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  1. I stuck two fingers up to the CMCO and we went on a Petaling Jaya ride, over the state boundary - for me, at least. As well as three likely sources of draught cider (not literally; although I post about The Cider Oases of Arkadia, they are in fact just pubs) Anyway, there were three pub stops en route, and we passed the Heineken brewery, which is a source of draught cider - or so we thought at the time, with its big Apple Fox sign on display... The Federal Highway bike lane is a nice route, not just because it goes past the brewery (it also takes you past the Carlsberg Brewery in Shah Al
  2. This forum has been like a morgue recently, so I thought it was time for a cryptic thread. Post a cryptic description of where your bike’s been, and let others describe the photo; please quote the original description, as I fully anticipate there will be loads of challenges running in parallel.... then a week later, or sooner, or later, as you see fit, post the photo.
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