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  1. Yup! But we were disappointed to find out that it tasted of carbolic soap.
  2. It doesn't say out of stock when I access the website. Maybe it's something to do with your location and which Tops shop is nearer to you. I see two other "barley" products, but not sure if they are the "pearl barley" that you are looking for. https://www.tops.co.th/en/raitip-barley-500g-8851683000281 https://www.tops.co.th/en/tops-barley-300g-8853474010783
  3. Tops https://www.tops.co.th/en/waitrose-wholesome-pearl-barley-500g-5000169090916?from=search
  4. I think that humour can be found in almost anything. I'm sure that disabled people themselves make jokes about their disability. Jokes don't need to be cruel or disparaging though. I was thinking that, in the OP photo, Ikram has managed to put 2 balls in the side pocket - and he hasn't even taken his shot yet.
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