuse the pun) but it appears to look and work in a similar way to Firestone.
  11. I've deleted Faststone for good - or at least until I change to a new laptop in the near future, and found what looks to be a decent alternative called XnView, which I'm going to tinker with. It doesn't try to open all my folders in a photo viewer! Anyway, any further suggestions will still be welcome.
  12. I'd tried that and I've had a look at that link but it doesn't really address how to open Explorer or anything in it, only individual programmes. Strangely, Faststone doesn't even show up n listed programmes. Items open in Faststone by default with no apparent way to prevent it. A right click doesn't produce an 'Open with' dialogue, which would be the obvious way to set the programme defaults, but that option isn't there.
  13. Thanks. I tried that and got rid of a lot of junk, but the problem persists.
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