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  1. Boomer6969 has it right; the lockdown is not about the virus.............
  2. I'm sick of hearing about permanent residence and work permits when a thread like this comes up. Thailand only has a quota of 100 PR's per country per year, hardly a viable option for the thousands of foreign spouses that live in Thailand. And as far as WP, pretty hard to get if you don't work IN Thailand. I'm happy for the people that have these but doesn't seem a very attainable option IMO. Bring on the comments about we're all just tourists, don't have any rights, blah, blah, blah, I know that already, it's been mentioned more than enough times in other threads.
  3. I wonder about the thinking process--if there is one, of the 35 people in the survey who said, "No they should not be allowed to return." I'm hoping those people didn't understand the question.......
  4. I did grow up, and made the CORRECT decision--which was planned by the company I work for, to continue to go to work in order to take care of my Thai family, when I left. It's simple really but some people just can't get the concept.
  5. I'm not lying and don't consider myself an idiot; I had to go to work to support my Thai family, I didn't choose to leave, I HAD to leave. All these people with these types of comments don't realize the different circumstances people are in. It's not as simple as, "You're a tourist and chose to leave now you want to come back for a holiday."
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