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  1. A good case could be put forward that all of these "Flip-flops" are the cause of the high blood pressure!
  2. https://thethaiger.com/news/national/thailand-expecting-3-5m-sinovac-vaccines-by-mays-end
  3. The "Thai" Mor Prom app was updated to Version 2 recently. Still no "Expat" app....I really must invest in a pair of binoculars to help me see further down the road but with all the smoke and mirrors I'm not sure if that would help!
  4. I registered on the first day (2nd attempt) with only my Yellow Book ID. If you left the field for "number from back"empty the attempt failed. By using a "-" (Dash) instead of an empty field it allowed me to register. This info relates to V1 of the app. I havent seen V2 yet. Perhaps this info can be of some use.....
  5. Your forgetting that they need to leave room for their price list! Hence, an Expat App?
  6. Good news. I'd wager that the expat app has prices!
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