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  1. Pay the money back and you dont face charges,what kind of justice is that, at least they cannot give back the 7 million, as they seem to have spent it, long time in jail hopefully. regards Worgeordie
  2. All the hassle ,changing of requirements we experience at Chiang Mai Immigration, is meant to serve a purpose, that is to steer us into using Agents......after Big Joke sorted all the problems out there,I thought that was going to be the death of Agents,last year did retirement extension in just over half an hour,Big Joke gone, new Immigration chief,back to what it used to be.......wonder why.....not difficult to work it out. regards worgeordie
  3. Crashed going UP a hill,thats a new one, looks like he set off in too high a gear,tried to change to lower gear and miss it,resulting in bus rolling backwards and over turning. RIP those dead,like its reported should not have gone up the hill regards Worgeordie
  4. They must have been Unicorns I have seen then. there will be herds of them down South. regards Worgeordie
  5. I hope he does "something" then he can serve the sentence he should have done,then justice will be served. regards worgeordie
  6. We might have lost the battle ,but won the war,otherwise you might be speaking German or Japanese today. English Bull terriers are my favorite dog,ever since I kidnapped one when I was a young kid,my mother made me give it back,I have had 3 over the years. regards Worgeordie
  7. I wonder if the Government will help those working in the tourist industries, like they do with the farmers,lots of people are going to be out of work. regards Worgeordie
  8. Only hundreds,I think if this had of happened in lots of other countries around the World, protests would have been much more supported,much more. regards Worgeordie
  9. While not Phuket related it shows what's happening in the Tourist sector, The hotel my daughter used to work at ,in very tourist area of Chiang Mai, it has 80 rooms,they have closed the floors down and only have 10 rooms open,and things will not get any better in the coming months,with low season to come. regards Worgeordie
  10. Brake failure back again, I missed it,with all the Micro sleep accidents been reported lately, regards worgeordie
  11. Well that's a slap on the wrist for him,next person he kills might actually get a prison term for it. regards worgeordie
  12. I thought you would have to have ill people to test if the plant works or has any effect at all, does this mean they are testing healthy people to see if it makes them ill . regards worgeordie
  13. Careful what you say, your party could be next to get dissolved,they will find something. regards Worgeordie
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