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  1. Depends on how you define "learn." And, what's age (past age 6) got to do with it ? While there are certain sounds/tones in Thai very few western expats ever master (as in the word for snake, 'ngu,' the word for city, 'meung'), I've seen motivated newly arrived expats attain transactional fluency in terms of taking care of daily business in a short time. Even though I can make puns in Thai, use "folk" idioms, and write songs in Thai (for comedic effect), I am awestruck by the very rare expat who (unlike me) can read and write Thai, and is conversationally fluent. I once said to a friend of mine that one advantage of living here is not being able to have a deep conversation in Thai about the depths of my existential anguish Of course, I imagine if I hung out with the youngish louche selfie-set I'm sure is here, somewhere, and my phone had a camera, maybe I could engage in analyzing the latest thing that "triggered" me. Of course, I think it's fine for people to retire here, never learn Thai, join the lardasses at the expats' clubs for self-congratulatory chauvinist revels, but, if they've lived here for years, and complain about the language, or how hard it is to get whatever done: I don't respect that. ~o:37;
  2. I do associate extreme rudeness (from a frame of reference/bias/prejudice of my own upbringing in the southern part of the US, and long-term adult living in Chiang Mai) with Cantonese China, and Hong Kong, but my experience in Kunming in travelling around the city on foot, and by rent-a-bicycle, was very different. Of course, that experience cannot be generalized to the reality of living there as expat. Pollution, yes, but I can't think of any city in SE Asia I'd want to live in that doesn't have a pollution problem. The Indian "hill stations" of Manali (north), and Ootacamund (south), attract me (elevation, natural beauty), but, my experience there (1976) is probably of little value in knowing what they are like, now. I "fell in love" with Manali, but abhorred its glut of burnt-out western pot-heads, and fatuous spiritual "seekers." So, the fantasy ticket outta-here I look for has: altitude (I wanna chill), large enough population to support cultural activities, expat scene with more than riff-raff, academic center with library, cost of living comparable to Chiang Mai. Currently looking at Baguio in the Philippines. ~o:37;
  3. ~ to hear my own cough echoed by the multitude: i don't feel better ~ ~o:37;
  4. ~' such heavy silence, heavy as the nits of dust weighing down the air ~ ~o:37;
  5. let us celebrate surviving this season even if the words of Borges have a slightly bitter taste now: "Everything that happens, including humiliations, embarrassments, misfortunes, all has been given like clay, like material for one’s art. One must accept it. For this reason I speak in a poem of the ancient food of heroes: humiliation, unhappiness, discord. Those things are given to us to transform, so that we may make from the miserable circumstances of our lives things that are eternal, or aspire to be so." Jorge Borges, essay: "On Blindness." ~ so much beauty here, even when the air i breathe murders me slowly ~o:37;
  6. Thank you for your kind words, but, I am, often, a flea, in Amazing T, carried along by a mangy soi dog who can't even get a bite in a Wat that's not from another dog. And, this tick I ride on, in the dog's ear ... let me tell you, his chitin's so thin, and his belly so empty of blood, he's almost transparent. It is only small acts of kindness, like yours, that jump-transmogrify me from fleahood back into my human~orang manifestation. ~o:37;
  7. The correct Thai translation of the word "pedestrian" means "target." o:37;
  8. Quit complaining we are serving you cake without icing, and get busy searching on this forum for specific tasks, and specific professions. There is lots of content. Quit complaining, and do what's necessary to find a Thai speaker to assist you. Many members, including this flea on a tick in a mangy soi dog's ear, have responded helpfully to polite requests for specific assistance with all kinds of advice, referrals, reviews, etc., to local sources of help. ~o:37; p.s. don't forget: "quit complaining."
  9. But, we are the princes turned into frogs with the golden balls every princess lost ... that every princess longs for ... and, how beautifully we croak ! ~o:37;
  10. Too many expats in Chiang Mai, too many Chinese tourists. Like chemotherapy, a tough, but necessary, cure ? ~o;37;
  11. What show on thr Nature Channel were you watching ? ~o:37;
  12. How does a drive ... presumably the caddie is not directly in your line of fire, presumably the impact of the ball diminished by distance traveled ... hit a forehead and cause two black eyes ? Is this perhaps a game of golf played with the kind of non-lethal projectile firing weapons sometimes used in riot control ? ~o:37;
  13. Perhaps the OP refers to games played only with putters. ~0:37;
  14. I don't think "lethargy" is a good word to describe the outcome of the development of Thai society, and culture, over centuries as impacted by colonialism, modernization, westernization, etc. An outcome which appears to the western observer of explicit behavior as selfishness, indifference to collective social welfare and law, reckless driving, etc. I think it's important not to project onto Somchai, who is burning his trash now, an awareness he does not have because it has never been developed. In saying that, I do not intend to say said behavior is not stupid, amoral, and selfish ... by my standards. ~o:37l
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