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  1. They were carrying out repairs at midnight - 1 am? Or were too lazy to remove the rod when it wasn't needed? There are some countries where such neglect would result in a massive lawsuit. But in Thailand absolutely no-one will be held responsible.
  2. I'm not sure you can be jailed for not wearing a mask or dining in restaurants, only fined. Excellent idea though.
  3. Giving us the vote doesn't make it compulsory that we should vote. It gives the right to those who want to. Nothing wrong with that. Asking for the pension thing is a total waste of time as many, many years of campaigning including by the Daily Telegraph has and will achieve absolutely nothing. Giving us the right to vote costs nothing. Giving us our rightful pension increases doesn't, even if in the big picture it barely ripples the surface.
  4. Not quite. As those with a less blinkered view have pointed out in this thread, it doesn't only involve prisoners. Those prisons also have dozens or more staff who have been mixing with the prisoners and then taking the virus home with them to spread among their family and friends. And I would venture that the families of what are no doubt low-paid staff do most of their shopping in the still-crowded markets where precautions are sometimes lax. It's a time-bomb.
  5. Your comment could be considered offensive by some, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. The answers are no, yes and no.
  6. Yesterday in the bedroom. The aircon brought it down to 27 at sleeping time.
  7. Brilliant. I've Facebooked that, but not claimed credit I'm guessing that most of the estimated 18,000 motorcycle deaths a year are of Wave riders as that's all many can afford, So they really ought not to be allowed to ride anything at all that has a motor.
  8. I quite like Leo 8. It's very similar to Tapper, in my opinion. My wife, gawd bless her (see post above) recently returned from the shops with Lao IPA which she found at a 7-11 for 65 baht - small bottle. Only found it though in one branch. It's by far the nearest to a proper UK beer that I've had here. Naturally, it isn't Thai and is imported from next door where they know how to make a decent beer. After it passed my taste bud test she returned next time with several more. Cheers. EDIT: I've just noticed the Limited Edition on the label, which makes me nervous. I'd better have a drink.
  9. It is. My wife came home with a box of the stuff when we feared a lockdown. Everyone should have a wife like that.
  10. I wonder what will happen next time she decides the rules don't apply to her and she gets fined again.
  11. It's comforting to know that Thailand will once again be the hub of something. Is there anything that the country is not the hub of?
  12. It has to be there for two months before the application and some offices require that it has to also remain there during the month that the application is under consideration. That extra month appears to be becoming the norm now. My office told me, her exact words, "We are making it more difficult for you." Just another example of it doesn't matter what the rule is (two months), the rule is what we say it is. Also, some offices want two copies of the forms you have to produce, some not (mine didn't).
  13. Not really, no. The small box says Thais and permanent residents only. The larger text on the left does not. Depends how they define permanent residents. Yellow card, pink card, citizenship? There are many, many of us who have lived here for many, many years without any of those, yet my guess is we would be classified as non-permanent residents. Such as I, who has lived here for over 25 years.
  14. I'm not familiar with this model, but do you HAVE to use your fingerprint as security? No PIN method, for example?
  15. There would surely have been a sign outside the site saying Safety First. That's enough in Thailand.
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