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  1. Sorry to say, but I always found gyms a breeding ground for germs. But either Thailand is free of the virus or it isn't and if it's the former there is really no good reason for any gym- or anywhere else for that matter- to stay closed.
  2. This is the sad truth. And many farangs are also not family orientated either. It's what we have to live with.
  3. No need to say thank you since nobody is expressing gratitude. This is about living with your family, and not taking a holiday with them.
  4. Hang on there! Let's have a row back. No it's just simply about married people wanting to live together, and more importantly parents wanting to be with their children. It's basic human rights.
  5. Unfortunately, Thailand has little respect for such marriages. This story just highlights the continuous insecurity of such relationships and the problem begins and ends with 'temporary visitor' status, which is an absurdity since marriage and parenthood is quite obviously something that is long term. It's really a human rights issue imo.
  6. 'Once and for all' thinking is not applicable with covid-19, because there will be constant re-infection. The lockdown does not make sense in Thailand, ergo, there must be other motives.
  7. Unfortunately there are 2 epidemics in the UK (for example): covid19 and obesity. An easy solution is obviously to lose weight, thus restoring proper immune function. But you won't win any popularity contests telling people.
  8. I would not wish to confuse poor English with dialectical variation. What astounds me is that some Thais cast a sharp, critical glance when you correct a basic, obvious error, and I think this is because some common errors have become so deeply embedded to the extent that they are ubiquitous. 'Schoon', for example, isn't so much a pronunciation error, but the way it should be said.
  9. The trouble is millions of people are going to have to do something else as well. The 'something else' sector is certainly in for a boom. Perhaps the unlucky ones can do something something else, and then something something something else. The possibilities are endless.
  10. It amazes me how many expert English language teachers there are on TVF! What hope is there for the CELTA/TEFL when these guys know it all already without even stepping in the classroom?
  11. When you differentiate nicotine from smoking, you can understand that there may be some truth in this. But bearing in mind that vaping gets a terrible rap, I can't see smoking ever being accepted as a preventative measure against covid19. Incidentally, the same truly startling figures seem to apply to Parkinson's disease too.
  12. Number one piece of advice would be to go for a walk everyday. As for boosting the immune system, that's the stuff of fantasy at the moment, although we can certainly make sure our immune system is at its best by following all the usual health advice.
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