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  1. my internet bills are coming through, as normal. Today is first time that I am not in my home town, so I cannot go to the office to pay it. Firsdt, i tried to use SCB Easy Net. they rejected the ref. numbers at the bottom left side of the bill, which i had input. I called NTTOT. they gave a very confuted answer. A buddy says, just go to Tesco. Is that correct, ? as bill is overdue and post office will be closed Monday.
  2. How does that work for you? Ive read that you click on google translate and then enter eg you tap the languages each of you speak. then tap conversation. Then is it just that you aim the mic at your Thai friend and speak? tks.
  3. seen those. there is one amazing one, each person takes one ear pod and....off you go. Timekettle WT2 Plus AI Language Translator. $230 at Amazon . that's a bargain, except for 2 missing features, you cant use them with a phone for incoming translation and, they are not much use at the local market
  4. I wonder how many farang have met the love of their life and then paid to have her learn English? Most of my friends have wife's/girlfriends who simply ignore the English table conversation and go to their phones. there is the other side of the coin, of course. the men don't speak Thai.
  5. great, any recommendations? do the earplugs function with the phone app or independently?. Seems if the latter we're talking big bucks.
  6. that is a nice way to make sure there is no confusion when complimenting a 'good girl' which i do all the time. thanks. what's it in Thai script, plse.
  7. Us Irish snakes say - 'to be sure to be sure'
  8. my GP in a very well established hospital in Surathani has recommended using the oil, if it is possible to replace some of this ''cocktail'' recommended by a shrink: 1 Cymbalta 60 mg 2 Lamictal 100 mg 2 Seroxat 20 mg and ...if anxiety attack: 1 Alphrazolam 0.25 mg that is a recommended daily dosage. Lets make this thread more open minded shall we.? one question I have: do you need a doctors written perscription?
  9. 555 when do you think big pharma will report on trial results they have sponsored which suggest you quit their products?
  10. I have seen this app in action, when speaking with a Thai guy in a shop. Forgot to ask what its called. I have an android phone. thanks
  11. Cost, if you don't mind.
  12. just about all apps today are offered in 2 OS versions - iOS and Android. Is there a way to download a version that works with Win10 ? eg Dee Money was recommended on a blog. I can't find it in the MS shop.
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