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  1. Just because the majority on TVF thinks it’s not right doesn’t mean that that’s the case! Their country - their rules! It’s that simple!
  2. The whole world should boycott China to show them who’s really the boss when it comes to their economy!
  3. So at 40 million that’s 8000 Baht per year! That’s nothing! In NYC the same place would cost 30000 dollars a year!
  4. R.I.P., mate! You’ve left some awesome pieces of music behind!
  5. Right, if me using the word stingy makes me lose the argument then so be it! It’s their country and they can do with the pricing what they want and you just have to suck it up or not go there! It’s that simple!
  6. Right, just what his megalomaniacal personality needs - being president of the US! The world is going down!!!
  7. That’s just sick!!! Sometimes I wish eye for an eye would still be in place!!! Rest In Peace little one!
  8. It’s not because people have no problem forking out 179 dollars for a one day pass in Disneyland, but 400 Baht for a nice national park is a massive outrage! The very same people who complain about the 400 also don’t seem to have a problem spending hundreds of Baht for booze in a bar and thousands on bargirls. About the principle, I don’t see you doing anything about Thais in general earning way less money than you do, yet you expect to pay the same low prices as the locals do, despite earning probably at least 10 to 20 times as much!
  9. Khao Yai is definitely worth it! During the 10 times I’ve been in the park I don’t recollect seeing excessive trash lying around. The only place there that has “boardwalks” is the Pha Diaw Dai cliff and those were installed probably 10 years ago, before that that is was just a dirt path. I have no idea in what condiction it is right now, though. Either way, Khao Yai is awesome!
  10. If you stay longer than a night and you want to leave the park you can get a stamp so you won’t have to pay again when you get back later that same day. I’ve done that numerous times. You just need to talk to the people at the entrance before you leave the park. If you’re too stingy to fork out some money to see an awesome park once in your life then so be it. Don’t ever try to go to Disneyland with your family then either, or any amusement park for that matter. Me personally, I love Khao Yai, it’s my favorite place on earth and the few times I actually had to pay the 400 were fully worth it. No regrets on my part, but hey, to each their own!
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