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  1. My hometown has several times been referred to as the second-most-watched city in Europe, measured by the number of camcorders watching the population. Only in London will there be more cameras. The data basis for this ranking is unclear because there are no public figures on the number of cameras installed, but the Data Inspectorate confirms that the camera surveillance has seen a clear increase in recent years. But that does not affect the crime statistics says the researchers. Researchers working at the Police College have researched various aspects of camera surveillance. They emphasize that while there are more and more cameras inside and outside the stores, it does not help to reduce the number of criminal incidents. There are no studies that say there will be less crime when setting up surveillance cameras in a city center. If the goal of many surveillance cameras is to reduce crime, the researchers believe the measure is wasted. Monitoring is a simple solution Researchers say that the debate over multiple surveillance cameras often pops up after serious and dramatic events, which often receive large media coverage. Personally I'm glad that my youth time was over long before Google and Facebook
  2. Because I simply don't make to follow all this "Tm" things included "Apps" whatever they are for and who I allow me to ask if anyone know if there are any update/change regarding Tm.28 / Tm.30 in Phuket recently? I also would like to ask specifically because I'm returning myself from Bangkok where I was a week due to surgery and then two weeks R&R in Hua Hin where I stayed at a friends condo. In Bangkok I believe the hospital accommodation reported me (at least they copied my passport) In Hua Hin I reported at Immigration myself (Allow me to mention that IO in Hua Hin was extremely efficient, friendly and seemed to have a very relaxed approach to any address reporting) Btw, I return to same address I have had for 20+ years in Phuket. Thanks Felt
  3. As a previous ocean swimmer I would say usually the monsoon are gone mid November and I think too remember only a few years there have been to bad to swim in December but it happens now and then. My swim personal preference I Phuket have always been Bang tao and Nai Harn where you in high season also will see and/or meet swimmers already early morning doing their lengths.
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