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  1. for my friends, and their families on this forum, for the Thai people i am fortunate to have been the recipient of so much kindness from ... ~ a prayer in the time of the virus i will not let the highway run over me, i will not be ashamed to show my tears, i will see a future blossom in the bud i will not keep your memory in shadows, i will not turn away from what mirrors tell me is the face sculpted by sorrow i will seek the shelter of heartedness, i will see flowing water as winter ice surrenders to the early spring thawing i will remember how the precious gifts of love were wrapped with a transience tinging sweetness with an echo of musk i'll be the playful child i always was, safe in the fortress of wisdom's walls ~ written while listening to: (click) Ludovico Einaudi - "Divenire" - Live, Royal Albert Hall London © ~o:37; May 10, 2020
  2. Encouraged by (what I interpret as) WayneEd's success in using the non-filer's SS whatever, I went and created an account, login, etc. And, the site takes me to a 2019 income tax form. That seems out of whack, given I am a non-filer receiving monthly SS payments for years by direct deposit to Bangkok Bank via the Manila office. A list of other forms is here: https://www.freefilefillableforms.com/#/fd/forms.availability. Appreciate any assistance and/or advice. thanks, ~o:37;
  3. There is another thread here on parks open/closed.
  4. If only there were a way to collectivize our deep concern for the air quality into a form that would "make a difference" ! Guess how a public demonstration (as in peaceful protest) by a large group of expats would go down here, given the current political/economic reality. I wonder why Stalin's famous quote comes to mind: "no man, no problem." I believe that many/most Thais care deeply about this problem, and I wish I knew an effective way to support them ! ~o:37;
  5. What I dislike most is the fifteen seconds it takes me to block posters who post vague "impersonal" topics about what they dislike about Thailand, Chiang Mai, Thais, etc. About the so-called "good old days." Equally nauseous is hearing expats unload their recent frustrations with whatever: for that there is social distancing aka avoidance. The sense of "entitlement" to special treatment by expats living here, immune by virtue of the almighty dollar/pound/mark, etc. staggers me. ~o:37;
  6. With respect, Gonzo, I need to pay attention to what works, now. ~o:37;
  7. I was in Airport Plaza today; the major computer stores were all open, and dammit none of them, including Big Camera, had a compact flash card for an older camera (Canon 550d aka T2i aka Kiss X4). I walked myself into a stupor visiting the used mobile shops looking for a cheap mobile phone with no camera ... like the one I lost yesterday. Getting the DTAC SIm replaced so I can keep the number took over 30 minutes and photos, documents. All in all I had to sign in in over four places. Frustrated as I was (low thyroid condition, feel like a zombie), I have to say I am impressed by the well-organized social distancing arrangements. ~o:37;
  8. Coronavirus particles spread by talking can remain in the air for up to 14 minutes, NIH researchers find: click: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/19/coronavirus-spread-by-talking-can-remain-in-air-researchers-find.html
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