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  1. Marlene72Posted Monday at 05:39 PM ive submitted a tourist visa application now, this visa only one available to me at present.
  2. The on-line application does ask for travel dates and flight information. I just entered my intended travel date and flight number. You don’t have to keep to this date and flight. Actual bookings/confirmation was not required. The visa only shows valid from and valid until dates. The visa does show Health Insurance End date – I understand that when you get to Thailand, Immigration you will only stamp you in until the Health Insurance End date, not 1 year that you normally get with an O-A visa.
  3. I applied in October 2020 took less than 2 weeks from completing the on-line application to receiving my O-A visa and passport returned. This does not include the time before applying to get all the documentations required. Police CRO took about 3 weeks. So the total time was 5 weeks. Flight and ASQ booking was not required for the O-A visa application, these are required for the Certificate of Entry application, which you apply for after you receive your visa.
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