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  1. While it’s unsure whether ‘retirement’ is (or will be) included in the requirements for an extension of stay begin next year I (but mostly my wife) did some homework. I live here for over 10 years and am self insured. I can cope with a major medical bill but insurance would be a good thing if the coverage is good and the premium reasonable. We all know how the coverage and premiums look like at longstay-etc-etc. With these companies you are in a pool together and in this pool the risks are higher than average; hence the high premiums. But it looks that I can get a hospital insurance from AXA OUTSIDE of this pool and that’s where it gets a much better deal. 800.000 coverage with 100.000 outpatient for a little over 42K. I’m 64 BTW. I’m waiting for the final details from the Krungthai bank but they said that it would be accepted by immigration. Requirements; living in Thailand for a minimum of 2 years, married and a yellow book. I’ll keep you all posted if it is all true or another false promise.
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