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  1. play wi-fi, space-out, raise your mask occasionally for a gulp of something that doesn't taste like starbuck-swill ? day-time ? night-time ? thanks ! ~o:37;
  2. link to map: Guitar appliance repair Khun Guitar ... does not speak English 087-1860794 The previous one I used (on Thanon Ragaing) was not ... uhhh ... competent. So far, Khun G. has repaired two fans, one of which had to have a new motor, for 500 baht, in one day; currently, he's trying to resurrect a vacuum cleaner ... that will take longer since he has to order parts from BKK. YMMV. cheers, ~o"37;
  3. Thanks ! Using that rate calculator I get no results for India no matter what weight I enter: checked my ad-filter is off. Interestingly, they are showing results for Pakistan. I'm going to assume that means no service to India. thanks, ~0:37'
  4. About two weeks ago, a local Thai PO here (Chiang Mai) would not accept a small parcel for EMS to India. Is this in effect nation-wide right now ? thanks, ~o:37;
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