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  1. Officer, let me explain ... speed is relative.
  2. Seems okay to me. A cockney might say "Brahms geezer cracks his loaf" - lucky he's not brown bread.
  3. So, the bus company has been fined for overcharging. IMHO fining the company is not the solution. The bus operator needs to make a profit, or at least break even, otherwise they will just close down, put more people out of work, and prevent people from travelling. The government demanded the social distancing rules and should subsidise the fares until they deem it safe to remove those rules.
  4. If it is true that bus companies have increased their fares due to Government social distancing rules, then the government should be subsidising the fares. Doubling of bus fares is wrong and affects the poorer people most.
  5. At school I used to think that I was being taught things that I would never need in real life. Yet, here I am 50+ years later, teaching my 8 year-old, finding it invaluable. It's amazing that it all comes flooding back (well, trickling back). However, some things do baffle me ... Today we had to learn "science of living things" Q1: Living things grow, move by themselves, respond to stimuli, reproduce and ______ . Choose the correct answer from these options: A. sleep B. play C. live D. die
  6. City boy here, so I'm entirely out of my depth, but I was told that the eucalyptus tree is popular because it is suitable for coppicing and/or pollarding. In other words (unlike many species of tree) it can be cut down (harvested) and will grow again, and again, and again quite quickly.
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