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  1. See you have history for talking out of your asreanall......now pull your trousers up and get back to your "Spursday Nights"
  2. Sorry Jelly..2 hours ago in Soi Buakhow i was "Ted" i cant even remember my own name on a daily basis... Stonewall Pen that one...but Maguire gets a free pass against us, studded Batshuyai,s groin at the bridge...nothing given.
  3. Think someone got there answer as to where a cut price keeper and an ageing centre back were going to improve our defence....long may it continue.
  4. Pretty good line-up,options on the bench if things dont go our way or changes are needed. Got me answer on the Pen taker...so long as he stays on the pitch long enough
  5. Dow 0853975300 this bloke is excellent otherwise i would n,t recommend him. Has done a few jobs for me that 2 other "Electricians" couldn,t ...he found the problem in 10 minutes as opposed to the others having no clue. pretty sure he lives on the Darkside as well.
  6. Who is going to take the Pens? When it comes to tackling and breaking up play then Kovacic imo gets the nod over Jorginho and we can not have Jorginho Kovacic and Kante starting, that is just super negative. Mount has to drop out and as said Ziyech right Pulisic left, middle for Kai behind Timo....then Kova and Kante....Chilwell James Tomori (if Silva aint fit) and Zouma Mendy......done.
  7. Well drilled well organized (and we were n,t too bad either). A tough game and to keep a clean sheet was pretty dam good. just a little disappointed again that Pulisic was not on the left. i like Mount (always have) he is normally the 1st one to start the press,but Pulisic is a game changer on the left that is his natural position...he is wasted on the right imho. Seems that Mount is both Southgate's and Frank's go too man.
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