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  1. Apart from the one month shutdown (from which as has been said he probably won't lose any income if he lets his scum chums rent out his jet skis for him), have I read the figures correctly?

    He charged them 200,000 Baht to begin with, less the amount of 45,000 baht refunded, less the estimated repair costs of 15,000 Baht leaves the scammer in profit to the amount of 140,000 baht!!! Then I guess there would be certain back handers to certain people, but even so, a very good day's work for the jet ski rip off merchant.

  2. Not a bad drop in numbers when you consider the coup, tourist murders, the bombings down south, and Bangkok's growing search & shakedown reputation.

    That's Jomtien in pic? Haven't been there in years, looks like the beach is getting real narrow. One planeload of fat tourists all go in the water at the same time and the sea will reach the sidewalk laugh.png

    Looks more like Naklua to me...if you look in the distance you can see the Pattaya Park Tower.

    But wherever it is, I would say numbers are down a lot more than 6.6%. Just ask any of the shop/restaurant/beer bar owners who have been forced to close recently here in Pattaya. I'm sure they wouldn't have closed due to that small figure.

    Edit to say...unless the photo has been posted back to front.

  3. Even if I hadn't known before seeing the video that it was staged, it was so apparent right from the beginning that I gave up watching after 2 mins of it.

    If that sells people to come here then so be it, and let them find out the real Thailand for themselves. Some may be happy at the end of their holidays and some may not be.

    Me, I've been here 8 years now and don't regret any of it, but come on, honestly, that video sucks. As somebody commented in an earlier post, I wouldn't want to be a farang throwing stones at a taxi driver and hoping nothing is going to happen!!!

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  4. He did this in front of the police station? Where were the police? At checkpoints making collections?

    Is this man locked up now waiting to pay bail?

    He will never face a formal charge because they will harass and threaten or bribe the woman to retract her statement

    If you had read the original article in full, you would have seen these points:

    a/ Six to seven police officers witnessed the attack and intervened to stop him.

    b/ Pairinya was sent to the hospital while the politician’s son was released on THB150,000 bail Saturday morning.

    We can but hope that this piece of filth gets what's due to him.

  5. Tourism in Thailand is going to keep going up. As always there is going to be occasional yearly dips be it Political, Tsunami or Sars but last year still saw almost 3 times the number of arrivals than 10 Years ago. Tourism makes up about 9% of GDP and near 30% of this is from domestic tourism. While numbers dropped earlier this year, I would not expect much if any of a drop the rest of the year making foreign tourism down just a couple percentage points over the record high previous year. For sure the sky is not falling nor is tourism dying in Thailand as so many here have been predicting for at least the last 10 years.

    The thing that will hit tourism the hardest in the coming years is modernization. Many people come to Thailand because it offers a glimpse into the past and is an adventure and cheap. Much of this is going away fairly rapidly. Be it police, Taxis, hotels, night life and so on, as laws and higher standards are enforced then costs and freedoms you can't experience at home will be less attractive. I expect neighboring countries will continue to steal these types of tourists away as Thailand continues to try to move toward more quality (higher spending) tourists while trying not to completely forget the nightlife and backpacking crowd.

    Tourism in Thailand is going to keep going up. You tell that to all the tourism related businesses that are having to close down right now. I live on the outskirts of Pattaya and know of many bars and restaurants that have closed over the past few months due to "customer not come Thailand now" as one of the staff from a bar told me.

    I also personally know two businesses that have produced Western style bread and cakes to restaurants and hotels for some time now, but both have recently gone because the demand is no longer there, despite high season looming round the corner.

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  6. If you do a Google image search, you will see that the beach photo used by the Tourism Authority of Thailand is actually Jamaica.

    Was about to say the same thing. No beach in Thailand is that clean

    Was also thinking the same thing. Does TAT think we are all gullible?...Oops, yes of course they do

    I did the Google image search and saw that the same photo has also been used by Antigua and Mexico.

  7. 30 die in Mae Sot bus plunge


    BANGKOK: -- A chartered double-deck bus with about 50 retired local government officials careered off the hilly road from Mae Sot to Tak and plunged into a steep ravine, killing 30 and injuring 20 others Monday night.

    The bus is among four buses which was on a four-day excursion from Tak province to Ubon Ratchathani and Laos during March 24-27.

    Most of the passengers are all aged and retired local government officials of Tha Sailuad municipality in Mae Sot district.

