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  1. 17 hours ago, Banana7 said:

    There are decades worth of rainfall data for most of Thailand including Pattaya. All they had to do is calculate the rainfall for the coverage area then design and build drainage to handle the water flow. Most competent professional civil engineers can easily do this job.


    It seems someone other than professional engineers are deciding on the drainage design. The people authorizing the work aren't following the advice and recommendations of professionals who are qualified to design and build.




    They are probably just hiring cowboys to do the work for next to nothing and pocketing the difference themselves. Typical Thai ethics.

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  2. 6 hours ago, SweetStickyRice said:

    10,000 Baht per head seems to be the magic number on that side of the island. How about a solution to put a law into place like other 1st world and developed countries have that if three or more people commit a crime together, in this instance it would be extortion, they get charged and sentenced as an organised crime syndicate. 1st world countries also have a system where they now psychologically test and partner up cops with one another in which one would tell on the other if one would commit a crime / take a bribe. Accusation? I don't think so. Cover up? Definitely.

    I think this post needs rewording. Since when was Thailand a 1st world developed country? It's not even a 2nd world country!!!

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  3. 23 hours ago, SammyT said:

    "But the security guard shot that bitey dog for no reason the other day and deserves to go to jail. Typical aggressive Somchai."


    ~ 40% of TVF users on the other thread.


    I love animals, but its time for Thailand to put the Buddhist principles aside and eradicate some stray dogs.

    "eradicate some stray dogs" That should say ERADICATE ALL STRAY DOGS.

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  4. 4 hours ago, ThreeEyedRaven said:

    It is notable that in many civilised countries, police have been told to back off when high speed pursuits begin, even when stolen cars are involved, on the grounds that it ends in too many unnecessary deaths. I note the article states he was chased because he had no helmet. Perhaps you think that such a heinous crime is sufficient to warrant an untimely death. From a small locale, and undoubtedly having his registration, they could have caught up with him at their leisure and he would still be alive.

    How do you know "and undoubtedly having his registration"? Have you never seen scooters without the registration number affixed? And likewise rear and or front lights not working at night?

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  5. 5 hours ago, colinneil said:

    Are the boys parents serious?

    The only people to blame for this are themselves and their son.

    The boy should not have been allowed to ride a motorbike, too young, no license, no insurance, no helmet.

    The boy is dead and that is tragic, but his parents are seeing his death as a way to make money..... Sickening.

    Well said sir. I could not agree more

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  6. The Nation's report says this.


    "If the hospital were deemed to have failed to help the patient to its full capacity, it could be held accountable for a violation of the Act, an offence punishable with a maximum two-year imprisonment"


    Where is there a prison large enough to hold a hospital, and if there is one, how will the authorities get it there?

  7. My five year old Thai granddaughter speaks quite a bit of English, including saying the complete alphabet without hesitation.


    Other things she says are very clear with good pronunciation.


    She goes to a normal school near Lopburi, so perhaps there are little pockets of hope.


    I just want to live a few years longer to see her grow up. For illness reasons I have only been able to see her twice so far this year.

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