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  1. I heard from a friend who still crawls there that financial liposuction is still on offer. ~o"37;
  2. I'd say you have what it takes: go ahead, quit your day job and be a historian ~o:37;
  3. If you believe strict regulations (air travel, border entry, limited, quarantine on entry) and public compliance (masks, social distancing) resulted in allegedly low Covid infections/deaths: then, do you applaud the government for choosing public health over tourism ... or, do you condemn it ? I see the deflation (deflowering ?) of the tourism sector's massive economic input as a kind of a spotlight highlighting the increasingly salient/vivid/limnal long term problems with environmental degradation, corruption, educational quality, infrastructure, concentration of wealth, inequali
  4. you click not clear from the article what rules are for Amphur Muang: Not a site I am familiar with, but they claim their info is from an official Thai only AOT CM Farcebook page. ~o:37;
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