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  1. RATFLOL - the headline prompted me to ask the question, because I have had several otherwise sensible friends tell me they bought hydroxychloroquine, and had some to spare, if I wanted it. Good friends like this are hard to find.
  2. there was some serious money made, off Gilead stock. That's one of the real problems in the US - money comes before health.
  3. i posted, as wife and I are in mid 70's, so we're interested in replies. we would never take this drug, as I don't trust the FDA pronouncements on it (they're totally confusing anyway). we're relying on -sunshine - common sense. not a lot of the latter going around the world at the moment, as people react to losing what they took for granted.
  4. thanks. our filings have been by mail, due to my wife's last trip out of the country being too many years ago.
  5. POTUS is out and about, shaking hands, no mask. Would'nt it be a miracle if we could all get out of lock-down and see a stop to economic deaths? Trump says he's taking hydroxychloroquine, despite scientists' concerns The anti-malarial drug has not been shown to be effective in treating Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/18/trump-says-hes-taking-unproven-anti-malarial-drug-265546
  6. the only comonality that I see is that this virus, whatever its source, kills the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. Nursing homes seem to have been badly managed- and that's in hindsight, as nobody foretold the nature of the virus (except for Fauci's generalized prediction that it would arrive). The other thing is, Italy got hit badly, because (a) they have a disportonate % of elderly in their population and (b) they allowed large gatherings at soccer matches, early on. One or more soccer matches had 50k, where a large nmber of attendees had travelled from Spain. Persumably upon returning, without any border testing, this may have resulted in those 2 countires leading in deaths in central Europe. Denmark has invested in superb medical facilities. So they already had adequate hospital beds - and, this is a guess, the recovery rate from hospitalized patients is better than most other countries.
  7. Thank you! we will do it via Thai Post. I did not want to confuse the IO by submitting an unnecessary filing.
  8. what am I missing here? My understanding is that there an amnesty, until June 30, for filing the 90 day report.
  9. I was referred to this site <https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/flu-misinformation-and-coronavirus-fears-my-letter-to-dr-sanjay-gupta/> by one of my conspiracy friends. Normally I ignore the 6666 crowd, b/c I'm Canadian not American. But RK makes a lot of common sense.
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