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  1. I am on the 8th year of my retirement visa extension. I use the monthly income method(ex embassy letter). I currently use Transferwise for my monthly transfers of UK pensions to Thailand and am very satisfied with the service and charges. My payments have always(to date) attracted the "International Transfer" tag and are coded FTT in my Bangkok Bank account passbook/statement. However I have read a lot here suggesting that some people have had problems with the transfers from TW not being tagged as international. Clearly one such un-tagged transfer would ruin the evidence trail required next year on my extension renewal. I don't really want to take that chance. So here is a question. Does anyone use First Direct in the UK for transfers? They are my UK bankers. I haven't used them for years for sending money here because of the fees BUT on a recent visit to my account it appears that international transfers ONLINE are free(used to be 25GBP) With a choose to send Baht or Sterling. Clearly I would transfer Sterling and let Bangkok Bank convert at the TT rate in Thailand. They will obviously charge 200-500 Baht for the service. Any thoughts please. I really only want to hear from anyone using FIRST DIRECT in the UK. As I said above I rate Transferwise and don't wish to hear about other FX comapnies. Many thanks
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