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  1. Very strange. A friend of mine renewed his extension based on Retirement in Phuket last week with a BE letter issued in early December. If what you say is correct, going to be interesting how they are going to inform those who've already done extensions, I guess either through visits to their registered address or at their next 90 day report. I think the other contradiction is that Thai Immigration have not said they will not accept letters from those Embassies that have chosen to discontinue, with the Embassies themselves stating that letters issued prior to their respective cut off dates would continue to have six months validity from date of issue.
  2. Possibly with the two (north and south) excavations actually meeting, hopefully at an equitable level.........
  3. Agreed. The majority of its customer base will not have cars or motorbikes so parking is of no consequence, and as with 7/11 and Family Mart etc, will believe that pricing will be equitable across all its outlets.
  4. Just a point, the airport underpass only runs from south to north, and has been open for quite a number of months now though the peripheral infrastructure i.e. road re-surfacing etc has yet to be completed. You still have to head north from the airport turn off junction and then do a U Turn to get back on the south routing lanes of Thepkassaktri. Just a point, the Chalong underpass, is it going to be two lanes, i.e. Chaofa West/Rawai, Rawai/Chaofa West or only the southern route? Doesn't seem very wide for dual direction.
  5. Glad that it works for you Richard, and I know that you, as a long term resident, have insights and knowledge that few can compare with. However, pleasant and peaceful though Kamala may be, it's access and relative isolation, whilst appealing to some, are not without drawbacks. Great that you enjoy it, and I'm sure that your advice will be taken onboard by those looking at this thread. As you point out, there are few communities that retain large numbers people who originate from there. The east coast, and north west areas, and particularly Cape Panwa/Koh Siray are places that spring to mind. You'll know, that if going north via Surin/Cherng Talay to Heroines monument (an alternative to getting to Phuket Town and most direct to the airport) the traffic congestions equals if not exceeds that of Chalong Circle. But then, how often does anyone need to do it.
  6. Kind of lending credence to my posts on another thread Richard. Anywhere on the west coast is tourist centric, with prices being higher through the perception of having a captive audience/clientele, higher rents etc, and where the service levels are less.
  7. I think therein lies the problem. Driving to Chalong from Kamala or anywhere else on the west coast is a pain with the trails of buses, steep hills etc. Living in Chalong (or indeed Rawai when the circle underpass is complete, hopefully shortly) is easy. Good restaurants, wide range of shopping options, and what I believe is quite important for full time living, a consistent population of diverse expats and locals sufficient to maintain friendships
  8. I would consider somewhere like Cloud 19 at Khao Kad, Cape Panwa. Great setting, in what is a relatively quiet area, though with quite a few restaurants of differing types a short distance away (including the ever popular The Beach Bar, about 300 metres further along the beach) at Ao Yon and the Aquarium area at the tip of Panwa. Great sunsets across Ao Chalong towards Laem Promthep and Big Buddha. Long tail and other boats are available to the nearer islands (Coral, Mai Ton etc), and a reasonable 20 minute or so from Chalong Pier where the further islands such as Phi Phi, James Bond, Racha etc leave from.
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