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  1. Agreed. I'm sure my Tricare will be acceptable. As far as military/gov't hospital rates going up -- I guess since I use Bangkok Hospital (private), I won't notice any increase. Still pretty darn cheap compared to the rates charged in US hospitals. My main concern is that Tricare coverage will come in for a haircut from Congress.....
  2. Indeed. Go to the MFA website http://www.mfa.go.th/main/en/services/4908/15385-Non-Immigrant-Visa-"O-A"-(Long-Stay).html And checkout where you can obtain an "O-A Long-Stay" visa: We all know you can't obtain a Non Imm O-A visa within Thailand. However, the MFA site clearly says you can -- at Immigration. Conclusion: Non-Imm O-A "Long Stay" visa is shorthand language within MFA and Immigration for a one year permission of stay based on retirement. Screw whatever the exact language means. Stay tuned.
  3. must of missed that headline. Could you elaborate/provide a link? Thanx.
  4. I filed online with Tricare Overseas on Sept 7. Processing was complete on Sept 24, and money was in my US bank account on Sept 26. They direct deposit only dollars; and now that the ACH route through Bangkok Bank NY is essentially closed, there's no longer an avenue to have the Tricare dollar reimbursement sent to your Bangkok Bank account.
  5. A credit card is certainly better, if it, like your ATM card, has no fees from your bank or from your network. But the ATM card has one more fee than the credit card, i.e., the ATM owner's 220bt fee; so, you need to have a card that reimburses this in order to make a level playing field comparison. But, having said all that, the credit card is still better.... ...because, unless you're brain dead, your credit card is one of those that gives cash back -- 1.5% on all purchases now becoming the norm (Cap One, as an example), but we're seeing 2% more often -- and I lucked out with a limited offer 2.5% USAA card. That adds up to real money. Your ATM will get your network's real time 24-hour rate, which you can look up prior to heading for the ATM machine. But your credit card is "off line," so you'll get the rate one or two days down the road. That's not something that realistically needs to be considered, since, on norm, the day to day exchange rates don't make any great movement -- certainly none that eclipse your 1.5% cash back.
  6. First off, yeah, 75% reimbursement after deductible taken. Secondly, Tricare has no idea from the receipt about how many days supply there are...... I just ordered a nice round number, like for Bestatin, which comes 100 to the box (10 strips of 10 each). Exforge was the exception, where the pharmacist misunderstood the amount I wanted, but I didn't correct her, as it just means I buy fewer next time. So, Tricare has no precise way of knowing my number of days supply -- at one pill per day, for several of the meds, it's 100 days worth. Certainly no where near the 90day/30day precision wanted back in the States for Scripts TMOP, or for retail pharmacies. So, who knows.... Do they keep count and thus prevent a reorder within 100 days? I guess I'll find out next time.
  7. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/986822-tricare-overseas-program-pharmacy-claims/#comments The above archived topic left me to believe I wouldn't have much success getting Tricare reimbursement for hand written pharmacy receipts. Nevertheless, I recently tried it. And low and behold -- Tricare accepted all items in full. So much for the guidance about what cannot be hand written on the submission.
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