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  1. Maybe the EU needs to replant it's own Forests cut down to plant crops so Boycott those products as well. ahah
  2. So he meets a Russian Diplomat from the Thai Russian Embassy in Bangkok I suspect it has something to do with the upcoming Asean Summit what's the big story? http://thailand.mid.ru/en/ambassador
  3. 555 so they settled for mostly only junior deputy posts then!
  4. OK so if they are already Illegal just enforce the current law why need rule 44? Not sure how he will manage without 44 I expect he will use it to extend it to the next government
  5. As wasn't published in the original Story lets not forget these guys as well John Volanthen = George Medal Richard Stanton = George Medal Chris Jewell = Queen’s gallantry medals Jason Mallinson = Queen’s gallantry medals Vern Unsworth = MBE Joshua Bratchley = MBE L/Cpl Connor Roe = MBE
  6. What so no mention of the Divers just Unsworth? From what I understand Vernon Unsworth didn't do any Diving but his knowledge of the caves from his hobby caving there was helpful to the rescue.
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