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  1. http://nookiesdelights.3baht.net/ It's about 88km from Prasat, heading west. Best to send Paul an email if you want to order, as he's not there all the time. I took a drive there to collect my beers, but he can send by Kerry delivery.
  2. Just got back from my 3-hour round trip with a mixed case of Wexford, Old Speckled Hen, Ruddles, Belhaven, and Youngs Chocolate Stout. I've put an assortment in the fridge and will be tasting later. Will be a nice change from the usual lagers. The Youngs Chocolate Stout Young has a widget - like the Draught Guinness cans - very promising. Paul, at Nookies, has a good selection of British beers at 115 - 125 Baht, which is (IMO) good value. Thanks for your help.
  3. Just find out where he lives and park outside his house at midnight playing "Greensleeves" on your car stereo. He'll get the message.
  4. You need to show them how to use lollipop sticks in the spokes.
  5. Took a drive there at lunchtime. The place looks totally deserted and the name "Chabakaew" not seen. Searched the whole area and quizzed a few locals, but no joy. There are a few bar/restaurants along the adjacent soi but nothing of a Craft beer type - some look "mothballed". I suspect Covid has taken it's toll. But thanks for trying. Got a quick reply from Paul at Nookies ... CURRENTLY IN STOCK WEXFORD IRISH CREAM OLD SPECKLED HEN ABBOTT RUDDLES COUNTY YOUNGS CHOC STOUT BELHAVEN SCOTTISH STOUT A FEW CANS HOBGOLIN RUBY AND GOLD BOMBADIER, GREENE K
  6. Tops online has these, so I expect they will have them in the shops. https://www.tops.co.th/en/waitrose-lovelife-sweet-potato-oven-chips-with-mild-smoked-paprika-seasoning-500g
  7. Many thanks Ballpoint. Turns out it's just a couple of streets away from the Thong Tarin hotel, where we have stayed many times. Mrs C suggested we book a room there, so we can have a few drinks without having to be concerned about driving back to the farm. I quite fancy sampling a few of those different craft beers as well as the stout.
  8. Yesterday I left a message asking for location and phone number. No reply yet.
  9. Is someone going to give us a clue as to which soap opera character has "died"? - OP
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