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  1. Agree totally, I've thought this for years, humans do things to their own species that animals would never do. Unbelievable!
  2. Agree totally; too many parents these days think electronic devices can replace them and their guidance. I remember my mother ALWAYS knew what I was up too; that was her job as a parent. And harsh discipline was doled out when I did something I wasn't supposed too, don't see much of that these days.
  3. I put one in years ago--I pounded it into the soil so I know that part is right, but it has since been concreted/tiled over--I know, not a good idea, so I don't know the condition of it. I know that now and will install another one just in case the original has corroded down to nothing. At the time of concreting/tiling I didn't think the copper would corrode, but I read on this forum of another person that found his earth rod corroded while doing some gardening; can't remember exactly but seems like it was REAL short.
  4. Yes, I guess "Somchai" liked the colors....or these colors were cheaper. LOL I'm done with Thai electricians; I'm sure there are some good qualified ones out there.....but I can't find them.
  5. Can someone with some electrical knowledge tell me if this breaker box looks correctly wired? I realize you can't see every wire and where it goes, but I'm particularly interested in the earth and neutral connections. I had an RCBO breaker installed and it has worked on some circuits but there are others where I still get a tickle when touching the connected appliance. I don't understand why the RCBO won't trip on all the circuits in the house. I won't attempt anything on my own as I'm not qualified but just want some info until I find an electrician. Also, do you think it's better to have individual RCBO's on each circuit as additional protection or is this overkill because the main breaker has one? Thanks in advance.
  6. As with a lot of houses here in Thailand; I've got electrical issues. I've had a couple of "Somchais" come in at different times and work on my house but not surprisingly I still have issues. Does someone know any qualified farang electricians around the Pattaya area that would take on some work? Basically checking the ground and making sure all outlets/hot water machines are grounded. Somchai has said everything is correct but I still get some "tingles" from some of the appliances.
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