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  1. You’d be surprised what people are capable of when it comes to money. What makes me wonder is why the relatives aren’t surprised! I find that very fishy! That’s what makes me think there might be foul play involved. Hopefully they’ll do a toxicology on them!
  2. If she drowned and he tried to rescue her and then got water in his lungs as well he might have made it back out of the pool before he drowned himself. It takes three minutes of oxygen deprivation to die. Same goes for if he drowned her on purpose and got water in his lungs. Someone might have poisoned them or given them any type of medication that makes them fall unconscious and the husband managed to make it out of the pool in time and she didn’t.
  3. I had no idea you were the resident expert on police investigations in ALL of Thailand!
  4. I covered that with point one “some sort of accident!” The electric current was just an example for an accident. I’m assuming that this was definitely not their first time in a pool and the pool seems to be quite small. Getting someone back to the safety of the shallow side shouldn’t be a problem, even for someone who’s not trained. You can die hours or even days after having gotten water into your lungs. It’s called secondary drowning. It’s caused by the water “washing away” the mucus or whatever it’s called that covers the inside of your lungs and normally keeps your lung
  5. The fact that relatives aren’t surprised should be very surprising because the chances of both of them dying at the exact same time of underlying health issues is equal zero, and I’d be very surprised and suspicious if someone told me my relatives died at the same time and it wasn’t a car crash or something along the lines! Essentially it’s one of three options: 1. Some sort of accident, like an electrical current 2. Double suicide 3a. Someone murdered them 3b. One murdered the other and then committed suicide afterwards
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