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  1. Sarcasm will get you nowhere. My colleagues are fully aware of China’s colonial ambitions on our project, in their country and elsewhere.
  2. Not so sure about that. I’m glad that I’m a British peasant and not a Chinese peasant, and most of my colleagues don’t want to be subjected to Chinese colonial rule. Despite the recent troubles, plenty of Chinese people who can afford it move to Hong Kong. Or Canada.
  3. What progress has he made? We are still in the EU, while May would have had us out had she not been betrayed by Johnson and other Tory backstabbers.
  4. The truth is no longer relevant in the post-fact world. You are fighting the last war, relying on facts and logic. In the Facebook era, that is like cavalry in the Somme. I made sure my kids did their Duke of Edinburgh award, as well as their exams; I hope they can shoplift, and I am sorry neither took to boxing, as I am not sure which skills they will need post-Brexit.
  5. I was speaking to one of the Hongkies at work, and his view was that it was mostly about disillusionment and disenfranchisement. As I recall, either the Basic Law or the agreement involved a gradualmove towards democracy. Young people feel that they are being priced out of their own country by hot money fromChina and elsewhere, and I think that the riots have been an effective tool against inflation, albeit a bitter medicine with worse side-effects than chemotherapy
  6. Agreement is for traitors. We should be building nuclear-armed fisheries protection vessels to protect us from bureaucracy and the aggression of fishermen; who amongst us would oppose pre-emptive strikes before Oct. 31st against European capitals, in anticipation of their belligerent intransigence in negotiating a deal?
  7. Maybe a lot of third countries will agree the same terms as we had in the EU for a short time, because they don’t know what we are doing, and we are unable to tell them; it will take time for them to relocate whatever EU facilities they have in the UK to other countries, so don’t want to be too hasty. Idiots! It’s a lot easier to set artificial deadlines and panic at the last minute, or the job never gets done.
  8. Brexit will be great for the British banking industry; we’ll be free from the self-righteous, interfering bureaucrats and policemen of Europe chasing hot money, and our launderettes will be running 25 hours per day until the kleptocrats in Russia and elsewhere run out of money, or we get shut down because people won’t accept grey money any more. Luckily our Rees-Mogg and the rest of our elders and betters will have sufficient clean money washed away upon sunnier shores, and no-one need worry but our children and their children.
  9. I guess there’s plenty of gangsters at Immingham ready to forge paperwork, which is why they’re advertising here. Are the ferries ready as well? I see the upcoming reduction in Britain’s industrial output as the biggest green initiative since China’s Great Leap Forward.
  10. As you may know, my brother’s lawnmower is pretty tech-savvy, like his father (not the lawnmower’s father, my brother’s father, our father, but I was frightened that might be auto-capitalised) (They’re about the same age, the lawnmower and our father, but my brother has refurbished and repainted the lawnmower; I think he expects me to do the same for our father) (let’s face it, who knows their lawnmower-in-law’s father?) but not so social-media-paranoid, so I was not surprised to receive a Strava notification “Your brother’s lawnmower is following you”. Surprised? No. Humiliated - yes; I’m forever looking over my shoulder but I’m pedalling faster now. Threatened - maybe. Getting followed by a bloke with a blade is one thing, but 30 cuts per yard? That’s frightening. I might set up a Strava privacy zone - I don’t want the next message to be “Your brother’s lawnmower knows where you live”.
  11. My apologies for the lack of photos this weekend; not that the rides were unphotogenic, but Saturday was a breakfast in Brickfields ride that you've seen before, just me and Big G. The New Boy, who's older than any of us, and Young D who'd lied about his age to race with the Crumblies, were at the Selangor Criterium. I'd have gone myself, but I'd have looked a right raj on the shopping bike, unless I'd taken off the basket and the rack, and maybe even the mudguards. If you can't keep up in the best of circumstances, you shouldn't turn up on the shopping bike. The road bike is in the shop for its mid-life refurbishment. Anyway, me and Big G went in to the Sentral Chapatti Shop, and it's definitely changed hands in the last year or so. Still top chapattis, though, and I was able to put six samosas in the basket to take home. Big G managed up Science Centre Hill for the first time, I think. I had to go out to the hardware shop, and checked to see if my cycling buddy was enjoying an afternoon pint upstairs; he wasn't, but unfortunately I got rained in - eventually. Not rained in - yet On Sunday my buddy and I rode down to where Sungei Damansara meets Sungei Klang; back in the day, this was the limit of steamship navigation, and goods were transhipped there for the long cart ride to Kuala Lumpur. It's an industrial suburb of Shah Alam now. My buddy was suffering from a charity Saturday night out, and I found him dozing peacefully outside the station, but I think he'd been home first, as nobody goes to a formal dinner in their cycling kit. Nobody else does that, do they?. Anyway, later with sixty kilometres in his legs he was feeling fit enough to stop in the pub on the way home. The Kesas Highway has a lovely motorcycle lane, and the Federal Highway motorbike lane is OK as well. We did have to do a U-turn across the highway, but we could do that at the toll gates, and we could ride carefully across, lane by lane, without dismounting, until we got to the central divider barriers. I'd not be so keen to do that during the week, though.
  12. Him English top good. You pidgin bird-brain pigeon.
  13. My bet is on him being a nutter. You can stuff your religious bigotry up your back passage.
  14. What a tremendous game! Japan go through deserved winners looking for back to back wins against South Africa.
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