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  1. is a peoples defence of their inalienable right of self determination and resistance to occupation by a foreign invader Terrorism?
  2. When was there ever, and impermeable border? borders are jus as good as the ability of both countries to defend them as this incident clearly shows. They might be unfair , but they are not meaningless. If they are not, then neither are the Turks, so what makes the Turks claim more relevant than the Kurds?
  3. Thank you for the above reply, I don't mean to hijack this thread , but you are right , I am confused. Have being coming to Thailand for 13 years, Married to a Thai national for 10, we live in the US but have build a house in Thailand that we mainly use for vacations, Always arrived in Thailand on visa exempt, and being in Khon Kaen did visa runs to Nong Khai and over to Laos on day trips. Never had a problem. Now things are changing. Will be 63 in a few months , retiring from work, and planning to spend more time in Thailand, I don't think I will be staying in Thailand for more than 6 months , but that could change. Should I still arrive on a visa Exempt and get a non-O visa in Thailand ? or should I get an Non-O at my home country Thai embassy which would be a bit of a problem because I live in Florida and my options are New York or Tampa , both not close to me, Should I decide to permanently live in Thailand, I will need and extension based on Marriage. Money in the bank is no problem but medical insurance, if required might become a problem when I get older and cant get insurance. Is medical insurance required for an Extension to stay based on Marriage? An answer to the above questions will go a long way towards removing some of my confusion, Thanks again for the valuable service you provide to this forum. My apologies to the OP for briefly hijacking his thread, I promise this is the last question I will ask.
  4. a border is an internationally recognised geographic location . I don't know what you mean by " proper borders" As far as arbitrarily drawn borders(agreed is a problem) applies just as much to Turkey as it does to the Kurds. Historically the region was not Turkish , the Turks are invaders who ..... "Turks arrived from Central Asia and Western China and settled in the Anatolian basin in around the 11th century through the conquest of Seljuk Turks, mixing with the peoples of Anatolia. The region then began to transform from a predominately Greek Christian one to a Turkish Muslim society. " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_people
  5. I never had an OA visa so I don't know Reading these threads there is so much speculation, misinformation and opinion and the requirement seem to change , that by now I am totally confused. When getting an OA visa do you need to state a reason. For instance OA for retirement in Thailand , or OA for married to a Thai national? And if so is medical insurance required for both , or for only OA for retirement reasons?
  6. So?? was there an Order for her not to leave the country? If not, then i don't think changing one's intentions is a crime.
  7. Same here, Had the same Hotmail account , I can't even remember how long, travel to all different parts of the world at least twise a year, Never had a problem , so much so that the thought never occurred to me ,until I read this thread.
  8. because these "imaginary lines" are not imaginary at all, they are there to separate one set of people from another, so that one set of people will not try and take what another set of people have worked hard to get. I wonder how you would feel someone took your wealth or freedom for their own purposes, I wonder if you would say ahh well "let the world change a little "
  9. First , my condolences to the parents of the victim, No parent should have to go through this.Very sad, But where is the "MAJOR CRIME" it was an accident, perhaps some negligence, but hardly a "MAJOR CRIME" How did she leave the scene of a crime? she remained in England for close to 10 days after the accident, and then left, I did not read anywhere that she was charged with a crime and or , that there were restrictions placed on her travel, If there were no restrictions placed on her travels , how was her traveling a crime? If they are NSA agents , it might even be possible that she was ordered to leave, as the investigation might compromise what she was working on.
  10. If medical insurance requirement for all retirement extensions becomes law , expect to be "laughing" all the way back to your home country when you are in your late sixties and cant get insurance anymore.
  11. If it wasn't ,That's a hell of a big boat. Not only photoshopped but a hell of a <deleted> poor job.
  12. If there was any doubt that trump was Putin's lap dog , it is gone now. IMO the whole thing was orchestrated from day one. This Spring we were going to fly from the US to Greece for easter, spend a week there and continue to Thailand for a few months. Usually we fly Turkish air to Istanbul , connect to Athens stay there a week, fly back to Istanbul and connect to BKK, No way we are doing that now. The Kurds will be up in arms, and expect to see a major asymmetrical war attack very soon.I will be looking at Qatar airlines who have a similar attinuary from NYC.
  13. I must admite, coming back to a world where you are all dead intrigued me, but then I thought that if I was not the one who had killed you all...... Ohh <deleted> was I thinking that outloud?
  14. Sorry, I had not seen your post and said virtually the same thing. Brilliant minds think alike. Not sure why we do. LOL
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