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  1. While visiting in Europe (i will not mention what country as not to embarrass the people there) I took my young daughter to a game (she played soccer in the US) I was very happy that she did not speech or understand the language. I was embarrassed!!! Anyone in the US behaving like the people did in the stands there,, would had been arrested or at the very least removed by security and thrown out of the stadium. The opposing team had a couple of Black players. The racist epithets hurled against them was unimaginable. It was simply embarrassing to me. We never went to another game . I think football games in Europe is an excuse for otherwise good people to behave like animals. Sorry !!
  2. The time to wire the house is while it is being build , Don't do it then and it would be very expensive and difficult to do later if your system does not work as you thought it would. The savings from not wiring would be negligible in the scheme of things. also consider obsolescence!!! the sever system you install today will be obsolete in a few years. All new system development will be developed for conventionally wired house since that's the largest market. So, wire your house conventionally, install smart switches outlets, bulbs were ever desired as I have done, If your WiFi fails or if you wish too, you can use them conventionally. And when new, better, more efficient products are available, you can change the ones you want without having to replace your whole system.
  3. I think you mean they will never be the same, as to equal protection under the law, that's a different story. It is really a simple proposition. All human beings should have equal protection under the law.
  4. I was just watching a video on You Tube concerning testing and how the wrong people tested in some countries. Anything above the 10% mark in the graph below indicates wrong testing. The UK and US were on the top of the list. A fundamental failure in leadership IMO If you are interested below is the video.
  5. Well said, look at the UK where foreign arrivals are not even screened, let alone tested nor quarantined. It works towards controlling the virus but not toward maintain family cohesion. What if there was a way to do both, at a minimum cost?
  6. Quarantine at home would be the best option for many but not for all. Many will respect the rules and self quarantine properly but many will not. and as such not a viable option since it would be impossible for the Thai government to monitor who is doing it right and who is not. Back to the issue at hand. If a whole family is traveling back home to Thailand but one person is not a Thai national what would be the benefit to Thailand from removing him? IMO it is shameful for the Thai government to separate families especially in times such as these.
  7. Unlike the worthwhile pursue of sitting by your window watching other people having fun. Personally I find the voices in my head much more entertaining also.
  8. Thank you for that, I knew little other than what i read in this article. I guess legally you are either "competent" and responsible for your behavior or "incompetent" and not responsible, at which case someone else must take charge of you until such time are deemed competent again. If indeed that person is suffering from PTSD that cause him to act in ways that are dangerous to himself and others, he needs to be send back to the US where he can receive the treatment he needs.
  9. First of all how do you know that his problems were caused by his service? But even if it was , does his service provide him with immunity, and shouldn't he be back in the states under the care of the Veterans Administration?
  10. Come on! You perfectly understood what he meant and are trying to deflect again. Let's state it more clearly for a last try: - Trump is free to do whatever he wants with his health - however Trump is an opinion leader. For some people, he's a role model (OMG). - therefore, his statements may have an impact on people's behaviour - when Trump is touting a controversial drug, he likely influences other people who may follow his example - so it shows a lack of any sense of responsibility. You may disagree with it and think that a country leader may say anything that comes to his mind, whatever the consequences. OK, but it has nothing to do with first amendment and the other diversions you make. I am sorry Candide but I have to agree with Crazy Alex, why would anyone listen to anything trump says. I mean you'l have to be Crazy.
  11. It is all trump BS designed for the consumption of the weak minded. I would not be surprised if marketers are compiling lists of trump supporters as easy targets. If they are buying trump's BS what else will they buy?
  12. trump is not taking Hydrocloroquine he is just talking trash like he always does. He is morbidly obese so you can bet he has heart issues. even if Hydrocloroquine worked someone with heart issues would not be taking it because of the associated heart related side affects. Just like when I see certain Avatars that I skip reading , when I see trump on TV I change the channel. Nothing of value there.
  13. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs ! Send him back to the states where he can can get the mental health help he so desperately needs.
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