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  1. The above is man modified and not the plain Police order....It seems that some offices here tend to make the law adapted to their own short comings and the way they think applicants should be treated ......inf.....or co.....ex
  2. Its for they who are grandfathered after old rules and was on extension before 1998....ops just saw that stevenl have answered the question.
  3. They can, or better some countries can. You give them your latest pension slip with the same ID data on as in passport. The actual embassies are then linked to the applicants home country`s Governments data system. Same thing will they do with confirmation of address to check that the actual person actually are registered in home country database with address in Thailand.
  4. I'm not surprized that no one here believe the police order 35/2562 will be followed in practise. That's not to say 35/2562 followed in practise makes it easy but hopefully the good / bad man will clean up practises in his own backyard before he wash out every foreigner in country and IMO it will be 2months before and 3months after which (the 3months after requirement) first will kick in with the applicants 2020 extension where applicant have to prove that with a bank letter.
  5. Did you get in written what documentation the bank want to let you open an account? Thanks Felt.
  6. I think I have it sorted, my last address update in Phuket is only + month long ago due to Christmas /New year in another province where I also did my 90 day report. I should like here to ask about one of the.....IO who sit with this desk in Phuket, but maybe enough to say "always uniform, great tan and over the top. Anyone else with grudged impression from ..
  7. Another planet, sure and with the pros and cons that involve. I intend to place money on a fixed account as a second option in case there will be more changes regarding income letters for the annual retirement extension so ATM card will not be on the request from me to the actual bank in this case. Felt.
  8. Its actually an additional bank account I want to open at the same bank as used for years and when I asked for necessary documentation the bank told me "Certificate of Residence" from Immigration.
  9. Your assumptions do not necessarily fit on everyone retired in Thailand and why they are here.
  10. Kathu have Bang Wad Dam, full stop. Kathu is trafically locked in between Patong ,Chalong, Phuket Town and the Phukets wannabe copy of Singapore's Orchard Road, Bypass Rd. To me personally and expect from Bang Wad Dam I would feel as behind walls of traffic chaos.
  11. I have also looked at a fixed account for the same purpose with Krung Sri but it seems for me they are based on a monthly deposit and not a lump sum placed in an account and sitting there, and that's it ? Do you have a link to the 48month FD? Felt.
  12. Thank you. Only one question regarding "house registration slip" Do you mean "receipt of notification"? Felt.
  13. Is there someone who recently have applied for Certificate of Residence at Phuket Immigration and could share their info/experience regarding documentation needed? Thanks Felt
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