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  1. You I think, get a 1099 which indicates you are insured for 12 months under the Affordable Care Act. I'm retired USAF and Social Security. Medicare doesn't cover you here unless you have A and B in order to use Tricare Select Overseas, but you didn't mention being retired military.
  2. Some aren't able to travel overland/air land due to physical limitations. Going from North to start 90 day periods to Mai Sai is not bad, but the border crossings in NE and E are easier done by younger folks.
  3. WAS married for 20 years in Chiang Mai. We never since 1998 had to provide a witness. Only when we registered at District Office. When did that start or is just some offices?
  4. Someone does a good thing to try and save a life, and starting with the first post, out come the negative sarcastic comments. Sad indeed. Wonder what the comments would be if he had saved the person's life. Thank you good samaritan for trying to save a human life. You gave in order to do the right thing. Hope they can find the wallet.
  5. Pickpockets seem to be working the airport in Phuket. Wife,s daughter seeing her mom off at the airport for return to Chiangmai had a phone stolen last night from her purse. Happened quickly. Please put out a caution to your reading population to be careful. Guess the terminal is very crowded. Thanks
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