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  1. Hmm... not really. 3 essentials - exercise, sleep (rest), diet. You can't really do without one and top up from another. You are just blessed with strength/endurance.
  2. I have a problem with low microphone volume on windows 10; a quick google search shows I'm not the only one. Yes, windows 10 seems slow on one of my laptops - HP Notebook 14. I also much prefer windows 7 format.
  3. Was ...... you mean...sadly. I wonder why the driver was charged?
  4. All agreed, but you need to factor in health costs. First big event, the meter whirs like crazy!
  5. The bottom line is that it is a very cheap destination until one weighs in with health costs, which is a very real cost risk in the age group under discussion. The average Brit probably needs to factor in a return to his own country at some point, since the cost of servicing a chronic health condition can destroy even a healthy bank balance.
  6. The figures quoted, whilst accurate, use a scale which is different from that which is most commonly used, possibly creating the impression that the pollution is not so severe. The reality is 160 appx. on the most universally accepted measure. There is also the myth that air pollution is driven by external factors, that traffic pollution is insignificant, or the pollution of no consequence since it is not as severe as in some other cities in the world.
  7. Great band, with a midas touch. Incidentally, they never received much critical acclaim, The biggest draw is hearing Mercury's voice in a concert type setting. So for that alone it ticks the boxes. I first saw Queen in 1975- simply fantastic.
  8. I updated a few drivers on my computers and also got AIS 4g as back up for when my broadband fails. But interestingly the speed also dips at the same time as the broadband. I'm sure there is something peculiar to my area. I have also borrowed my daughter's HP notebook which operates on 5ghz wi-fi. The speed increases significantly, sometimes even matching ethernet, though the same dips occur. I just think the internet here tends to be unstable.
  9. I assume salary is somewhere in the region of 2000 dollars?
  10. The AQI in Hong Kong is showing 70 at the moment and it's been like that for the past few days, whereas Bangkok is 165. So what if the air is worse somewhere else: that doesn't make Bangkok air any safer, does it?
  11. 'No mention of whether or not the deceased donated her organs. Perhaps not the appropriate time' Completely and utterly the wrong time. A disgrace.
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