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  1. Sorry, Robblok, my comment was meant as good-natured banter; I obviously worded it poorly. As we discussed in another thread, I was surprised how limited quantities of commonly available prescription drugs could have an apparent impact on performance (although when I read more, I was not so sure in the case of that particular corticosteroid - maybe I was just quickly getting fitter at that time). SC
  2. However hypocritical it may sound, don't bother coming down to the station if you're doped up to the eyeballs. We cycle clean, until we get to the pub
  3. I was out in the pub once, and I thought some bloke had dropped all his Fox’s Glacier Mints in the urinal. I’m not falling for that one again
  4. It might be a harder sell to the bank manager than to the wife. He doesn’t want a fancy over-priced unsellable ostentatious house
  5. I was surprised how militarised the USA was, last time I was there. ”We have always been at war with Eastasia” George Orwell must be turning in his grave
  6. M’s son, M Junior, joined us on our Chinese New Year pub lunch ride; unfortunately I’d not explained that ‘lunch’ was just a figure of speech, and that we don’t normally take it literally. M Junior was younger than the bike he was riding, a beautiful old road bike that M had brought back from his childhood home in The Old Country and refurbished. He’s a fashion model (M Junior) and he did look embarassingly fabulous on the steel roadster; I thought it better not to be seen taking a photo
  7. This forum has been like a morgue recently, so I thought it was time for a cryptic thread. Post a cryptic description of where your bike’s been, and let others describe the photo; please quote the original description, as I fully anticipate there will be loads of challenges running in parallel.... then a week later, or sooner, or later, as you see fit, post the photo.
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