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  1. Well, IMHO, it looks like the majority of the 2016 electorate finally realise that we were deceived. In 1975 the majority were prepared to give the Common Market a chance - it was never sold as a "European project" - if it had been then (IMHO) we would have voted out of it then. I didn't mention any "good old days", although despite the economic troubles of the 70's, I do think the UK was a happier place then. I did not make enough money to have mortgage in the 70's but having one of some kind means that, at least, one is on the property ladder; a sad impossibility for so many youngsters these days.
  2. Let's start with the Commonwealth countries, which can certainly feed us and get us drunk to ease any pain, as we will miss the EU and its clout sooo much.
  3. Replacing the UK contribution will be significant enough to cause discord among the few remaining contributors if the EU budget is to remain the same size (of course they plan to expand it). The EU doesn't really fund anything in the UK - it's our money to start with. If duties are applied evenly on both sides, the UK will collect more customs revenue due to the ridiculously high trade imbalance plus the EU will stop receiving VAT revenue from the UK. The latter is at least 3 billion. The UK is already at EU standards - off topic anyway. "Some sort" of Norway type deal means SM and EEA - this involves continued freedom of movement and probably won't fly after all this and 3.5 years. Norway does contribute more per capita but far less than the UK in total - that was their choice.
  4. Country before party, whichever way your cookie crumbles.
  5. The "scenario" was only different because the deception by the Heath and subsequent UK governments had not been realised and because there had been no referendum allowed before actually joining. But the aims of the EEC/EU were in fact the same as they are now. Those 43 years proved that the choice was wrong, as far as the UK electorate was concerned.
  6. Problem with that is that the EU finances are very little to do with the combined GDP of member states. The EU budget is only comprised of traditional own resources (mainly customs levies), VAT-based resources (from members' own VAT revenue), GNI based resources (members contributions) and some other small items. More than half of the total budget of about 170B Euros is from member contributions which will be down about 6% without the UK contributions, unless they find more revenue from elsewhere. The EU has no other money. Yet.
  7. How many did you employ? Companies usually have minimum requirements for jobs.
  8. The problem is the EU and their rules, which should be far more flexible in the Irish case. Article 50 states that any country can leave. So if the EU is so peace-loving, they should bend and allow a peaceful arrangement.
  9. Brilliant. I wonder who "they" is? What if UK trade with other parts of the world increases? You are aren't proving anything.
  10. Links to your "financial benefits", with all relevant data, please.
  11. Choices were the same in 1975. The only difference is the result. Ask again 41 years after we actually leave.
  12. No. It tells us that May lost her lead due to the idiotic social welfare policies in the first draft of the 2017 Tory manifesto.
  13. Yes more...... “The European commission recalls that, in accordance with established EU case law, a member state may not invoke provisions prevailing in its domestic legal system to justify failure to observe obligations arising under Union law”, the commission said". and.... "The formation of the new commission headed by the former German defence minister has already been delayed by a month owing to the European parliament’s rejection of nominees from three member states". So there we have it. EU law supremacy in action plus they don't fine anyone else for offering dubious candidates. More reasons to leave.
  14. The economic problems coming to the EU will not be reconciled without calamity. You think there is unity? No, the EU is more like a flock of poor sheep following a wolf.
  15. And the all while there will be no economic problems in the wonderful EU? We will see.
  16. Not the point. He can also be removed and they're having a go at that now. But Tusk?
  17. My opinion is that the EU is run by cretins. That's why it is failing.
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