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  1. The hotel that my daughter works at are already getting cancellations, seems people are afraid to come to Chiang Mai,up till now they were doing quite well with Thai tourists. regards Worgeordie
  2. Government + Cash = Corruption, that's a given. regards Worgeordie
  3. It looks like the lady had her smart phone on when in the loo and was filming the pervert ,filming her ..... regards Worgeordie
  4. Wonder what they are going to spray around ....... regards Worgeordie
  5. 100 tons of dried leaves a day, I don't think they have thought it through, can you imagine how many people that is going to take,it would be good if they could make it work,but they better look quick, as the burning season is about to start and there will be no leaves left to collect. I would like to think this year will be be different with no burning of the forests, but I am not holding my breath ,pun intended, As nothing happens year after year the people of the North have to suffer smoke and pollution of the air. regards Worgeordie
  6. I have lived in the same house 30 years, never seen a burglar ,don't have a red box...... regards worgeordie
  7. You don't need an Android box, on my PC's browsers speed dial I have at least 50 sites where I can watch News,Films,Series,Documentaries,just about everything,except live sports,there are some,but can watch next day. Then if you want Android download Bluestacks an Android emulator on your PC, then you have the best of both Worlds, everything for FREE. regards Worgeordie
  8. They sat down and thought....for a while, then realised how are businesses ,people going to get their goods, regards worgeordie
  9. Those West Africans are so romantic...read just yesterday where one turned up to a wedding with 6 pregnant girl friends.... regards Worgeordie
  10. You did say you got your extension...now you want your money back, am i missing something regards Worgeordie
  11. So the smart burglar ,looks at the book, OK he comes around everyday at 3.00, Tomorrow I will be there at 1.00 and if owners are out,job done. I suppose all those 1000 Baht they collect go into the fund for the New Years policeman's ball. regards Worgeordie
  12. What does Thailand get ? regards Worgeordie Thai officials were unaware.........happens a lot ? regards Worgeordie
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