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  1. Game of opinions i know.....but i don,t think we can better that back 4, I,ve always had Reece for the future in-front of Dave and Emerson in-front of Alonso,Tomori is just so solid and pace in abundance, cant really split a fully fit Rudiger from Zouma,but after Zouma,s bad injury and having to play "hoof it" football for 3 years at both Stoke and Everton and then having to learn how to play out from the back for us....well he keeps his place for me. I have Marc Ghuehi in-front of Christensen so imo our defence is solid. Only a fully fit and back to his best Loftus Cheek gets into that starting 11 and Cho has to do a little bit more to force Willian out......just imho. Nice time for a break...hopefully no new Injuries and then......City.
  2. Cant easily pick a motm.....maybe Kovacic just shades it imho. Nice to see Kante back and although the 1st half was not the best....some of Pulisic,s ball control and dribbling in there box was very Hazard..esk.imo 8 to 10 London Derby's every season are never easy games to play.....but today was one of the easiest as Palace offered very little thanks to Reece having Zaha in his pocket for most of the game.
  3. Massive pressure on Reece 1st Premier League start and at home and up against Zaha....good luck to him he deserves his spot imho. Cotc
  4. Didn,t see that coming.....Reece in for Dave and Willian Captain.
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