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  1. If you want to highlight completely different circumstances you should start with general elections and referendums.
  2. I think that it's not hard to see that the ratio of "informed" (elected) politicians to those that are ill-informed has been declining for years, although a being "well informed" MP does not necessarily guarantee that an MP will serve the best interests of his voters, anyway. I think MPs are elected if they are seen as the candidates most likely to vote for the interests of individual voters, whether these interests, or policies, are local or national. I can agree that the referendum result has highlighted a division but I think that had been there for years. I would say that If t
  3. I was disputing your comment that ' the opposition parties voted against May's deal because they believed her deal was wrong' - not answering your strange question.
  4. I see Corbyn's just had the nidge from Starmer: Jeremy Corbyn to fight suspension from Labour after EHRC antisemitism report comments – politics live https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2020/oct/29/uk-politics-live-ehrc-to-publish-report-into-labour-and-antisemitism
  5. Criteria? How about EU membership as a benchmark? Who decides this? The Gov of the day. When (How often)? As infrequently as reasonably practical.
  6. I used the example of the UK and Switzerland but referendums occur far less frequently in the UK. I think only 6 years is too soon for a vote on the same question, yes. What I personally agree with does not matter. I am sure that any government would not ask for my individual blessing for any referendum.
  7. The opposition parties voted against May's deal because they thought that they wanted a GE.
  8. Governments do the governing but not always well, so I see nothing wrong in them asking for the electorate to help with issues of great national importance from time to time. The Swiss do it quite frequently - always runs like clockwork - what's wrong with that.
  9. Can you show that Johnson, Gove, Raab et al all "understand and accept this"?
  10. Who can be worse? Let me see, er, the other guy, George? Ah heck, his name slips my mind now.
  11. It was needed to know this fact. There. I said it. And the Leavers won democratically. There. I said that too.
  12. adjective 1. required to be done, achieved, or present; needed; essential.
  13. Of course the result showed that here is division but the point is made that the referendum was necessary.
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