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  1. I think that was clear. Scots were in favour of remaining in the EU, and voted to do so twice. Once, by a small majority, when it meant remaining united with the rest of the UK, and a second time by a greater majority, when the question was put more directly. Sadly, our choice was irrelevant. Brexit was Christmas for the Nationalists, and they will remain the party of Scottish government for a generation, or until it secedes.
  2. If you can't find things I am too lazy to show you, it is your search abilities that are at fault, not my laziness.
  3. We were out rural looking for magic mushrooms on Sunday, and anyone that tells you where to find them is talking <deleted>. I don’t know what the cattle had been eating to give them such Black Movements. The old road to Rawang has rubbish dumped alongside it again, and a detour round some fallen trees, but most surprising, the Great Wall blocking it has gone without trace, along with the ditch in front of the wall; I don’t even recollect seeing any new tarmac where the ditch might have been... Distressingly, the road near the cement works was covered in rubbish;
  4. This forum has been like a morgue recently, so I thought it was time for a cryptic thread. Post a cryptic description of where your bike’s been, and let others describe the photo; please quote the original description, as I fully anticipate there will be loads of challenges running in parallel.... then a week later, or sooner, or later, as you see fit, post the photo.
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