    The tragic accident happened in between Kilometer markers 67 and 68 of Highway 12 from Tak to Mae Sot which is a four kilometer hilly stretch.

    The bus belongs to Chongcharoen Capital Co Ltd and is at the rear of a convoy of four buses driving downhill on the hilly road.

    The bus driver identified as Thammanoon Kadpho, 40, was injured. He reportedly told rescue workers last night that the bus developed braking failure when it was sliding downhill uncontrollably.

    The bus then rammed into the railing barricade at a curve and fell into the 100-meter deep ravine.

    Most passengers were thrown out of the bus while it fell at the bottom of the ravine. Many were also trapped and killed inside the badly damaged bus.

    Rescue workers reported difficulty in climbing down the rope to reach the fatal bus and rescue the injured passengers up from the ravine. Several bodies were scattered at the scene and it took rescue workers several hours to collect all bodies to one place.

    They collected 27 bodies and helped all the 24 injured out of the bus and sent to Somdet Phra Yuparaj hospital in Tak. Three injured passengers died later at hospital.

    Meanwhile caretaker Transport Minister Chadchat Suttipun said Tuesday that the accident happened at the downhill stretch which the Highway Department has improved it to “climbing lane” with a three-lane traffic.

    He said the bus driver attempted to overtake another car at the curve, but skidded off the road.

    Source: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/30-die-mae-sot-bus-plunge/


    -- Thai PBS 2014-03-25

    Now we are getting to the truth of the matter:

    "He said the bus driver attempted to overtake another car at the curve, but skidded off the road."

    RIP to all the innocent victims who died and let's hope that those in hospital will recover despite what must be horrific injuries

  8. If immigration have any sense they'll put him on the next plane back to the UK

    If the immigration send back all the junk, than Pattaya would be a ghost city....

    If he's going to Pattaya, he should feel really at home!thumbsup.gif

    Well that didn't take long for the Pattaya bashers, did it? Posts 5 and 9 on Page 1.

    I live in Pattaya with my Thai wife and have many friends here of different nationalities, none of whom could be considered to be 'junk'., nor would they understand why this guy would feel at home with them.

    What a load of drivel, and no doubt others have had a go at knocking Pattaya on later pages, I for one however won't bother to find out. I've read enough on Page 1 to know that I don't need to read any more on this story.

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  9. Annual letter of income for British pensioners.

    The pension received from Deptartment of Work and Pensions.

    Perhaps the British Ambassador can contact the Thai immigration authorities to confirm that the UK government does NOT increase it's government paid pension to OAP's in Thailand.

    The imigration authorities can then amend their policy to accept the original proof of income letter on an annual basis, without having to renew it annually..

    This would benefit UK pensioners as they would not have to renew this document annually.

    That's a very good point.

    I have always wondered why Thai Immigration wants a new confirmation letter every year and will not accept the original as the pension for us poor old Brits does not change from the UK..

    Also, as gmac said earlier in this thread "As far as I'm concerned the closure is merely the British Government cutting off it's nose to spite it's face as they will no longer be getting my 2400 Baht a year for the income letter as I will now go the 800k route for my retirement extension.\"

    Another good point. I will certainly look into getting back up to that level by some means or another.

  10. Bottom line you guys in Pattaya wouldn't pay the true cost of the service. Return bus to BKK cost what 400 baht plus time out in the City of Angels - get over it.

    What is the true cost? I think 50 quid is more than enough for a pension letter.

    And will the British Embassy in Bangkok be able to do it in one day, because if they can't it will mean 2 trips?!!!. In Pattaya we had to go back the next day/date they were open to collect the letter..

    As for time out in the City of Angels, that's ok if you are fit, healthy and able to make the trip, which a lot of senior citizens may not be able to do.

    More proof on top of everything else, such as non-index linked pensions, that the British Government does not give a you not what to it's true citizens..

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  11. Quote from the news item Pattaya Police rounded-up 40 transsexuals who were caught roaming the streets in and around the South Pattaya entertainment zone in the early hours of Saturday.

    Hardly the time when families with kids should be roaming the streets.

    If adult males want to be doing so, and many are probably doing so because they know what is on offer in the early hours of any morning there, Walking Street and Beach Road,, then dam jai khun... and sum nam na if they find themselves in trouble, They will more than likely have had a few drinks so their guard will be down and they will be prey for all sorts, not just the Ladyboys.

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