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  1. Old news. After this article came out he has changed his mind or it was changed for him. He now supports the use of Active duty military.
  2. and next week someone will release a study that claims it does help but anyway numerous studies out there that claim while not preventing it does help in treatment.
  3. If they do this you can kiss NETFLIX goodby. Thailand doesn't allow competition
  4. Having gone through this last March using the income method with no embassy letter and reading the personal experience of others here confirms to me the only way if you can is to park 800K baht in the bank and use that method.
  5. Bought first car back in 2011 had the numbered plates in less than 30 days. Just bought a new pick up truck on 29 Feb 2020 and still using red plates. Many calls to the dealer only resulted in lies and broken promises and only after some pressure they admitted they didn't send the paper work and funds until the first of this month. Love the truck but hate the dealer. Sales woman said it was my fault because I paid cash.
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