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  1. I prefer pictures of tonight’s dinner rather than last night’s dinner. Personally, I post a picture of an empty plate, so that people know how good it was.
  2. I said to the guy at the drink stand at the food court - “A can of Tiger, please” ”Tiger bottle can, Tiger can cannot”
  3. Beer freezes colder than water. I quite like my beer cans out of the freezer with a few crystals of ice forming.
  4. I had the misfortune to get rained in sitting outside Sid's on the way home from my samosa run to Brickfields on Sunday, and ended up falling asleep as soon as I got home. I sat through another video of two experienced road cyclists comparing cheap flat pedals against professional clipped-in pedals, and as usual they completely missed the point, carrying out the full comparison sober, without traffic lights, and on continuous tarmac. Aye, sure, and what about in the real world? Do you put your bike in the back of a taxi to get home? What if the stairs in the back lane are m
  5. I'm surprised that I am the first person to post after this afternoon's drama at leigh Sports Village, as second-placed Catalan Dragons see off a valiant Leigh come-back to go top of the table - maybe not such an achievement, bearing in mind that Leigh are yet to win a game this season... After leading at half-time, 4 tries in the third quarter put Catalans firmly in charge, only for Leigh to claw back to within 6 points. A knock-on seemed to give away Leigh's final chance, but they recovered possession, and were back 10 m from the Catalan line with tackles to spare when the final
  6. As you know, with us under Movement Control Order, I am struggling for every kilometre I can. I have resorted to cycling down to the bakery at Jaya Market for a sandwich on the days I cycle to work; they're not as good as the sandwiches at the coffee shop in our block, but at least its further away. Today I went out to see our last day of train testing, and to look at the impact of some of our improvements. There was another bike parked outside the station (I should have taken a photo); I thought about parking alongside but: 1: He had a thicker chain than mine, so if either
  7. Did I mention that they'd laid new tarmac past the mosque on my way to work? It’s lovely and smooth, but The hill is just as high as before - may be a centimetre more now... The old Jalan Damansara was all dug up on Friday for a burst fire hydrant pipe, as far as I could tell. SC
  8. The coroner doesn't care. That's the mortician's job. He'll be happy to wax your <deleted>-crack and bleach your ear-fluff. My mate worked in a mortician's. They spent a lot of effort getting their clients looking their best for the big ceremony. "You've done a great job, but my husband normally wears a blue suit" "You've done a great job, but my husband normally wears a grey suit" "Oh, thank you, it must have been a lot of trouble changing the clothes" "Naw, I just swapped the heads"
  9. I would have thought that the most obvious reason for believing in God was because He exists. But that's a bit of a tautology. Asking why is a bit like asking Pavlov's dogs why they feel hungry. They probably don't even notice hearing the bell. Atheists will argue until they are blue in the face that they are agnostics, and that they are open-minded, but to my mind, anyone that was open-minded vis a vis the existence of God, eternal damnation etc. would make the risk-based argument: If there is no God, and no eternal damnation, then I can believe with no consequence
  10. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands with us back under Movement Control Order, so I’ve been watching a bit of YouTube, and I have had enough of people going on and on about gravel bikes, claiming they can go anywhere and do anything. I’ll tell you this… on my cyclocross bike I am walking places where my buddy on his road bike carries on. Even on the shopping bike (pictured) I went face-first creeping down a rough gravel path, and he had to stop to assist. Maybe I just need more practice, but I am not confident my spectacles could stand it, nor my elbows. A
  11. This forum has been like a morgue recently, so I thought it was time for a cryptic thread. Post a cryptic description of where your bike’s been, and let others describe the photo; please quote the original description, as I fully anticipate there will be loads of challenges running in parallel.... then a week later, or sooner, or later, as you see fit, post the photo.
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