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  1. Even more interesting, after 35 games this season = 70pts (3rd place) after 35 games last season = 71pts (4th place) (finished 3rd) Showing remarkable consistency considering the stadium disruption and spending hardly any ££££££ on the squad.
  2. If Man Utd beat the chavs, then I see what you mean, otherwise we're gonna need 6 more points. Thing is will Poch field his strongest team this Saturday with the Ajax game 3 days later?
  3. Really need to see who leaves this summer first. Can't see us prioritising a Zaha type player when we have Son & Moura. If Liorente Janseen Toby and Eriksen all leave & Dembele already left, they'll need replacing with at least another striker, a CM, CB and a playmaker. Then there's the full backs if any of them leave, they'll need replacing as well, not sure what's going to happen with Aurier & Tripps ? It's gonna be an interesting summer window by the look of things but too many changes could end up becoming risky, this current squad has been together for a while and have gelled into a solid team, that's my only concern.
  4. Burnley parked the bus against the Chavs got that point to secure safety, so now they can play with a bit of freedom which will suit Man City. Tonights game has a different feel about it since that appalling performance Man Utd had at the w/end, very hard to call with it being at OT, going on current form Citeh should walk it, but Utd have got there reputation on the line, their fans must be stuck between a rock and a hard place knowing that they could potentially help L/pool win the title, fascinating stuff! Still think Citeh will just have enough to take the 3 points.
  5. At this stage of the season all that matters is getting over the line and taking the 3 points. With the games coming thick & fast and the injuries mounting up we shouldn't be so concerned on how we win. Still can't emphasise enough on how important a player Eriksen is to us, last night showed why he's a cut above the rest with that match winning goal, he has now scored or played a big part in all eight goals scored in our new stadium. There's still a glimmer of hope that he and the club could come up with a deal for him to stay after the season is over, here's hoping.
  6. This is a vital 3 pointer if we're to cement Top 4. I'd like to see us start with a 4-3-3 and really get at them, don't think Dier will start as he's only just played 3 days ago. Dele Wanyama Eriksen in midfield with Sonny Llorente & Moura up front. Rose & Tripps as full backs with Toby & Verts CB's. If we can get a good lead, then bring on Sanchez and take off a striker and go 3-5-2 and close the game out. I think our match at the w/end with the Pikey's will prob be our toughest remaining as we'll have one eye on Ajax 3 days later. COYS!
  7. 3 points would also mean 3 draws from their remaining 4 games. They would certainly take a point if it were offered to them before KO.
  8. Only place Sanchez is going to is the bank to count his WONGA!
  9. The big question is how would Rafa be portrayed as the one to deny Liverpool the title? Considering his fine reputation amongst the Liverpool faithful. Your best bet is to hope that Wolves will still be fighting for that 7th spot come the end of the season. But, Brighton could also be fighting to stay up on your last game as well. I think it's going down to the wire and the last kick of the season for you Citeh & Pool fans, it's gonna be exciting though.
  10. Can't agree with you here Bob, you only need to look at the 365 betting odds for today's match. Man City to win 1/4 Tottenham to win 11/1 BTW I don't think today's game will decide who's home & dry. There's still a few twists and turns in the remaining matches from what I believe.
  11. That's what they've done in Holland, postponed all matches for the weekend before Ajax plays Spurs in the 1st leg, and extending the Dutch season to the 15th May. That's the whole point, Spurs didn't play for 3 weeks in March and now have a terrible fixture congestion, all due to the way the PL has scheduled the fixtures for the season. It's an absolute joke the way the PL has organised the fixtures, it happens every year and then they expect English clubs to keep up the win % to have 4 teams qualifying for the UCL every season. What would happen if they allowed for a winter break as well, like the rest of Europe?
  12. It should be, but it won't cos the only way it can be done is for the FA to extend the season by an extra week so all the 12th May fixtures to be played on the 19th May instead, can't see that ever happening. Basically, Spurs have to play 7 games in the 3 weeks remaining to the 12th May. Arsenal are also in the same predicament.
  13. Sissoko was injured with a groin strain mid through the first half the only fit CM we have atm is Wanyama. Dier & Winks are still unavailable. I agree with Ronnie, can't see us fielding a strong enough side to get anything tomorrow, especially with having another game to consider next Tuesday.
  14. According to ex ref Peter Walton the UEFA Directive your referring to doesn't come in to effect until the 1st June 2019. So that means accidental hand ball is not a foul at this moment.
  15. Dutch league postpones all fixtures at the weekend before Ajax plays Tottenham in the first leg to give themselves more time to prepare, whilst Tottenham have to play 3 games in a week leading to the first leg. https://www.football.london/tottenham-hotspur-fc/news/ajax-handed-bizarre-advantage-over-16152513
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