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  1. After this covid debacle I would not trust anything that come from China. too. I suggest you throw that Chinese made toaster of yours and anything else Chinese made, out the window, and do it fast before something bad happens. But please, in the spirit of safety, make sure to yell "LOOK OUT BELOW" as you do.
  2. Yea I hate it too, when the confuse the issue with facts.
  3. It is the only thing to do. Despite popular belief among farangs Thais are not stupid, they understand that the virus does not know who is Thai and who is farang, and will just as happily find a home on a farang living in thailand, and proceed to do what viruses do best, which is infect others, as it would on a Thai. If they are to control this pandemic, They need to vaccinate and eliminate as many possible hosts as possible to achieve herd immunity.
  4. Is the petition to vaccinate all Americans in every country in the world. or Only Americans in Thailand because they are special?
  5. I never thought about that, ^^^ but if you saw a Flybynightco stay away
  6. Some times some of these cheaper items are just as good, it's a hit and miss situation. For me mostly miss , . I am also not beyond looking for a bargain, but I have found out, the hard way, that every time I buy a "cheap" item I end up paying for it twice, and costing me more than if I had purchased the quality item to begin with. But I also find it hard to get over my frugal self, and in the end we all buy what we can afford at the time. Lazada and all these platforms are not in the business to provide customer support, they are in the business of making money, as we all are, s
  7. I understand you frustration, and appreciate taking the time to warn as about it. but for the purpose of further exploring the issue, and not to be critical of you, unless there are 2.000 verified purchase reviews, that would be difficult to fake, and perhaps not even then, I would not base my purchase on the reviews on the selling platform. I would copy the name of the item and paste it in Google search with the word review after it , if it is an item from a major manufactured, there might be an independent review about it. After all , if you went to Tesco lotus to buy an item
  8. It is not the review that is verified, it is the purchase. It would not be very difficult to have every relative of the seller place and order, so that it would be a verified purchase.
  9. And I am sure no seller would be unscrupulous enough to have all his friends buy his product, and say good things about it. I know I would never do such a thing.
  10. Thank you for the correction, no wonder the next day I ordered the Soup De Jour it was different.,
  11. Yea it seems like different hotels have different policies. So I guess it pays to ask before you book. We were lucky that I had an acquittance who had stayed at the Centre Point Silom and knew what to expect, otherwise it would had never occurred to as to ask also.
  12. If he does not have the legal right to do that, obvious he wont be able to do it, and this conversation would be moot. But I think the white House might employ a lawyer or two , and before they decided to make such proposal they might have asked them if they had the power to do so.
  13. Plan De Jure. which reminds me of the joke where two friends are dining at a restaurant one says to the other, I like to order some soup do you know which soup is good? Sure says the other, a couple of days ago I had the soup De Jure and it was very good.
  14. We were originally, also arriving a day late , the moment I herd rumors about the changes from 7 to 14 days , I immediately called our airline, and because they did not have a flight a couple of days earlier, I cancel with them, and rebooked with Korean departing May 2 and arriving May 3 .The big challenge was getting a new COE dated before May1st, but I was very lucky to be assigned to a very nice guy at the Washington DC embassy who helped out, and had me a new COE dated April 30th. Talk about cutting it tight. Then it was a scramble to find a place that would give me a PCR test wit
  15. I did six days ago. It was required. My wife came in with her Thai passport and did not need one, but had to do one first day we arrived at our ASQ, where I did not. I guess the PCR test I did before I departed counted as the first one. Yesterday we both did our second one . But even if it was not required, I would do one , just to make sure I am not infected. Aside of the danger to others, If i was infected , I would not want to be coming to Thailand anyway, because the moment you arrive, even if you are asymptomatic, you will be whisked off to a god awful Thai hospital, If I h
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