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  1. Kovacic may well get some minutes against the Arsse,and then start in the Fa Cup...but i dont pick the team Tommy T does...phewwwww.
  2. Kun(t) aguero is past it...yesterdays man ..may suit Barca not us.
  3. Yeah he did look a bit of a Kun(T). 2 more Epl wins for us and we are done. I could put a table showing comparisons with the age and appearances and minutes on the pitch of some of our players compared to other players from the Epl and Europe..... who no longer play the game.....but that would just be childish and irrelevant....know what i mean.??
  4. Well done Tommy T and well done Billy Gilmour held his own in that game. Thoroughly deserved win.
  5. Good enough starting 11 to give "walk it in city" a game.....would have preferred Emerson to Alonso myself. Young rwb Tino livramento on the bench which is good for him. See if Ziyech has his wand with him today...hope so. cotc
  6. Chilwell could learn a lot from watching Dave imho .Dave was all over his man in that second half(easier to see from this side of the pitch)he never gave him an inch let alone a yard,where as Chilwell 1st half gave his bloke far too much time and space.imo
  7. Cant pick a motm....thought Dave was excellent..so too Rudiger a couple of cracking saves from Mendy at key moments,front 3 never stopped moving all over the place, Siva solid so too Jorgi boy and the "Rash" Kante.... cos he was everywhere.....have to go with Tommy T then....he knows what he,s doing.
  8. Thought we were very lucky....not to have scored at least 5
  9. Good starting 11 and at least 5 game changers sitting on the bench. Cotc
  10. Thanks i hope we dont need it...we should have finished this tie last week i just hope we dont have to look back at that game as what could have been. As for your team...win your 4 remaining games and you will be in it next season...it,s in your hands. almost impossible for both us and Leicester to get more than 70 points which would knock you out.
  11. The sooner every single Thai person is vaccinated the better.I dont have any bodily contact with any Farang /expat and I dont sit on a floor and eat somtan with me fingers and risk spreading what ever i might have to everyone else.....just a thought. So vaccinate every single Thai person 1st then open the bars and Massage parlours etc etc...in the meantime just stay in your own little bubble and wait it out.......or just start yet another Covid thread of he said she said they said.
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