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  1. What kind of paperwork you need when applying this 60 days amnesty extension?
  2. From 14th January 60 days extra without losing my non o visa multi entry would be perfect. I need to go to Europe that time (Mid March) whatever the situation is.
  3. I will wait couple months and see how things go. I dont know how some people think there is a problem or issues. I am just looking for options. I took multi entry visa after 12 years of extensions and if the last option is to make extension after 3 months, I can do it. But idea of multi entry non o is that you can travel as many times as you want during the first year and best scenario...apply the first extension after 12 months. Now I will lose that option if I do extension in January and I need to have 30 days waiting period, pay new entries etc.
  4. Why it should be less than 3 months from arrival? It is 14th January because I arrived 17th. See the attachment.
  5. Border runs are impossible I guess and situation is not that easy at the moment for many. My question is that is there amnesty for the people who just got non o visa based on marriage with multi entry?
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