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  1. That is why I asked what is really going on in Thailand. Many here think that they will be immune to the next stupid turn in rules. Like it or not we are all on our way out one way or another. Those roundups says more than you can imagine.
  2. I dont think that they allow GMO in Thailand. Yes. With global travel as well as the movement of goods especially agricultural products its making a dangerous mess. All it takes is one slip up by customs and there is a problem.
  3. There was a Thai women around 2004 who stood up about the issue and she even made the Bangkok Post. She complained to the government even then that these rules (at that time) was creating problems and that her own husband divorced her and went back home and so did many others she knew. The complaint in that point in time was that they had not been allowed to work even while trying to feed their families without doing loads of hoop jumping on work permits and then the annual visa shuffle. Nothing came of it and she disappeared down the memory hole. When I read how pathetic many foreigners are on this forum with their -- if you dont like it here go home mindset --- It took a Thai women to stand on her own to make a point which affected her family. I came to the conclusion having seen expats simply leave their wife behind with the mindset that if I cant live in your country, then why should you live in mine. Yes it was a strange thought but I thought it was the bitterness of it all in the end. True again! But this is where the cuckolding lays on this forum. The "go home expats" think that while the crocodile eats his neighbour it is not his concern. Yet forgetting that the crocodile will come after him next. How spiffy had been the ones with their 'embassy letters' throwing stones on those who did not have one. Yet now that coin has turned back onto everyone including themselves. As I said before and will say it again --- there is something else going on and it certainly is not visa issues or visa abuse. I agree with many posters here that the system is unfair and illogical and that we should have rules that if I cant live in your country you should not be able to live in mine and ditto for business ownership and property. If you want to talk about globalism and its benefits -- that would be it. This however is not globalism but colonisation of the West by the East as everything is just flowing one way.
  4. Its as if its Singapore. What is up with the last few years of absolute anti Western sentiment in Thailand? I still think there is something else going on beyond a handful of people who might abuse a visa. Something is wrong.
  5. They only started doing this 3 years ago. Before they never bothered.
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