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  1. No father around? No, of course not. All too common in Thailand where it is claimed family values are so close. What a joke.
  2. I believe this was made illegal a year or so ago. But whether something is illegal or not has absolutely no relevance in Thailand.
  3. The burning is illegal but well, you know...... Too hard for the authorities to see fire in front of them and to do something about it would mean working. And they can't work because the smoke makes them feel ill.
  4. It wasn't that long ago that a Bangkok taxi driver killed a passenger with a machete in an argument over 100 baht. I guess the driver thought 100 baht was worth spending the next 10 years behind bars for.
  5. Those who sell fake watches are, in my experience, Indians. Thais have other ways of ripping you off.
  6. They don't use the bat for rounders. They use it to attack people. Different sport.
  7. They don't use the bats for rounders. They use them to attack people. Different sport.
  8. Absolutely right. Thais need to consult a dictionary to see what unlimited means, or they are guilty of false advertising. But that is only in the headline. Look into the small print and they own up. So, they say it's unlimited and then they tell you there is a limit. As for offers, they seem to change monthly so it's a question of checking their website for the latest deal.
  9. A friend of mine used to ask to see their work permit. They moved away pretty quick then
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