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  1. Didn’t expect anything else from the comment section! But if it goes the other way round they get all riled up! Pathetic!
  2. Photos won’t have the desired effect for long, just like the gnarly pictures on cigarette packs don’t deter smokers. Once you’ve seen it often enough, you become indifferent.
  3. Why don’t you go up there and show them how it’s done then, since you seem to know everything!
  4. Isn’t it great? The people who lost their jobs to these robots surely will really appreciate them!
  5. If doing next to no testing and therefore having really low numbers qualifies as good response, then yeah, they did really good!
  6. People like him need to be put in their place because otherwise they’ll never learn!
  7. I haven’t seen the interview, but the description sounds very much like opiates to me.
  8. How is it misleading? It exploded while it was being defused. Obviously they did it remotely since no one was injured.
  9. Run to the hills! Run for your life! What’s next! She’s gonna threaten to kill herself, if she doesn’t get what she wants?
  10. Admin, please delete this post because I accidentally commented on the wrong article. Thanks!
  11. I really need to meet that fairy, so she will have to grant me three wishes, one of them would be Superman’s powers, but none of his weaknesses, so I could get rid of a few political leaders...
  12. The fact that the Russians had one of the inventors of Novichok, Leonid Rink, give a speech on how this couldn’t have been Novichok otherwise he would be already dead and that it must have been the Germans who poisoned Navalny with Novichok, tells me beyond the shadow of a doubt that it is the Russian government behind the whole thing! First of all, why would one of the inventors make a public statement to begin with, since he was neither asked about nor accused of anything by foreign nations or media. He’s got nothing to gain from being involved in the situation. He just came out publicly totally out of the blue. Second of all, what do the Germans have to gain from poisoning Navalany? That’s just preposterous! Also, he fell ill while still in Russia! Third of all, it couldn’t have been Novichok, but it was the Germans who poisoned him with Novichok?! If it couldn’t have been Novichok then why do you say it was the Germans who poisoned him with Novichok?! Total contradiction, either it could’ve been or it couldn’t have been Novichok! Make up your fricking mind! Lastly, obviously it was Novichok, and as the inventor of it, he knows perfectly well what it does, therefore Rink was fricking lying when he says it couldn’t have been Novichok! So, why would he lie when he’s not accused of anything? Because he was pushed by someone to do so. Who’s the one who got anything to gain from the lies? The guy who ordered the hit and in my opinion it’s pretty obvious who that is, given the “mission” Navalny has been on!
  13. The whole system is a joke. It should be most votes wins!!!
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