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  1. Must have been his years of experience at the front line. A brave man.
  2. They need at least another 20 coppers in the Gold shop. Soon they come up with an illegal worker in Thailand. They are always good for blaming.
  3. The outcome will be, she is perfectly fine and should consider an even higher function within the government.
  4. Could imagine them expecting brown envelopes, but none there. Expecting brown envelopes but none there. Hopefully next year.
  5. Did my 90 day reporting last week here up North, they also wanted to see the bankbook and 2 copies of the pages. Visa extension was done 85 days ago.
  6. Converted from Buddhism to Bathism.
  7. Just updated recently from Linux mint 18.3 Sylvia to 19.3 Tricia. This is on an old HP laptop that originally had Vista on it. It works faster with Linux. In the beginning I had to get used to it, but this one is only for Internet access. Most comfortable I feel with Linux, than with macOS High Sierra on my Macbook. Not doing anything with Windows anymore.
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