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  1. Now when I start to think about this more there can be another option that the office gave me a standard locksmith business card even I explained it is Yale door lock. We have standard locks also. Whatever was the reason it shows that often there is so called experts who say that things need to be changed or fixed with high costs even the fix can be very simple. I was ready to pay for him for coming to look at the issue but after that bs about need a fix...it showed how unprofessional he was. Same happened years back with a top loaded washing machine which did not rotate well. Repair man came
  2. This is couple years old condo with 1600 units and I guess hundreds of those yales are installed here. What a pro was that old man if he did not even guess this was the most obvious way to open the door. Even I did it in under 5 seconds. He should work in other job. It was obvious rip off attempt.
  3. You need to know the code or have keycard.
  4. I was outside from my room and code I entered was correct but door did not open. The batteries of the lock are 4xaa batteries inside the room. So the 9v battery helped the door open and all I have to do is to change the 4xaa batteries and voila. There is no need for any tools using the 9v from the outside. There is a terminal under the unit. Very simple.
  5. I have a Yale ydr323 digital door lock in my condo and today it did not work and I could not get in. It had the right sound but the mechanism was not moving. I went to the condo office and they gave me a card with a phone number. Man said he will come quickly and see what is wrong. Older short man with fannypack comes and I show what is the problem. He makes his act that he dont have the tools with him to do his work and have to get the things and come back in 1 hour. When we get down back to the lobby he uses his mobile to translate that it will cost 1500b to fix the door lock. As I have been
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