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  1. Guess they never thought of that. Maybe they can get on a Thai Repratriation Flight? How are Thai Nationals coming in?
  2. I have seen that most International Airlines have a "Covid-19" section in their websites which contains the type of information you are looking for.
  3. I haven't seen any fishing regulations, except for not being able to use explosives or electrocution. Up here in Isan I have had very little luck fishing in local ponds, lakes and even the Mekong. The application of nets is prolific, and even though the net fishermen are supposed to mark the positions of their nets with plastic ribbon, that never happens, so getting snagged in nets is fairly common. The other problem I have seen is that as the fish stocks are becoming depleted, the local fishermen have moved to smaller and smaller net sizes, until they are catching the fry and further depleting the stock. There are a fair amount of the pay fishing ponds, and I have gone to a few, they are pretty spotty depending on how they are managed. If they just released a bunch of fish from the pens you do o.k., if not they charge you to fish but you catch nothing. I have however gone to an upclass private fishing lake that the owner had stocked with rare fish from many different countries, including some record size predator fish, while it was not cheap, it was a blast! Hopefully you'll do better than I have maybe the canals are the key!
  4. I don't know where Isan is o.k. as far as air quality goes. It's not where we live. Besides the seasonal pollution such as the burning of the cane fields and the clearing of the rice fields, our neighbors are constantly burning. I swear they get up in the morning and say to themselves, "what can I burn today?". Then there's the charcoal kilns, seems like everyone but me has one in the back yard. I will say, though, that the local authorities (Testsaban) are very sympathetic and do send their people out to investigate when a complaint is filed. It just seems that no one is ever burning when they come.
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