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  1. I entered my province as Nakhon Ratchasima both times I had to (once on Monday and then again on Wednesday when it became clear they'd lost some data. Interestingly, if I log into the system to check my details that first screen (the one with "edit" in blue at the bottom) clearly shows my province as Nakhon Ratchasima. When I get the the Print/Download screen everything shows that my appointment is still valid. Obviously between now and 23rd they may cancel it or I could get turned away when I arrive. No way of knowing if the staff administering the jab will care where live or just the fac
  2. I reside outside Bangkok but was able o book an appointment on Monday. I subsequently needed to update the lost information (including my address) but retained the original appointment. You mention that some TVF posters have received cancellation notices. Was this posted here, on this thread? Did they have confirmed appointments. Did they get an email or did the appointment simply disappear? I have just checked mine and it's still there. At this point I fully intend to turn up for my appointment but if there is some firm verifiable information that this may be a wasted trip I would need
  3. I was one of the "lucky" ones who managed to get through on Monday and make an appointment at Phayathai on 23rd for AZ. Somehow (still not sure how) I logged into my account today and got to the Print/Download appointment, screening forms etc. Bottom line is, the appointment form has all my detail (except a generic DOB), the appointment date and time and a Service Queue Number. Now all this shows is that they can take input data and print it out in various formats. But it is progress. Of course the real proof of success will be receipt of a confirmation email. Edit: Just read
  4. Could you give me that email please? I registered yesterday and now can't login (or re-register with the same email) so would like to see if there is a separate login page or (more likely) the design is "lacking some features".
  5. I did pretty much what everyone else did. Entered all the details as asked. Company "individual". Said I had Thai Insurance - I have a covid policy. My address is In Nakhon Ratchasima but it didn't seem to care. I choose the AZ vaccine and cycled through the 3 hospitals until PhayaThai had dates (from 22- end of June). Chose 22 and was told no vaccines available. Was going to change to Sino but then decided to try 23rd with AZ and hey presto, an appointment - subject to confirmation email. All seems a bit hit and miss.
  6. Brutally slow but managed to register and then get an appt for AZ at PhyaTHai2 on 23 June......subject to a confirmation email! Not holding my breath.
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