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  1. When I first came here, it was like a rugby scrum trying to get your bank book in the basket in front of the teller,good job i have long arms.....in time they introduced the ropes for lines to control them,then more progress tickets were introduced. regards worgeordie
  2. It will go down again....it's been going up and down like a yoyo, not staple at all,I wish it would keep going up, but Boris will do something stupid and down it will go, financial snakes and ladders. regards worgeordie
  3. The Police already had him but while they were fawning over the pretties ,he managed to slip away... regards worgeordie
  4. Some @rseholes who think it's OK to have a party, regards worgeordie
  5. I am a 1 % er I just came here to get away from UK, This thread is just about people saying they spend , what would be a fortune, to most people,but really rich people talking about money is not done,bad taste, this is like that post recommend a 4 million Thb car for the wife....really, just buy one. I don't spend a lot ,but have the funds to do so if I wanted to, think I have everything I want, back in the UK I had business ,flash cars,big house, holiday homes in Florida, and Ireland, could spend 100 quid on groceries in Sainsburys o
  6. I thought that was the CIA's job, or is it NSA ? regards worgeordie
  7. 2 weeks ago, did the retirement extension in about an hour at Chiang Mai Immigration, after i had the papers checked, and sat down there was only one number before me, there must not be that many retirees about, but there were a lot of other people doing maybe tourist extensions,other kinds of visa, last two years have been great, but I am sure it will not last. regards worgeordie
  8. If you want new batteries I think you will have to go to Aliexpress and order them from China, then there's the problem not all suppliers will send batteries to Thailand, and they can be expensive, wanted to order some for Bluetooth speaker and they were more expensive than a new speaker. regards worgeordie
  9. They will be shipped in the Submarines that are arriving regards Worgeordie
  10. The courts will take a dim view of this,because he commited the crime in a Temple, good news he was quickly caught. regards Worgeordie
  11. OK ,take the battery off ,get Grab to take you to nearest battery shop and charge the battery, better than sitting there hoping someone will respond on TVF and come along. regards Worgeordie
  12. Bump start it, then take it for run to charge battery..... regards Worgeordie
  13. If you have plenty of money and are not stupid with it, just come on over, but if you are just going to sit in a bar all the time,like you might have done on your holidays, better stay in UK. I arrived here 33 years ago ,got rid of my businesses and the wife !....by giving her half ,it was all amicial ,still friends, I had a small bag with 2 pairs trousers,underpants,socks and a couple of shirts,shortwave radio.always traveled light, I did not even plan on staying here, I was on my way, to Costa Rica, the long way around, last time there I ha
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