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  1. It'll be interesting to watch. My kids keep asking if the currency in Thailand is Bitcoin.
  2. My experience work, and it is related is that environmental stuff has made an impact. Ironically, on oceanographic ships, full of scientists, people chuck things over the side without caring a toss; but move to an oil & gas industry ship and try the same thing, and you're toast. This, I think, is indicative of where the solutions lie. Countries that do well out of tourism need to stay pretty or they feel it in the wallet when people go elsewhere. In Thailand you get your bins emptied and your recycling picked up very frequently; in the UK they bleed you dry with tax and leave it a fortnight. Some of the solution is about compelling manufacturers to change their packaging and manufacturing, and that's where legislation comes in, but individuals are incredibly lazy and most of the domestic recycling you do in the west is a complete waste of time, as it's contaminated anyway. Young activists aren't foregoing the lifestyle and the pollution it brings; but at a job, you need or want the money, or if a business you don't want to pay fines or extra costs, and money talks. It's not clear what specific policies these protesters want changed, but they might not like the price of environmentalism.
  3. They are, about $3Tn, but that's a fraction of their total potential debt of $40+Tn. That's a lorra lorra socks... I think it's more than half of stock market trade. I think the total value of the world's biggest banks is around £25Tn. Scary. That's basically the problem... it's borrowing against the future... (e.g.: future growth, that may or may not happen) and that's where the defaulting/moral hazard comes in... In China they are estimated to have about $6Tn of local government debt, and it's been a way of absorbing debt and sweeping it under the carpet. Eventually, someone will ask for their money back, or there'll be no income left to service the debts, and then defaulting starts happening, and that can be contagious as confidence falls like dominos. When debts that are held with the expectation they'll be paid off, and companies/organisations/governments start selling off assets to try and fill the holes, then prices start tumbling. Confidence in countries and their currencies falls as growth looks like tumbling, and if it happens in China, you can bet that this forecast will be way off the mark.
  4. He could always promise her some money, and get a few jollies out of it, if she's got a private hospital room.
  5. I wish I could do one, but I'd just burst out laughing in the middle of it, and I wouldn't be that convincing.
  6. I see what you did there... you turned my word "people" into a new concept by adding a nother word that wasn't there, and twisting it to become "the people" and presenting it like it meant the same thing. Remainers are so clever... no wonder they won the refendum (in real life). No, a refusal is saying that you refuse, which is what Mr Juncker said. Sitting in a room with crossed arms saying, "well then", is a bit like a woman throwing a tantrum and sulking, it's not really negotiation, it's more like a weak attempt at attrition. Well you won't find Brexiteers in the sewers, that's where Remainers lurk, raking up ordure to chuck about as they thrash around their keyboards like they'd just necked a pint of flakka. Lower than your mamma's drawers. Is that the best you can manage? I'll leave the heavy breathing to you.
  7. Politicians should be banned from hospitals, unless they're bleeding to death, and even then, they should have to join the back of the queue - it would be kind of an incentive to make hospitals function better. obviously by removing that "free at the point of use" thing, which is part of the problem. Alright, let's have a look: https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1120937/jeremy-corbyn-net-worth-labour-leader-salary-wages-earn https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/08/23/labours-public-schoolboys-jeremy-corbyn-accused-hypocrisy-calls/ https://www.newstatesman.com/2018/06/Posh-Boys-How-English-Public-Schools-Ruin-Britain-Robert-Verkaik-Personal-Irreverent-History-Martin-Stephen-Fourth-Education-Revolution-Artificial-Intelligence-Anthony-Seldon-Review https://www.leftfutures.org/2013/04/labour-politicians-on-the-rich-list/ https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jan/20/labours-new-members-mostly-wealthy-city-dwellers-leaked-report https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/staggers/2016/10/who-s-who-labour-shadow-cabinet You're right, they're proper working class, aren't they! It seems like Labour keeps its Etonites slightly under the radar, just providing funding and campaigning leadership. Corbyn comes from a non-working-class background, surely his two Es at A-Level are the reason he didn't go to ..., not his middleworking-class principles? no wait up, wikipedia says he went to a polytechnic and dropped out for arguing with his lecturers all the time. ...bear in mind that if class war is your thing, the MP doing most for your Remain cause, Oliver Letwin, is probably the epitome of everything you despise... go read his bio... will you stick or twist? so? it's such a non-story, really.
  8. Watching you lot bickering over "left" and "right" is like watching drunk tramps fight over a sock.
  9. Who's freaking out? Foreigner in Thai is "ชาวต่างชาติ" or sometimes "คนต่างประเทศ", which is what educated Thais often say. Some even ask you which country you're from. If you came to a European country and everyone kept saying "foreigner" to you in their equivalent way, how would you feel?
  10. Wow... that's a lot of loons... I mean, millions... polling and analysis from academics and assorted trainspotters in this field reports the largest part of the electorate favour no deal. They must be wrong, because they're not listening to people like you who know much more than them. With so many millions of people less intelijunt than you, how do you get them to vote the correct way? i.e.: your way? Should we just not trouble them with confusing things like that, and just help them by voting for them? We don't want to let evil far-right loons to get FTAs with the growing economies of the world. I mean, some of these silly Leave voters believe they are the centre and Remainers are extremists, just because there's more of them than anyone else! Everyone knows that the Remainers are the centre, because they're clevererer, and their votes are worth twice as much, or something.
  11. That's not how threads work. This isn't Thai secondary school. That's not a URL, and censoring it is childish.
  12. Well, to handle your hedging, espcially the "compatible with EU laws bit", let's look at what the public appear to say: "Some polls show no deal as the most preferred Brexit option. Others show remaining. It all depends which options respondents are surveyed about and how the question is asked." https://fullfact.org/europe/does-public-want-no-deal/ Anthony Wells (IMO a LibDem and pro-EU person), concludes that 44% v 34% prefer no deal and WTO A ComRes poll found a similar result. Prof Curtice's analysis of this and other polls https://whatukthinks.org/eu/are-voters-ready-to-leave-with-no-deal/ concludes that the public is polarised between No Deal/WTO and 2nd Referendum, but that No Deal/WTO is the larger of the polarised groups. So in answer to your question, a simple majority for no deal/wto is consistently there, but the opposition to it is a large and vociferous minority of about a third of the population at best. This more or less maps onto the way the referendum was going prior to the politicisation of the Jo Cox murder, where Remain was heading south of 40%, as the less passionate 30% of "swing voters" in the middle responded to Project Fear and moved towards Remain, but not enough. This has been true since about March, as the graph shows:
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