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  1. Just logged in - now the BPH has disappeared from the damn list completely.
  2. Looks like they in THAI livery except for the altered blue tail end and fin.
  3. It let me register all details about 2 hours ago but still only 3 BKK hospitals/sites "available". I am near Pattaya so will hope it all opens up soon.
  4. Just tried to register on http://www.thailandintervac.com/ for the first time (as one apparently needs to show up at lunchtime now). I can't enter the fantastic four as mentioned as above at all i.e. (( 1) nationality, 2) province, 3) District, 4) Sub-district). I'll try again tomorrow but if anyone has any luck with this please let us know? No option to queue before noon I suppose?!
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