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  1. I tried re-installing Runtastic, with no improvement.\ I think it may be a phone problem, as yesterday evening while I was sat finishing my beer down at the outdoor Chinese restaurant I checked Runtastic, Strava and Google Maps apps, and all concurred that I was completely stationary 300 m over there, at the back of the school behind the police station. I didn't go over to check, but I am fairly confident I was not there, since I was sat in the Chinese restaurant. When I started to ride up to the pub, Runtastic traced a fairly erratic path from the Chinese restaurant up the 200 or 300 metres, and I am confident I was not weaving that much; I'd have fallen off going over the kerbs for a start. So I might be moved to buy a new phone, if things do not improve... and I can't find any setting that might be adrift that could be the source of my woes, that might trigger any improvement.
  2. If you allow people to make stupid mistakes without suffering the consequence they will continue to do so until they cannot be protected. Anyway, how bad could it be? It’s not as ifwe’re On the brink of losing our universally cheerful, tolerant and welcoming outlook, our inclusive solidarity and our common decency. Never mind Theresa May, our Friends Of The People, Our Working Class Heroes like Nigel and Jacob would never let that happen
  3. I reckon that for one reason or another some European countries won’t want UK to lemming over the cliff. In troubled times, chaotic change is not always helpful
  4. So what’s the plan, boys? Are we good to go? I’m glad we’ve had so long to prepare. You wouldn’t want to make a decision like this without planning for every eventuality
  5. It would seem that a first step in withdrawal from The EU would be to negotiate the surrender of our right to elect EuroMPs; that might buy us some time to try and figure out what Brexit means, and give us a chance to see what it’s like outside the playground, looking in. Perhaps we could have a “mandatory sixty-hour working week”, just for practice, as well. It’s not so much about managing expectations as understanding consequences.
  6. It would give old people and the unemployed something useful to do, and it would be great for the school holidays. After a few beers it would probably be quite a laugh.
  7. It seems fairly obvious. The people should sit in the meeting rooms and sort it out. What's so difficult about that? With the internet, we could do it over a chat forum, with each response to the EU subject to a thirty-second poll. We could bring democracy into the 21st century, and have government by Facebook Likes.
  8. A lot of the Brexiteers seem to show a distrust of the government at Westminster. Who will govern us post_Brexit? Will that be the same, or better, or worse? I don't think passive-aggressive resentment is a good basis for government, even if it reflects the opinions of the majority.
  9. When you offer the unobtainable to the disenfranchised, it is scarcely surprising that they become more truculent when they learn they cannot have it. Sadly, the thrawn and truculent are the least likely to learn from their mistakes, and Brexit would take us no further forward in that regard.
  10. Real sandwiches have more layers. Did you never watch Scooby Doo? Back in the day I'd get home from work, put the sausages in the frying pan, put the grill on, put the kettle on, put the chip fat on the stove, start to peel the potatoes, bread under the grill, turn the sausages, finish peeling, turn the sausages, open the beans, turn the sausages, chips in the fat, water from the kettle in another pan, turn the sausages, turn the bread, beans in the pan, crack the eggs into the boiling water, instant coffee in the mug, turn the sausages, kettle back on, slice the cheese, water on the coffee, toast on the plate, turn the sausages, chips out the fat, cheese on the first piece of toast, put the poached eggs on top of the cheese, second piece of toast, scoop the sausages on top, beans on top, third piece of toast, chips on top, lashings of brown sauce and... not enough toast! you can tell I'm out of practice. Not to worry, chips by the side, lashings of brown sauce, sit down at the table... smell the smoke, back to the kitchen, turn everything off, sit down again. What could be nicer than a cheese and egg, sausages and beans, chip butty?
  11. Do they have short-crust mutton pies in Wigan? Suddenly, my perception has changed...
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