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  1. Strange choice of words about a woman, from a gay MP. Maybe he likes hot coals? Kinky.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I have a copy of the full Withdrawal Agreement (treaty) but it's really tough going - typical of all EU treaties! This summary shows why this so-called deal is so poor and not even a deal in any case. How many more years would a deal take to be reached? Who knows? The Irish issue is so important but the VDO highlights the other main problems. I can only hope that some of the leave MPs who seem to have changed their minds may have had legal advice identifying a loophole or two that would enable us to slip out of this flytrap.
  3. We are already passengers, unfortunately. Leavers are aware of the lack of safety equipment and hazards ahead. The Captain is in the bar and his Ch Mate talks about cake (and eating it) when he's not insulting the cabin crew.
  4. My other post has the farming etc at 41%. Total for 2015 was 145 Bn. The biggest 46% is a huge grey area really. Will include "projects" of various descriptions.
  5. Here you go. Rather vague as expected. This is for 2015 from: https://europa.eu/european-union/topics/budget_en What is the money spent on? The lion's share of the EU budget supports growth and jobs. Another significant share goes on agriculture and rural development. Top expenditure areas (2015) 46% – in the EU, subdivided into: 34% – helping underdeveloped EU regions and disadvantaged sections of society 12% – making European firms more competitive. 41% – producing safe and secure food supplies, innovative farming and efficient and sustainable use of land and forests. How does the EU budget break down by budget heading? (2015 figures) Within the EU Some programmes & budgets in 2015: Horizon 2020 – research & innovation programme (€10 bn) Youth Employment Initiative (€1.4 bn) COSME – programme for small businesses (€0.3 bn) Connecting Europe Facility – transport, energy & digital networks (€3.4 bn) Erasmus+ – education, training, youth & sport (€1.6 bn) Life – environment programme (€0.4 bn)
  6. I could never have predicted you would say something like that!
  7. Perhaps he should have stood as an independent then? Then he wouldn't have had to con the Cons! I think you like him because he favours your pet N+ plan, at least temporarily.
  8. Agree that Brexit and the deal should have been debated more across parliament as soon as the result was known. The deal? Well who really knows who did what when that was put together - no information, detailed progress reports or transparency (plenty of press conferences which gave away nothing). This "deal" is awful. But the problem with people like Boles is that he must have had a fair idea of what his voters interpreted as Brexit when he stood in 2017 and also what his voters expected of him. His local party association will have spent time, money and effort to help him get elected. He knew his own party manifesto and, after voting to trigger Article 50, I would hope and expect that he knew that it includes the possibility of leaving with no deal after 2 years. It's no good protesting against no deal after voting for the trigger. That's why I regard Boles and the rest as deselectable.
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