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  1. Certainly, in the UK and some other countries, the actual infection rate was regarded as being far higher than official numbers which are only detected cases, by a multiple of 2-10 depending on whom who you believe. I think it can be assumed that Thailand has a big problem right now. It really should go in to strict lockdown right now.
  2. The first dose confers 70% protection after the first 3 weeks and did not decrease significantly. It proved to be remarkably successful in the UK anyway, which has by far the biggest pool of evidence related to this vaccine in a real world setting. I'm pretty sure that in 2 trials AZ showed 100% protection against death. It was estimated as 85% successful at preventing hospitalization in over 80's. I'm not sure the Indian variant is any more troublesome than the UK variant, which was prevalent in the UK at the time.
  3. The AZ trials were sub-optimal in the sense that the dosing strategy was not ideal for this vaccine: the trials (UK and USA) were conducted with a 4 week gap between dosing, whereas the best strategy appears to be a a 13 week delay. The efficacy has risen quite dramatically, and is backed by real world data- 75% first dose rising to 85% after the second dose. It is not unusual for some vaccines to build up immunity over a long period of time. It would appear that the AZ vaccine is also durable. It is essentially the same as the J and J vaccine which is marketed as a one shot dose (although it
  4. Real world data in the UK and now Korea shows the AZ vaccine to be very effective, when used with a delayed second dose strategy. The trials were sub-optimal but even then it was 75% efficacy in the US trial. It does have a small and rare problem associated with blood cots however.
  5. The AZ, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccines are all extremely effective and are backed by hard real world data in the UK, and Israel particularly.
  6. Places that don't have a pandemic situation are reluctant to use the AZ vaccine, as a drop of bad and exaggerated publicity seems to do more than a gallon of good news. So, I think it's going to be a slow roll out with low uptake, and as soon as the blood cots become evident, even if they are small in number, that'll really slow the process. It's a hard sell even in places like Australia. And the Sinovac vaccine does not seem to impress the WHO.
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