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  1. Unfortunately I have no 65.000THB per month (yet). At the end of this year one pension kicks in but that will be lower than 65K. How much lower I don’t know yet. Still money will be locked up then. Then in 2021 another pension starts and then, only then I should be able to use the 65K option (or whatever the new requirements are then)
  2. OK, a rant, a long rant... This whole debacle of upcoming changes regarding mandatory insurance is having an effect on me; I’m having a kind of mental block about it. Let’s assume it applies to me, retirement. I’m already very edgy regarding the 800.000 /400.000 rule because I think it is not fair when you compare it with monthly 65.000THB. You can’t touch or use your 800.000/400.000 but they allow you to spend your 65.000THB as you wish. For me, I understand that they want me to show that I can take care of myself and my account shows that. But, I can’t touch it...crazy. Furthermore I get peanuts (interest) on that semi-locked account. Don’t like that at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I need the money, it’s the fact that I can’t touch it (or at least a big chunk of it). Now, with the mandatory insurance thingy, I get really upset. 60/70/80.000 THB for a theoretical coverage of 400K/40K but we all know how that’s gonna work out. I understand the requirement, it’s better for everyone if one is fully insured but this ‘scheme’ seems tailored to extract as much money as they can and I’m getting sick of it. And the reason for all this is because we don’t pay our hospital bills. Seeing the figures in the Nation it is clear to me that the biggest chunk is caused by uninsured tourist. How can 60/70.000 O-A’s rack up 600.000 unpaid bills? How can they be the cause of -300M THB? For me, the insurance scheme is bull..., the reason for it is bull... too I’m all for fair but this is going to far. A poster wrote something along the lines of ‘how high do you want me to jump? Higher!’ I don’t wanna jump higher, I’m NOT gonna jump higher. I feel already stupid enough to have jumped this high. If things are like they are going to be then I will not renew, extend or whatever you wanna call that stampy thingy in my passport. Nobody needs to feel sorry, Thailand will not shed one tear but upholding my principles are far more important than an unsure future that lies ahead of me. I’m a guest in this country, I know. But I’m treated as someone who you can’t trust, who reports to his parole officer every 90 days, for many, many years and now I’m gonna get screwed over with a crappy, expensive insurance? I’m afraid my time in Thailand has run it’s course, have to kick my backup plan into action. Ten months to go... But wait a minute... what’s that Thai Elite plan... let’s investigate... to be continued.
  3. This afternoon I tripped over something and fell sideways on a concrete floor. My hip was hurting real bad and we went to the local hospital for a quick check. A tiny abnormality was seen on the X-ray but for the rest all seems ok, have to rest and a follow-up x-ray is planned in a month or so. The doctor is born in the village we live in and he’s a close friend of our family. It was the end of his shift and we walked outside for a chat. I asked him about his experience with farang/aliens that skipped paying their bills and he said that, to his knowledge, that had never happened in the three government hospitals he worked. We like farangs, they are good for the hospital because they bring in some cash. They are knowledgeable, you can discuss treatment with them and most of the time they agree with a treatment if you explain things to them. Of course we are way cheaper than private hospitals but sometimes I feel that even in our hospital a certain treatment is expensive. It’s never a problem with farangs, they want the best and we give them the best we can give them. We charge according to the standard prices in our computer and payment has never been a problem. We do however have payment problems with a specific group of foreigners... people from Laos. They are known for sneaking out without payment. We try to prevent that but it’s kind of difficult. Just my (or his) two Satang.
  4. After a cardiac arrest I was in the ICU a couple of days and it was only after 3 days that they politely asked my wife to make a first payment. The rest I paid when I was discharged some days later.
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