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  1. when you use Google Translate and you put in the English word "Idiot" - the Thai translation comes out as "Anutin"
  2. these figures suggest approx half of the UK stats - UK having a similar size population but a more advanced vaccination program. Can we trust the Thai stats???
  3. Leaving aside that Thailand is not really a poor country, it is unlikely that much of any donation to any Thai charity will actually get through to those who really need it. Corruption is endemic to the country. The appalling Tsunami charity scandals come to mind........many people learned a hard lesson then..... although the Thais did a good job getting themselves out of trouble back then
  4. He does not need anyone to vote FOR him. He just has to ensure that nobody actually votes AGAINST him.....
  5. Yes - it sounds like something straight out of the CCP playbook......
  6. Thailand is the laughing stock of a very small world, the world it believes it is the center of..... with every passing day it becomes less important in the tourism world, less important in the political world, and just another inept little province of the Belt and Road Initiative.
  7. and in other news..... Somchai was vaccinated yesterday. He then got blind drunk and rode his moto into a brick wall at 120 kph - no helmet. The autopsy was unable to find any direct link between the vaccination and the fact that his face was spread over a square meter of wall......... Caution is advised after getting a vaccine in case of unforeseen side effects....
  8. imagine climbing over the mountains of discarded electric scooters in the streets
  9. but the UK Woke media will not allow anyone to state the blindingly obvious - even though the "hotspots" of the rising infection rate were densely populated urban areas with a high proportion of un-vaccinated BAME because stating the obvious makes everyone a racist these days....
  10. Seriously - it is a big problem... some of these weapons simply will not fit through a regular letterbox......
  11. They did not specify "which" corruption they intend to tackle.... Corruption comes in many forms, and surely the most pressing form is the one which is not under their control.....
  12. and that explains why there is no traditional "Pointing" photo.... could have been confusing and embarassing.... "Please point to the biggest <deleted> in this room....." no no not the one with the most medals.....
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