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  1. Well-organised criminal organisation is how it was described by the UN.
  2. It was called WALKING STREET because it was a pedestrian zone. I didn't specify WALKING STREET. I think you need to brush up your comprehension skills to properly understand what I wrote. Or maybe you thought you were replying to someone else as your comment bears no relation to what I wrote.
  3. I was watching a YouTube video of Pattaya yesterday and it occurred to me that one step towards making it a world class resort is to provide pavements/sidewalks for the rich tourists they so desperate to attract. Every side soi and even the main roads require pedestrians to walk in the road. It is such an obvious thing, so basic in any real world tourist town or city, that I'm amazed I've only just realised that Pattaya lacks such basic infrastructure. In Bangkok, it might be a good idea if they installed street lighting, starting with the main streets. Nearly all the light comes from shop or
  4. Everything in duplicate is yet another thing that varies office to office. I didn't need that at Kalasin.
  5. In other words, the criminals, those who accept brown envelopes for turning a blind eye, are the ones who can demand you leave the country for being in Thailand illegally. Great, isn't it. What a wonderful culture.
  6. It's a good thing that Thailand is a Buddhist nation in name only, otherwise the PM would be sending his submarine to threaten Mexico.
  7. It's okay. They don't believe what they are saying either. Every day they have to come up with a statement in order to keep their job. I, and they, don't believe that even the Chinese would agree to carry a tracking device so that authorities working for a military government can know their every movement. North Koreans, maybe. Have they tried that? Tomorrow, perhaps. Stay up-to-date with ThaiVisa.
  8. I've spent nearly as long here and I agree. There is a total lack of morality among Thais. Everything is down to money and what is good for number one, no matter what. Interesting in a so-called Buddhist culture. But then, even making merit in the temples is to benefit the giver, to gain face. When people give money for such and such, the village loudspeaker system always goes through the name of every donor and how much they gave. Pathetic.
  9. Reminds me of someone in my office when I had my first job. He put more effort into finding ways of not doing something than the effort needed to do it.
  10. Were the musicians being paid for playing? If not, then they were not working without a permit. They were having a good time and making people happy. A big no-no in Thailand. Different story about the illegal gathering though. Rules is rules.
  11. That's baloney. Just to give one example, my apartment in the center of Bangkok was 25k baht. That same standard and central location would be around $2,000 usd in san francisco or even more in nyc or other popular cities. This thread is generally about tourists, not residents.
  12. When will Thailand realise that the country has little to nothing to attract wealthy tourists. Those with real money go to places with impeccable service standards all the time, good value for money which rich people demand even though they are rich, sophisticated and reliable infrastructure, countries where all who deal with foreigners understand and speak perfect English, places where their life is not in danger from lunatic drivers and hanging wires, where they are not deluged under piles of forms that require 20 signatures if they want to apply for anything official. And the authorities fl
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