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  1. Might be worth pointing out that you can't just walk into any old bank with your passport and open an account any more. They will say you need to have a work permit. To circumvent this obstacle it might be necessary to go the bank of your choices head office , most likely in Bangkok.
  2. Unless he gets conscripted into the Wehrmacht to conduct Wagner concerts all over the Reich.
  3. I actually saw this happen about 10 years ago in a Big C car park. I heard an announcement on the tannoy as I was leaving the store with my shopping. As I approached my car I could see a lot of smoke billowing from a parked car a couple of rows away. Curious, I got a bit closer to the gathering crowd as a man ran from the store , jumped in the car and turned the engine off. What damage was done .....who knows , but I doubt he'll do that again in future. What
  4. It is actually illegal to leave a car running and unattended although it would have to be a pretty over zealous policeman to bother charging you for it.
  5. Money spinner !! Also....logic is a commodity of which there is not an over abundance in Thailand
  6. Sangsom = for proofs Lao Khao = for men ( until premature death ) No self respecting rural peasant would drink Sang Som unless it was given away free with a bottle of coke. I have just finish a bottle of small Lao Khao and bitter lemon and am about to tackle wifey with back turned under the sheets. Who will benefit from this remains to be seen.
  7. Me ? Nothing. But apparently , there are criminals out there who make fake bank cards and attach stolen pin numbers to them to empty the account. Something like that. But if you want to go to the nearest Kasikorn bank and see the exact wording of the warning about foreign gangs you can easily confirm it for yourself.
  8. Kasikorn is also the only bank I know with the following message in Thai on the ATM machine : Be careful when entering your pin as there are gangs of foreigners stealing pin numbers. Or words to that effect.
  9. Well, I have had prtty good results doing it myself with an aerosol can. Back in the UK this was always a disaster because the cold weather wouldn't allow the paint to dry fast enough. But here, when the weather is hot ( wait for cold spell to pass ) the paint drys super fast and gives much better results. Provided you mask everything properly and don't spray on too much at a time you can get very passable results. Obviously, if there is a paint shop where you are willing to do it , so much the better , but whenever I have tried they are busy and want me to leave the car/bike with
  10. Exactly the same here in lower Petchabun. Sister in law returned from Samut Sakhon area and immediately was put in self isolation at her home with daily visits for temperature checks for 14 days. She did not leave her home next to us for 14 days for fear of being grassed up by scared locals and a desire to be as responsible as possible.
  11. Honest guv , its not a gambling den. We don't know what all that gambling paraphernalia is doing here. It was here when we all arrived for our meditation class.
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