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  1. Farage has never been my favourite politician but a lot of people do respect many of his opinions because they agree with him.
  2. Yes. Without them we not be in this mess, so they are important.
  3. If it were not for Brexit there would have been an election already, scheduled or not. Most of the MPs likely to lose their seats are remainers who are sitting on these green benches courtesy of leave voters, who had trusted the main party manifestos and who put them there. They will be ejected at next opportunity and they will know that already.
  4. I'll just take it that you are unsure of what you think that you had previously thought that you had understood, then.
  5. It's a short summary of the revision. The "deal" is remains the bulk of the withdrawal agreement (treaty) that May pushed 3x and failed with.
  6. Algorithms still hanging on the vine though.
  7. Basically, yes. I see a 64 page revision document.
  8. Just in...new issue of the Morbid Report from our not so special but thankful correspondent....careful what you wish for.
  9. That's what should have happened before we joined the EEC.
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