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  1. The naivety is borne through not understanding the ability of the Thai police to charge you with whatever they wish, whether it is actually the correct law or not. In this case, a lack of clear definition of restrictions within a home is not stated, thus the Police adopt their own definition. From your answer, I guess that you are not resident.
  2. Which is why bars are closed in Phuket, and restaurants cannot sell alcohol. Home consumption is permitted.
  3. The list of Phuket current restrictions. https://www.thephuketnews.com/full-phuket-covid-restrictions-order-published-79749.php With respect to this definition: “People should refrain from organising social events in the form of parties, banquets or festivities during this time unless it is a traditional ceremony such as a funeral, ordination or wedding. If the activity cannot be postponed, then it is to be held in accordance with all COVID protection measures,” the order notes. So, as witnessed in the video, the police definition of a simple fam
  4. I must admit, posts demonstrating naivety like this make me call into question whether the poster is actually resident in Thailand or not.
  5. That's the point, it isn't an 'event', just a normal group meal taking place all over Phuket every day, especially weekends.
  6. I will post this again, very same evening and day in Wichit. Anyone want to bet that there is no SangSom/Hong Thong/Regency under the table?
  7. I don't believe that a Sunday lunch at the home of a long term Phuket resident, with his wife's sister and husband, and another couple, fall under the category of 'party'. I've already posted this, but all Phuket restaurants remain open currently (at least those who choose to do so) but with no alcohol sales, though opening hours are restricted (no late evening). Those that are open can be quite crowded, especially at weekends. There is no restriction on alchol sales from shops, as there is no restriction on alcohol consumption in the home. For many of us, a glass of wine or
  8. Indeed. And to be clear, restaurants in Phuket are still open for dine in service at the moment, though no alcohol. There are no restrictions on the sale of alcohol at the usual outlets, and no restriction on numbers in a home who can consume alcohol (as Surat Thani). I read righteous comments from individuals criticising lack of mask wearing and social distancing etc. These people were in their home for God's sake, where there is no requirement to wear a mask etc.
  9. A photo from a beach side restaurant the very same evening, 9th May.
  10. This the list of requirement at Phuket, which (in theory) should not be any different than any other Immigration office (of course we all know that is not the case in some offices). However, I have stuck to the list and never had a problem. I keep scanned copies of the required documentation and photos and use them every year except where there has been a material change. Kor Ror 2, as someone has already mentioned, can be obtained at any Amphur (cost about 30 baht I believe). Also never had a home visit, and only a witness required at the Immigration Office for the very first extensio
  11. I believe that this was a family meal together, the host couple along with in-law couple and their children and certainly did not fall under the description of 'party'. How pathetic.
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