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  1. quite a hero ... wonder how it has turned out... anybody do a follow-up story?
  2. In this OP, what is the actual Thai word used for "Foreigner" It seems that "Foreigner" is being conflated with "Farang" in the posts of some here. It should not be a surprise that thousands of foreigners from neighboring ASEAN countries and PRChina would be inflating the documented Thai population.
  3. "The two neighboring countries".....???? has Thailand already been designated as a province of China? or are they talking about the Peoples Republic of Laos??
  4. "BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thai Airways International Pcl said on Tuesday it is cutting its workforce by half " but will anyone notice........
  5. The new facial recognition software is designed for identifying full face masks......
  6. Is there a legal requirement to cremate the body? or can it just be tossed into the hospital trash bin er I mean donated to medical science......
  7. "Apart from this Pipat said that high spending Indians who wanted to get married in Thailand would be the other group. " these are the same high spenders who regularly hold up the queue in 7-11 in Silom while they try to haggle down the price of a bread roll with the bemused cashier...
  8. ASEAN member Thailand hosted a junta official from myanmar and gave him "advice" on dealing with the protests - shortly before this crackdown (coincidentally, of course)
  9. What is the equivalent of the ThaiVisa website for the Philippines?
  10. Why not just give it to the Chinese? They are experts in concrete and in water management. Just look at their success managing the Mekong.......
  11. and you apparently also believe that AOT is not controlled or influenced by the Thai government - so AOT automatically makes statements with complete integrity.
  12. You are welcome to believe everything you hear from every Thai government / quango official. You obviously have great confidence in the integrity of all Thai government announcements.
  13. But there are other countries where you are usually required to show your paper ticket to access the airport terminal......India, Philippines... and others
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