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  1. It will be a something for sure!!
  2. Apparently this is to be one of these Cj shops, there is a few have popped up in BC lately, a kind of copy of Mini C.
  3. I was told yesterday that this is going to be a hotel, Cameo hotel was the name??
  4. Many many taxis in Ban Chang, your hotel is telling you nonsense, Motorbike taxis, Taxi vans, Private hire taxis, this one is very reliable https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009742575374
  5. Pissin rain most days, can be until well into November as well.
  6. Now if only they could show you the video of the same asshat driver and his co-workers driving like complete cockwombles when they drive through Ban Chang on the way from Rayong to Pattaya that would be far more like reality!!
  7. GIS is pretty decent and continually turns out top tier students.
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