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  1. Lap of lamb ,I don't think so,legs,Ribs,,anyway any type of lamb here would just be too expensive. regards Worgeordie
  2. worgeordie

    Bangrak Begpacker

    Embarrassed you ? Why is he your son or something, if he's doing no harm to anyone,just pass bye,and think "there but for the grace of God.............." You know nothing about him or his story,so don"t judge. regards Worgeordie
  3. What the hell is Thailand coming to,the country is getting crazier by the day. regards worgeordie
  4. In complete contrast to Cathay Pacific, the other day when they sold first class tickets way too cheap, but honored their mistake,surely this amounts to stealing if Thai do not return the overcharged monies. regards worgeordie
  5. Facebook has a lot to answer for, " reportedly targeted young women by making false claims of being a man with a well-paid job." Well he certainly dresses like he has a well paid job. regards Worgeordie
  6. worgeordie

    The night they raided the '56' in Bangkok

    How long it was allowed to operate like this,will tell you a lot about why it was shut down earlier. regards Worgeordie
  7. Just the opposite,He gives himself and all the fabulous wealthy, tax breaks in the USA, while the public debt rate exculates. regards worgeordie
  8. The Swift driver was very lucky,the bus driver needs taking off the road,but will not happen,he will be out there now,making more dangerous manoeuvres,putting lives at risk. regards worgeordie
  9. worgeordie

    gluay tort / fried banana fritters ?

    The small bananas,my favorite,from Kamphaeng Phet Province, are seasonal and are are only available during the rainy season. regards Worgeordie
  10. worgeordie

    TAT shows foreign visitors by the numbers

    I think that should be propaganda Centre 4 million Malaysians ,mostly day trippers I think. regards worgeordie
  11. Until things blow over,he will be in real trouble if he has not been sharing the takings,that will be the real crime. regards worgeordie
  12. worgeordie

    Yingluck claims she has washed hands off politics

    She was just a yes woman, another fine mess her brother got her into. regards Worgeordie
  13. To make a real Kebab here is nearly impossible,as where would you find lap of Lamb ?,so it would be chicken or pork which is not really the same thing,and beef is out as well,due to cost regards worgeordie
  14. What an exaggeration !,I dont smoke,dont like people smoking, as its really a filthy habit,but the post above seems to be from one that is smoking something else !. regards worgeordie
  15. worgeordie

    User Site Issues 2019

    Well this "improvement" seems to be working a lot better than most that have been implemented in the past,just hope it lasts. regards Worgeordie