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  1. If there is a deep rooted problem with Emerson,then we need a left back imo, Dave cant play there week in week out. Giroud Pedro and Alonso are all surplus,we have Ampadu, Conor Gallagher & Dujon Sterling to recall plus possible 3rd choice striker with Ike Ugbo...I think on the whole we are okay.
  2. Yes back on track....Hazard...sorry Pulisic was excellent Kante,Kovacic everywhere that matters and Dave was very good but understandably tired in the last 15 minutes....Mason as usual 1st to get a foot in,love the lad. Thought Kepa should have come for that cross for there goal but he did make amends with a save near the end. Thought the Referee as usual was thuccking useless.....i know i,ll let everything go then i,ll book someone for a nothing challenge.....they are all <deleted>tt. Onwards and upwards for us..
  3. Frank was being Mr Nice guy on Saturday imho but last nights press conference his face and demeanor suggests to me that aint ever gonna happen again. He owed Deschamps one by him not playing Kante a few weeks back, so in return given West Hams woeful form he thought thucck it i,ll give Giroud a go and Pedro trains well so he deserves a run......yep it backfired as they both offered sweet thuckk all. That defeat to West Ham could be the making of our season as Frank will not make that mistake again. I would not be surprised if Billy Gilmour take,s Pedro,s place on the bench tonight......heck he might even start him.
  4. Come back come back....it was word for word i changed nothing........did I ?????
  5. Does Pedro know that you have binned him to the annals of history after just one game,you gave him such a massive build -up medals trophy's galore....and now he is yesterdays Fish n chip paper.....gutted.
  6. I stand by my post.....Kepa is was and has been clumsy......Saturday he was not. Hence posting "Motor Mouths " clip.....happy now????
  7. How is Pedro by the way still an inspiration to us all....i mean you.????
  8. "Motor Mouth" i thought he was bang on in everything he said hence why i posted it.
  9. Personally i would like to see Pulisic Cho and Mount start as the 3 behind Tammy (if fit)/Bats, and Kante + one of either Jorginho/Kovacic.....back 4 if we go that route Reece Zouma Christensen or Tomori Emerson or Dave. I know there are no easy games in the Epl but i fully expect us to win this one well.....and get back on track. West Ham played the perfect game against us hopefully that aint going to be repeated by Villa.
  10. Never seen or heard of this bloke before but good summary imo.
  11. Think we all new that West Ham would not just roll over for us. Reece James is the nuts and someone sometime has got to get on the end of one of his crosses....surely. Expect Cho Bats and William to enter the fray pretty soon.
  12. Not interested in your opionion of DeGea....he don,t play for Chelsea. You wanna have a snipe about the Mancs defence then go and post on there thread. Given your name and Avatar changes ......do you know who you are??? "Chelsea Babes".....Really......grow a pair, that Kindergarten phrase belongs to the Mancs
  13. "A very good shot stopper no doubt about it" 31 goals conceded in 19 games ...says he aint!!! He has got weak wrists,does not command his 6 yard area,has on many occasions booted the ball straight out of play, and nearly every single game he has given the ball straight to an opposing player......maybe he is Colour Blind??? As i have posted before...He is clumsy. As for my criticism of both Pedro and Alonso......have they played lately???? How you have got the nerve to take issue with anything posted on this thread when you don,t even watch the Bluddy games is beyond me.
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