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  1. Salt is a mineral and electrolyte essential to our bodily function especially in a hot country and taxing it is just mad. Sure too much salt is not good same with every substance but a packet of noodles ain't gonna kill you. If they are really concerned about our health why not tax all products containing salt? Will they apply this tax equally to all products including Thai and Imported Will Thai noodles get taxed at same rate as Korean? Or will it be used to replace lost Tariffs because from trade agreements. Pretty sure most Farang food will get taxed. What about MSG tax?
  2. What is the Graph for Amo only? where did you pull it from? It's not only about that, the Defence Budget is about 230bn the Security Budget 200bn and the Central Budget 500bn. Did you know recent military purchases were taken from the Central Budget?
  3. Vernon Unsworth should also be punished for what he said on CNN as well it was very ugly. Musk tried to help the trapped boys in what way he could. He sent engineers to help not only about building subs but surveying, drilling, pumping, electric etc. Then Unsworth goes on CNN a day after the rescue and tells the World Musks efforts were nothing but a Publicity Stunt! That was a disgusting and if I was Musk I would also have been Upset and Angry about it. Why couldn't they all just shake hands and congratulate each other on a successful joint effort? But no Unsworth wanted all the limelight well now he's got it. P.s just wondering if what Unsworth said on CNN wasn't meant to bait Musk?
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