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  1. Looks like the Aussies almost expected this kind of trick. CYA attempt from the EU.
  2. I think that most of the contagion is spread by you. 555. Do you never practice social distancing??
  3. Yes, whipped by a cat and loved it. Until after the wedding.....probably.
  4. I heard Boris was organizing a George Medal, respray, full service, new tyres and a summer Euro road trip in it with Cliff and The Shadows!
  5. Disagree - the pound and gov are normally referred to as British and of course ER is the Queen of the United Kingdom but I know certain foreigners seem to refer to HM as the Queen of England - not anyone's fault except theirs. But 555 has a history of continually trying to smear the English at any imaginary opportunity. I see Stir gin is on the TV again now - spluttering out of the water again.
  6. How about Stonefish....poisonous enough to keep up traditions? https://oceana.org/marine-life/ocean-fishes/stonefish
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