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  1. Sorry to say but rest of the year is worse with added undercurrent. I you count swimmers, not they who jump in the water to cool down or children playing you will over time see that very few swim and I guarantee you that they who love ocean swimming have their reason to not swim. Btw, I think you most likely can see better how the water are when actually in the water than you can from walking on the beach. Felt
  2. Only a small correction. 2-3 months here and 2-3 months where my permanent residence is in South Thailand so 4-6 months a year more precisely, and have kept doing so since the better half started in here current job in 2015. Swimming for me is straight down from Soi 85 and I usually swim 1-2.5km each time and mostly swim South along the beach and return. Last year the water in March-May was good, depends where you compare to in Thailand. This year was ok in March and first half of April but later on the water was turbid and dirty and as said I come often up from the water with black streaks of
  3. Most likely with intention, they know its to early to open up due to the current Covid - 19 situation.
  4. I would certainly not discourage you from move to Hua Hin. Personally I don't live here permanent but my better half work and live here so I'm here 2-3 month and if a "normal year" heading back down South in Thailand for some months and reply. However and as said when it comes to swimming in the sea here which can be done but this year I gave up because I looked as a mud wrestler coming up of the water more often than not in April/May. That the possibility to go to a public swimming pool is no existent disappoint me because its actually says who the place is for and that's not the people keepi
  5. So SHA is not enough? Btw, what is "BA" not like the slang "ba" I hope? Felt
  6. NCC1701A is unfortunately spot on. Hua Hin don't have a public sports stadium neither a public swimming pool and IMO and with my small experience from Hua Hin. Made for the Bangkok elite not the general Thai/ Foreign residents. Felt.
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