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  1. Overall the article makes no sense and is far too small a sample size. it’s been released for propaganda. Many Thais have had one dose and need reminding about the need to have a second. Many Thais have concerns about sinovac and need reassurance that it works. that’s all. There is no new news here.
  2. I believe he is referring to the news report yesterday that approx 350 fully vaccinated health workers in Indonesia have caught Covid. They took sinovac. not saying it’s a bad vaccine, just repeating the news. It was on CNA so a reputable news agency
  3. It would be nice to see a government graphic showing the timeline of deliveries over the next six months transposed with anticipated vaccinations. Maybe two different colors so that it doesn’t get confusing. in other words some kind of practical comprehensive projections of just where this countries Covid response is going, rather than a drip feed of tidbits now and then that are meaningless on their own.
  4. Data driven decisions. I like it……but it will never catch on here.
  5. You keep making my point for me. agreed, there is no scientific consensus that 70% is the magic level. That is what I have been saying. however, Thailand’s central and provincial government speak as though it is. and when the opinion was initially expressed in this thread that actual herd immunity might take years to achieve, you made a post referencing Israel and USA implying the fall in cases in those countries meant they had herd immunity, then you posted that herd immunity can come from vaccinations and /or infection, implying that was easy and then you
  6. Agreed. To date both have done well. What’s missing is their end game. How do they transition from the current lockdown at an instant stance, to one where they aren’t always looking over their shoulder, and where people can move in and out of their country relatively freely. They will have to address it eventually
  7. That striving for 70% vaccinations in the belief that it achieves herd immunity immediately that level is reached, and from that point on, there is nothing to worry about, is a fallacy. 70% is better than 60% and not as good as 80%. It’s a number that in and of its self is meaningless unless one looks at the data behind it. but one hears and sees the government, central and provincial, bandy about 70% herd immunity as though it is the holy grail. It isn’t. It’s a milestone in a long journey. that’s the point.
  8. Just to add a point here, the article also says that the city is only just starting to open now that 95% of people have had both jabs. So it was a combination of vaccinations and restrictions that brought Covid under control. It’s not really yet known what will happen once restrictions are lifted.
  9. Thanks, I hadn’t seen that. I note: “The vaccination program allowed researchers to track the real-world effects of mass vaccinations. The preliminary results of the vaccination program showed an 80 percent drop in symptomatic Covid-19 cases, an 86 percent drop in hospitalizations and a 95 percent drop in deaths caused by Covid-19, Sofia Moutinho reports for Science magazine. The initial findings, which have not been peer-reviewed, were announced in a press conference on May 31.” once 95% of people had been vaccinated, the above was the result. So the point being made b
  10. Doing circa 200k jabs a day just isn’t going to cut it. Everyday they fall further and further behind the average pace they need to maintain. they do monitor these things, right?
  11. Sorry, I’m not biting on your deflection. The point at issue was “herd immunity”. You go off on your tangent. bye bye.
  12. Antibiotics, as in used to treat bacteria? from what I read virus are far less likely to become vaccine resistant. Maybe it’s an issue, but I think it’s quite far down the list from new variants.
  13. But if you are vaccinated, you are not immune, are you? You simply have a reduced chance of acting as a host for the virus. and you are still missing the point. Just because 70% of a population has been vaccinated, it does not make that entire population immune. Ergo, “herd immunity” at 70% vaccinated, is a myth. The “herd” is not immune. THAT was the point being made and which you keep avoiding.
  14. Now you are just being deliberately obtuse. Of course vaccinations reduce cases. Everybody knows that and it’s not the subject being discussed.
  15. You’ve missed the point haven’t you? You do need to read my post and the post to which I was responding, to have some understanding. start with that and then we’ll go on.
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