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  1. The Punisher from the mid-2000s was quite alright in my opinion!
  2. Dalton in second place?! Wow! I would’ve never guessed that in a million years! My favorite is Brosnan then Connery then Craig.
  3. Stupid move on 7 Eleven’s part, if you ask me, better make the 4 cent than nothing, unless 7 Eleven was writing red numbers with the AIS stuff, which I find hard to believe.
  4. I assumed that everybody knew that I meant the top up code with “number” since the whole thing was about a prepaid card... Anyway, thanks for clearing that up. I appreciate it!
  5. Ok, let me rephrase that. Back when I was still living in Thailand, I’ve left in 2014, you went to 7 Eleven told them the amount you wanted, they printed out a number which you then had to enter using a prefix that went something like *120*number on the slip# then you hit dial and that topped up your phone. Before they began to print out the recharge numbers you had to buy cards and then rub off the silver stuff on the back to get to the number. Either way, I never needed my mobile number for that! Instead of your self righteous reply, I would’ve appreciated you telling me how it’s done nowadays because obviously something must’ve changed since then, me not knowing what has changed should’ve been pretty obvious from my original post! People these days!!!
  6. Well, thank you for valuable information on the subject matter! You really cleared that up! SMH!
  7. Since when? I’ve always bought it at 7 Eleven while I was still living there.
  8. I don’t get it! Since when do you need your mobile number to top up the credit? You just go to any 7 Eleven and tell them the amount you want to top up, enter the number and that’s it?! At least that’s the way it was back in 2014 when I left! Doesn’t anyone you know have your number in Thailand?
  9. I guess you missed my point. Throwing stones does not improve the situation they’re in right now whatsoever! They’d be much better off cleaning up the city!
  10. You’d think that by now they’re able to build tankers that can’t leak no matter what!!! This drives me up the wall! I just hope they’ll get it under control ASAP!
  11. I am German. I never said Die Zeit is a conspiracy website, I was asking if you got that information from a conspiracy website. Big difference! I’ve read the article and it doesn’t say anything about nurses going on Kurzarbeit and that’s why the cancer surgeries weren’t carried out. You need to understand one fundamental thing, this virus is new, no one knows exactly what it really does in terms of long term damage, therefore it was paramount to keep the number of infections as low as possible, and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few in that type of situation, therefore they put the surgeries on hold. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Yes, it’s sad and maybe it wasn’t necessary, but at the time that decision was made they couldn’t have known. The bottom line is, if the governments hadn’t done anything to prevent the spread, people wouldn’t have been happy and with the preventive measurements that have been taken, people aren’t happy either. Ergo, you can’t please everyone. They had to do something and they did what they thought is best for the general public and that’s that!
  12. Why? Because I’m talking big picture, ergo global!
  13. Like throwing stones is changing the situation in any way, shape or form!
  14. I know! That’s the sad part! Doesn’t change the fact, though, that the embargo is what we need!
  15. Yep, that’s what I was getting at, or they watched the guy and followed him, but then they most likely would’ve chosen a different place without witnesses!
  16. When did I say that BLM did not contribute to rising numbers?! Do you have to any prove about the cancer surgeries that weren’t carried out because of corona or did you get that from conspiracy websites? Obviously if they had had they’re hands full with corona cases then it’s pretty obvious that the nurses couldn’t have gone on Kurzarbeit! And if they were able to go on Kurzarbeit then there were no urgent cancer surgeries that needed to be carried out otherwise they wouldn’t have gone on Kurzarbeit! Either way it sounds very much like bs to me!
  17. Forget about the US!!! I’m talking GLOBAL trade embargo on China put them back into their place! It’s definitely doable, they just have to stick together and pull it off!
  18. Riiiiiiiiiiiight! Pretty obvious, the whole situation got too hot because of the backlash and now he wants to get his head out of the noose! That guy needs to be fired immediately and held responsibly for his lie ASAP!
  19. More than enough other countries around to move production to, if that means a slight price hike then so be it. I mean life is bit by bit getting more expensive anyway! And to be honest, China is getting favors still based on it having been a third world country, which it isn’t anymore, so all the trade deals so far have favored China. I hate Trump, but in this particular case he’s right and it’s China that doesn’t want to play ball because they think they can do whatever they want and letting them become Number One in the world is a very dangerous game to play! Hence, embargo!
  20. And that’s precisely why we need a worldwide embargo on China because without their precious exports they’ll be back in the Stone Age within a year! They need a huge damper to make them come to their senses in terms of human rights, environment, Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan and censorship! They banned The Big Bang Theory for f’s sake!
  21. And another great moment of Agolf J. Twittler!
  22. Yes, but inside you can space the tables far enough and limit the number of guests or restrict visits to the outside area only, if an outdoor space is available as opposed to a demonstration where you have thousands of people right next to each other like last weekend in Berlin.
  23. That’s what you get for giving in to the idiots who wanted to ease the lockdown! We were down to 200 infections/day and after they eased up it went straight back up to over a thousand. What pisses me off the most is that the idiots demonstrating in the streets without masks and the recommended safety distance to each other don’t get that they’re one of the major reasons why this keeps dragging on and on and on!
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