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  1. What about human rights? 50% of their job probably is tourist related anyway. I bet only a small percentage is spend on people living in Thailand permanently. Those who work for big companies get more time allocated. Maybe they can start to prepare a star of David like sign to put on our clothes?
  2. Well, was arrested once in 93, they tried again in 97, different company. Started my own business in 2000 and was a pioneer in my field, have been copied by many companies since then, even by those I trained myself. I keep low profile and try to follow the rules so they don't have a reason nor anything else against me.
  3. Well it is simple. 1. Let's make laws that makes it impossible for foreigners to do anything legally. 2. Then complain that foreigners are doing illegal things. 3. Go after those that found the loopholes.
  4. Probably to a certain limit, what if you have foreign passengers in that vehicle? Depends on the vehicle, pick-up with possibility to carry passengers or goods, van, fortuner etc. A car from the company for personal use, yes no problem. I employ Thai drivers but sometimes you have situation that none of them is available. So no advertising on my cars (pick-up) to avoid problems, better safe than sorry. Yes, luckily the police are mostly clueless on labor laws (and some traffic laws). But unfortunately my staff are Thai and teached to obye, they will not argue and pay.
  5. May be true but a friend with a company and work permit got a warning as only Thai can drive professionally. (he was alone in the van)
  6. Tried to do that with my wife for the last 30 years or so ... you may guess the result . No, they make so many rules that on paper it always will be illegal for a foreigner to do anything that would be normal somewhere else. Driving your own car with your company advertising and it is illegal for you as a foreigner to drive it.
  7. So change the law similar to other countries in the world and the problem is solved overnight. Or.........we should treat all Thai the same once they leave their country. No house, no property no car no phone no job no insurance. Confiscate all Thai property and companies in the west and lets see how they react To many stupid anti foreigner rules over here and it is not getting better.
  8. Lost two people dear to me in the last 3 months due to long cancer. Keep your statistics and get to work on it (fixing the pollution problems) instead. The last person was gone in less than two months.
  9. Some companies actually care for their staff even we are capitalists we are still human.
  10. Did you ever employ (Thai) people with a "drug" problem? I did and I can tell you they did not where a sign on their head telling it. It takes a while before you realize there is a problem. Maybe if he stayed clean he could afford a better taxi? Just shows there is no strict control on drivers nor cars that are allowed to pick you up from the airport. Rules yes, plenty, but no enforcement. At an international airport you may expect a certain standard of service at a controlled taxi boot. And yes, I have refused to go with certain drivers and changed taxis. Where do I complain about the prices?
  11. We don't live in Europe and have no interest at all what they charge in BXL, AMS or Paris.
  12. The problem is not the 20 baht but the drivers who will try to BS you with whatever they think they can get away with.
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