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  1. My youngest son only did do the English test. Both went to a very well know school in CNX and did the EP program. It did not prepare them well for the Thai entrance exam so they ended up at the most (ridiculous) expensive International Uni in BKK. Actually no THai Uni did offer the curriculum they wanted anyway. Their English did not improve at all, it even went downhill as most people over there only speak Thai outside the class room. So if you want her to do well, the best option is to send her overseas or spend the last years on Thai. The smart asses from the EP did not pass the Doctor nor
  2. Yes, it seams that a lot of parents forget that THEY have their responsibilities towards education as well. What is wrong with teaching all the things they don't learn (correctly) in School? You would be surprised how many educated adults in the West (especially the US) even don't know where to find Australia on a map let alone Austria
  3. It is a test, right? My son did it a couple years ago without extra classes. I assume you are a native English speaker. So why you don't prepare her yourself? Problem solved.Many of these kids don't have a native English speaking parent and still score very well.
  4. Only once my wife paid a kind bribe to an official (immigration in 1996 if I remember well) behind my back. The man retired a long time ago. On another occasion I had an argument about income but I knew the rules and my rights and surprisingly she agreed that it was her mistake. She helped us a lot (without any kind of payments) for many years but was moved to another department in BKK. After 25 + years they start to know you but unfortunately they retire or are moved. Over the years I had arguments with almost every government department I had to deal with, Tourist and normal police included.
  5. In that case I assume they only would allow ?but plugs" to be manufactured.
  6. One must be very naive to think "any" government official has some common sense. Yes you are right but they will abuse their power at all cost as they are not allowed to lose face. I would contact the higher up authority or his superior and appeal. YOu should also inform your embassy. BY using an agent you are only helping them to stay corrupt.
  7. Same as prostitution, make it legal. I can not believe why so many governments are interested in controlling the sexual needs of their citizens. Probably religion and that some people (BIB and those in power) may lose a lot of illegal made money.
  8. It should not be ended, it should be legalised but then again, all those holier than holy including all the religious nutters would try to block it. The BIB would not like that either as they would lose most of the now illegal money.
  9. Speaking of crime, is his older sibling still hiding in Cambodia after he killed a fellow MP from another party (mid 90 ties). That family tree is involved in a lot dark activities, the list is so long that I can't mention them all. In a normal country they would be in jail, in THailand they get a job in Parliament. We have a couple families like this. Yes, I know Thailand is not the only country with the same problem.
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