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  1. Just done my application for an extension based on marriage at Korat Immigration. Was previously on a Retirement but decided to change due to the new rules. This is what i needed: 1. ONE completed TM7 - 2 pictures. 2. Proof of funds. 400K for 2 months. Bank Letter + Bank Book. The bank letter must be dated the SAME DAY AS THE APPLICATION. 3. Photos of me and Wife around the house. They only kept 3. One with us outside clearly showing the House Number and 2 inside the house. If possible try to include a chiwawa in the pictures - it make them smile. 4. Marriage certificate and updated Kor Ror 2 5. Wifes ID and House Book 6 My Drivers Licence 7. Map to my residence. They replaced my hand drawn masterpiece with a google maps version and gave me a copy to use next time. 8. My passport and departure card 9. 2 witnesses. Only required for fist application so won't (shouldn't) need next year General impressions. Very straightforward. Officer I had was younger, had a checklist and stuck to it. The requirement to have the bank letter dated that day is new and a pain as it means I can't get to the office until 10.30, basically the busiest time. I was also told that I couldn't take my balance below 400K while the application was under consideration. I asked if I would need another bank letter and was told that it was not necessary? Was charged an extra 50 or 60 baht for photocopying. I think they just copy the whole package and attach the extra picture.
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