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  1. I'll also call him a genius when he wins trophies with a club that hasn't been one of the top spenders in their division !
  2. Do you really think that Luton and parts of East London are the only places in the UK with a large Muslim population ? There are almost no white residents to be found in Savile Town, Yorkshire Last census found only 48 of 4,033 people living there were white British Even lady selling ice cream from a van during the summer wears a burka
  3. To be fair, he is a regular so why shouldn't he have a wonderful performance, anyway no one has ever said that he isn't a good player !
  4. Somehow you missed this part out : Tottenham rank third in England but 23rd across Europe with 127,302 minutes.
  5. I know you didn't, but you did imply he was by saying, i mean how else could he get on at six nil up unless he was on the bench. Got it now ?
  6. A 20 year old future star !!!!! where did you get that from ? we only let him out on loan because A. he is not highly rated at Spurs B. we have a 17 year old who is in front of him in the pecking order. Incidentally we have an 18 year old who has already played more minutes and has more starts than the regular one in the PL so why would i be a shade of green ? Iv'e told you before, best to keep off of here as you tend to make self look silly
  7. Difficult for him to play when he isn't even on the bench, which is surprising being as he is a regular
  8. The price is 119 baht so why are you pricing everything in pounds, you live in Thailand don't you ? Incidentally 119 baht was not just over 2 pounds pre brexit vote, something else you've got wrong. Anyway happy days
  9. She has been their for 4 years so obviously well settled into their life style and happy as if she wasn't she would have tried to return home earlier, was listening to a guy on TV who said that now that they have lost, Isis are instructing their combatants to go back to the western world and cause chaos !
  10. Is that the same father who took his daughter age 13 to an al-Muhajirun (now banned) jihadist march in London. There, he burned flags. When his daughter left for ISIS, he blamed everyone but himself.
  11. He made his decision to play for Ireland at under16 level and has continued to play for Ireland up to senior level so how are the Irish predators ? if he had any <deleted> about him he would say "the Irish have stuck by me so England can whistle"
  12. Yeah but he started supporting when he was 5 years old, just woke up one day and thought i think i'll start supporting Liverpool today, obviously not a glory hunter
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