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  1. What's happened....not the usual cover up ,needs to happen at more schools and other institutions ,too many cover ups here,responsibility needs to be taken... regards worgeordie
  2. 90 day you can do online,by mail,or someone else can take it in for you, But you must attend the IO to extend extension or retirement or marriage, I have seen some very ill looking people been wheeled into IO,best thing to do is go and ask at your local IO if it worries you. regards worgeordie
  3. Take immediate action,clean Thailand seas, reminds me of a Tommy Cooper catch line "Just like that"........ I think the minister has no idea what it would take to clean up,as fast as it's taken out,others will be putting it back. regards worgeordie
  4. Maybe looking for clues on how to get HS2 up and running smoothly. regards worgeordie
  5. If I can do it anybody can,it's just getting a few papers in order, as you said each to their own regards worgeordie
  6. Looks like the Earth wire is not connect,you have a very dangerous immersion heater there, if we don't hear from you again ,won't be a surprise ,get it sorted. regards worgeordie
  7. You really should try to do it yourself,and save 14K i am sure you have better use for it, I have never,ever used an agent,Last time took me 2 hours total from getting letter from bank,going to IO, and walking out the door.... regards worgeordie
  8. Let me guess what you do with that money you save.......waste it on women regards worgeordie
  9. I don't think so,if she spoke the same as you wrote it regards worgeordie
  10. I think all these truck & bus drivers need to be given a couple of speed pills before setting off on the journey to keep them awake,i suspect many do anyway, it's just those that don't that fall asleep . RIP more lives lost needlessly, the roads are claiming many more lives here than Covid 19,but nothing is really been done about it. regards worgeordie
  11. That will be a very expensive Bangkaew dog....... plus the headline.. "All the latest" is misleading as nothing has happened...yet regards Worgeordie
  12. Have you tried Aliexpress,I have only once not received something, very small item,most likely got lost in postal system,but was refunded, Over the years have bought a lot of items off Aliexpress,without problem, never even knew there was an Ebay China, regards Worgeordie
  13. Sale Price......well down 4 Thb, but then every Baht helps.in my Makro they have about 3 kinds of Pro Butcher minced Beef .Wagyu,Thai Braham, and another. regards Worgeordie
  14. In the Makro mail today Pro Butcher minced beef 295 Baht a Kilo regards worgeordie
  15. If you won't be using it much ,a cheap one will do, i just use a cheap one,maybe 2 -3 times a year and it a few years old,but still going strong. regards worgeordie P.S, but make sure you buy good quality discs
  16. Next time I am sure the shop will actually check that the money is in their account,before handing over the Gold.it's not difficult. regards Worgeordie
  17. I am sure he will be given a huge welcome when/if he gets over to Koh Larn,poor b&gger life has not been kind to him. regards Worgeordie
  18. Maybe the driver got confused when the other cars stopped.... The girl ran out....never take responsibility for your actions,always try to squirm out of it. regards worgeordie
  19. You can see why this guy got the job, he's a genius......... regards worgeordie
  20. The only good thing about this is he did not kill anyone else. regards Worgeordie
  21. I don't believe for one moment he just happened to look at the gauge,I just hope the police get mechanics to check if the brakes were faulty,more likely he was not paying attention and ran over the car, RIP . regards worgeordie
  22. If they sterilize all the monkeys it means in several years they will die out,as there will be no breeding in the group,is that what they want ? regards worgeordie
  23. They probably thought there would be another,then another amnesty, the Government pulled the rug,now some will end up paying fines. regards Worgeordie
  24. They are OFF as most likely the RO system inside is blocked,and has switched itself off,maintenance is not a big thing here. regards worgeordie
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