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  1. With proper planning and some luck you could. . The way I talk one might think I am wealthy. I am not. I survive on a average Pension , Social security. some rental income and a 401 K I build up over the years that I have not even touched yet. IMO the secret is being smart with your money. You work hard to make your money, but marketing and advertising is trying to separate you from it. RESIST , most of it is BS. Resist debt. DESTROY ALL YOUR CREDIT CARDS, it's a trap!!! you don't need them . All you need is a debit card. if you don't have the money don't buy it.
  2. You are right They do. I did a conversion to US gallons because as an American I cant get my head wrapped around litters. LOL, The same thing with Meters and Feet, If you were to tell me a room was 12x16 ft, I would immediately have a mental picture, but if you were to tell me that a room was 3mX 5m I would get a blank look in my face even though I know a meter is about 3 ft
  3. You are absolutely about the size of the poll. but even if it was a proper poll does anyone think it would be any different? Even at my country in the US or any other country ? I am surprised the poll was not a lot higher. I can just see it Question:" Should foreigners be forced to be vaccinated to Be in the US?" Answer: " Hell Yea!!" Question: "should the vaccine be free for foreigners" Answer: " What?? are some kind of socialists, make them pay !! "
  4. The most he can do to help Texas is resign his seat at the senate. What do you mean what he can do?? are you serious? He can use the levers available to his position to improve the situation for his constituents. I bet you, if trump needed him , he would not be going to Cancun, he would be running to Mara Largo with a case of Chap-stick .
  5. In Greece where my brother has retired, they also have one. He was vaccinated last week, and a couple of days ago when I was talking to him vis skype, He showed it to me. I Plan to be there late April, and should be getting a Greek passport also. Greece ,made the proposal to the EU, that was originally met with resistance , but a couple of weeks ago it was reported that it was accepted and would be implemented EU wide. "Greece issues COVID vaccine certificates to those who have had both doses " https://www.euronews.com/travel/2021/02/23/greece-issues-covid-vaccine-certificate
  6. I would be surprised if there isn't one. trump is a litigious person, he has made a living out of taking people to court. other than BS he is really not good at anything else.. One of the most important strategies in US litigation is to outlast your opponent. A pocket pardon might not survive constitutional scrutiny, but it would serve to delay verdicts as challenges and subsequent appeals find their way through the courts. I would see no reason why trump will not deploy this tactics, it would be like leaving money on the table, and trump being a sociopath, and having no shame, is
  7. Are you sure it's not because white folks are ashamed of how little land they have after they pay their property tax. ?
  8. Lol . pretty much the same everywhere, the situation is very fluid, and nobody wants to commit to anything. a mutation can come by tomorrow, and change everything. I am optimistic. I think by the end of this spring the quarantine will be eliminated or significantly reduced.
  9. Have you noticed that Thais build their houses all the way in the back of the property and hung out at the front , to see and be seen. where , at least where we are here in the US, and I suspect in many other western countries, they build the house at the front with the fenced in yard at the back?
  10. If they take a similar poll in you country , does anyone think the results would be any different?
  11. Not an "unnecassery lecture, but a nessacery response to your reply. You did not say it, you implied it . ,it is the same thing. and I explained how you implies it,
  12. Many might not have , but those in the music industry , have and have been influenced by.
  13. I don't think it would happen. But I think it would be funny if all the other criminals he pardoned go free, and he ends up going to jail.
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