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  1. For the accreditation of USA universities the World Almanac has to be used. I remember this from rules set by the TCT ages ago.
  2. The Office of the Civil Service Commission which is the accrediting institution in Thailand, does't reckognize any Dutch educational institution providing bachelor degree education or higher other than the original research universities as mentioned in their list. While European countries already in 1999 agreed through the Bologna Declaration on comparability in the standards and quality of higher-education qualifications, the OCSC still doesn't consider the Dutch HBO (Higher Professional Education institutions) as accredited degree providers. The NUFFIC, asked by the Royal Dutch Embassy in Thailand, had a look into this back in 2011 but reported back that it's all up to the OCSC. I'm not sure if this will work as the rules state: (c) Have a degree in another field and a graduate diploma in teaching profession with 1 year of course study and mentioned degree and graduate diploma still have to be accredited by the OCSC.
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