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  1. Who keeps their marbles? When I was younger, I kept mine (most of which I inherited from my brother) in a tye-die draw-string bag (which I inherited from my brother). Now, I have no idea where those marbles have gone, the plain and coloured marbles, the dragons' eyes, the cats' eyes, the steelies... I have no conkers neither. I'm not sure marbles nor conkers would do you any good in Thailand. SC
  2. They weren't married at the time. If they'd have been married a few months earlier, it would have been Joseph's child, not one of God's children. Sadly, we don't treat God's other children the same way.
  3. But there are people who can help. Staying sober with a group like Alcoholics Anonymous is much easier than doing it alone. - Support and encouragement in your goals - Replacement of the empty time you would spend drinking - Focus on other activities.
  4. Did you pop a wheelie on the chariot?
  5. The benefit of the bright flashing tail light is it lets drivers know you are there a long time before they approach you, before they pick up the phone, and from that distance, they are looking for you. The yellow shirt makes sure that they can see you when they are close, but only if they are looking where they are going.
  6. I think my Moon lights are great, although I did have one failure out of three so far. I use them on the highway during the day, and sometimes on busy roads, but I don't like to use them for too long in case I need them later in the day for getting home - I don't charge them up every time, and the rear light battery is quite small and aged - and not replaceable. In a group, its better if only the lead rider has a flashing headlight, and the tail rider a flashing tail light, as multiple flashing lights are very confusing. More so at night. SC
  7. I’m frightened to go below 95 kg or that will put me in a different Strava weight class.
  8. Beyond the end of Soi On Nut (if you go that way)
  9. If your tyre lasts as long as your chain, then you might as well buy another one the same and put it on (tyre - not chain),
  10. That looks like a nice road; the nicest part is the hills are far away. There's still tread left on the tyre - should be OK. Any little holes in the tyre that might let in grit? I once pulled out a wire fragment that I could not see, but when I turned the tyre inside out, I could feel it as I ran my fingers over the tyre inner. It was so short that I had to push it through from the outside, but it caused me two punctures, as I recall. When I had the mountain bike, and no pressure gauge, I used to get a lot of punctures - not just pinch flats, but soft tyres sweep more of the road, and grip and pick up stuff that causes punctures. Now I ride at 85 psi or higher, and narrower tyres, and Schwalbe Marathons, and I don't get nearly as many. For convenience, align a clear marking on the tyre with the valve, so that when you find the puncture in the tube, you know where to look for the problem in the tyre. Or two places, because inevitably you will forget whether you have turned the tube round in taking it out. I try to align the T in MaraThon with the valve. SC
  11. Dominic Cummings would challenge you that four of them did not apply in the UK either
  12. I think it's great that we have been able to bring poverty and fascism to our country in such a short time. It goes to show that we were no better than the Wiemar republic. It's a bid sad that it will probably be equally difficult to reverse, but no pain without gain, eh?
  13. We have a corrupt government elected by a minority that is driven by unelected advisors who care nothing for the law in a time of national crisis. Now is the opportunity for the constitutional monarchy to show their value, and show that an elderly housewife and mother of a family of miscreants is more important than the arrogant, ignorant, self-serving buffoons that we are cursed with in office now. We have not often been called to choose between allegiance to nation and crown, or government, but maybe this is now the time.
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