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  1. Anyone is allowed to be a parent. No qualifications needed or restrictions imposed. And so you get........
  2. Has anyone told TAT that the borders are closed to all but a few? And even those few have clearly refused to jump through all the hoops that the government has dreamed up?
  3. If I.O. would be satisfied whit that …, showing your mobile screen from bank account or even going online to bank site upfront to them and showing so,... would be most simple way …. but NO I would think This would be too simple and opening gates for fraud applications by the "no have...funds ones " I would print it out the same day I go to the IO, the same day I get the letter from the bank confirming my account, the same day I update the passbook. I can't see how that opens the door for fraudulent applications. Of course, the bank might print out the statement w
  4. Slightly off-topic, but if I post it on a previous thread that mentioned such things it might not get seen... The bank statement needed for the one-year marriage extension, the one needed in addition to an up-to-date passbook and a letter from the bank confirming I have the account I claim to have - Would a screen shot print out of my on-line account suffice? I ask, as some have reported it taking up to five days to obtain if the account isn't held at the branch where you request such a statement. I've checked what is shown and the on-line account, surely, shows exactly what the ba
  5. I doubt it. I accompanied a famous tennis player to Phuket soon after the Tsunami, there and back the same day from Bangkok.
  6. But it isn't being swallowed anymore. Why do you think tens of thousands of people are out on the streets demanding change? The times, they are a'changing.
  7. Would you want to buy something whose only previous purpose was to be used in extremely unpleasant circumstances? Not a great association, is it.
  8. How has the state of emergency affected you? How has it affected just about anyone?
  9. This government continues to believe that people will do whatever it takes to holiday in Thailand. They won't. People who are not Thai are very aware of countless other countries that are open to foreigners, countries that do not require jumping through numerous hoops. How long before they start re-assigning the hundreds of immigration officers who now have nothing to do?
  10. Mr Somsong stated that the motorcycle suddenly lost its balance. No it didn't. The kid couldn't control the bike. The kid lost balance.
  11. Not really. This has been going on as long as I can remember. One time along with their usual street battles they stopped traffic around Siam Square as they fought in the street in front of tourists who were probably wondering where the land of smiles was, other times they pull people off of buses and attack them. They use knives, machetes, guns, grenades, anything against 'rivals' from the wrong school. And the usual action from the authorities is to close the schools involved for a week.
  12. It would have painted a more accurate picture if you had gone during a normal weekday. Every place that provides entertainment anywhere in the world is busy during a holiday weekend. But that is only a few days out of a year. Hardly representative.
  13. This has been the best soggy season I can remember over several years in Kalasin. It's rained most days at least a little, there have only been one or two damaging storms, no flooding and it's lasted longer than usual and morphed neatly into the cool season.
  14. Logically, with IO closed on the 31st, the amnesty date should have been set as the 30th. But logic doesn't really exist in Thailand, does it.
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