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  1. 1. John Terry Undoubtedly the greatest defender in Premier League history, Terry’s battle-hardened exterior was coupled with his iconic headed clearances and perfectly-executed tackles. His 492 league appearances boast 214 clean sheets, with some of those displays having the added bonus of many important goals at the other end of the pitch. The 39-year-old now finds himself in a coaching role at Aston Villa, and one can only imagine how rewarding and beneficial his presence is for the youngsters at the club, especially 22-year-old defender Ezri Konsa.
  2. Published: 11:30, 17 April 2020 | Updated: 15:56, 26 April 2020 The Premier League era has seen some absolutely world-class defenders. Whatever else you think of the elite Premier League sides and their ability to thrill (or not thrill) with their attacking play, the quality of their centre-backs cannot be questioned. The Premier League’s centre-backs have scaled some enormous heights, but which one ranks highest of all? Squawka have ranked the top 15. If you’d make any changes to the order below, we’d love to hear them. Get
  3. Obvious question...maybe the answer is as well....Do you have to buy the "Privileged Card"to get the offered rate? Or is it like Burapha and there 1250 Seniors rate where you just ring up and book?
  4. Excellent result only Giroud could score that type of goal.Another great performance from Mount who received a ridiculous yellow card. Werner worked hard all night as usual.Ziyech when he came on played some great balls and even Havertz little cameo was good along with Kante...only shame is we cant have 5 subs in the Epl. Well done TT definitely done Simeone up like a kipper....oh and Suarez will not go unnoticed in the 2nd leg as he will be the one wearing a Dress....Tart.
  5. Your team looks OK Og,the real positive thing for TT is that he can make 5 subs if necessary...to coin a phrase "could be a game changer"
  6. Not a clue as to who starts tomorrow...Chilwell or Emerson for sure....the rest any ones guess.?
  7. Best plan/tactic/formation for Tuesday night against Atm.....where that Pink kit it will confuse the <deleted> out of em.
  8. Thanks...i will get "chapter and verse" before i set foot in the place.
  9. It does state all included....though for sum reason vouchers are from from Psc for the package.....maybe Bangpra are testing Psc ??
  10. I am the worlds biggest open critic...but managers/coaches should do that behind closed doors ..keep it in house imho. Cho could have a sympathetic friend who aint getting a look in at present then all of a sudden you got unrest building in the squad...that is not healthy. Just my opinion though.
  11. Selfish i know but i only want to look in one plaice for the offers that are in the area where i play,and i don't want to pay more than 1500baht If this is wrong then moderators can delete post or put it somewhere else. To start Psc rates for Feb are available and what catches the eye imho are the following.. Burapha 1250 weekday rate Green Fee Caddie Cart (age 60and over) Till the end of March Emerald and Eastern Star... weekday 1050baht Green Fee Caddie Cart Greenwood with there 400baht weekday Green Fee Only (750baht with Caddie walking)....1250baht Green Fee Caddie C
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