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  1. 1. This is corruption 2. First time I needed this is a decade ago threatened if not follow "their" instruction to pay. I did not pay. Later on a few occasions given up, i.e. learnt that corruption is genetical in some cultures. Felt
  2. I'm aware that none here are Thai authority in any way so I have sent this link » COVID-19 situation in and travel to Thailand (thaiembdc.org) to my friend and its hardly any more I can do before he get all necessary documentation and eventually finally are through the Immigration in Thailand
  3. How are the public to know if they use Sinovac / AstraZeneca / Pziefer or Moderna vaccine? Someone from Nakhon Nowhere sit beside them when the seal is removed from the package?
  4. Great thank you. I got his e-mail yesterday so I don't know yet if he have obtained a Visa or use the Visa exemption system which now I believe is extended to 45 days. He was previously living here on retirement extension but after returning permanent to USA some years ago he have been here on regularly visits annually with tourist visas so far as I know. Felt
  5. American elderly friend plan to return to Phuket (previously lived on the Island for nearly 20 years). He is in USA now and will get his last vaccine shot in a few days and have already booked a flight mid March with Singapore Airlines and on his behalf I allow me to ask if someone can lead me in the correct direction to what's needed of paperwork, tests and information about approved quarantine hotels on Phuket are also very welcome. Thanks Felt.
  6. I believe they who was here 20-30 years ago know how this was arranged in the past. Just another costume today
  7. I will go home and get the Pfizer when they eventually drop the quarantine here down to a week or hopefully less for returnees. Felt
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