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  1. Yes indeed, I was hit with this fine when I was a tenant in a Pattaya guesthouse in 2017. When I tried to renew my retirement visa, I was directed upstairs (this was before the current room at the left) where it was explained to me that my landlord had not reported my stay to Immigration. So this was somehow now my fault.... I would need to have my landlord roll on down to Jomtien Immig to register my stay; if not, a fine would have to be paid! But by whom? Well obviously by me, since I was the victim standing there, needing a visa extension based on retirement. They initially wanted 4,000 baht. I pleaded poverty and ended up paying 2,000. For that, I got a hastily written receipt stapled in my passport. This receipt has proved useful, as I have traveled out of Thailand and returned since, without needing to re-affirm my stay at the same guesthouse. Yesterday I moved to a high-rise condo on the beach that I have long fantasized about. Wanting to avoid problems, I made the within 24-hours journey to Jomtien. I was given queue ticket #59, when the number up at the special room at the left was #008. I went next door to the lovely hotel with restaurant and pool to order lunch. Service was slow; I spent over an hour there, luckily returning to Immig when #052 was on the board. A short wait and I was seated in front of a smiling lady who processed my papers and stapled the new TM 30 receipt in my passport. As a renting tenant, not the owner, my question is why did I feel a strong need to do this, when it is not (theoretically) my responsibility? And why do I feel a strong relief to have this third piece of paper stapled into my passport, along with my recent 90-day report receipt, and of course my TM6 receipt? No wonder Jomtien Immigration is a madhouse.
  2. Roberta, my congratulations! However, your amazing ability to get all of the required documents does not inspire confidence in my visit tomorrow to Jomtien Immigration. I am in the same boat as you were, but mine has more leaks. Specifically, the owner of the lovely condo that I just moved into yesterday is now traveling abroad, and will not be back in Pattaya for a long time. Her friend (not the owner) gave me the key, took my money, wrote me a contract and a receipt. She had no idea how to get required documents 2, 3, 4, or 5. So so my question is, should I try to get legal with my TM30 at Jomtien Immigration, or would I be better off just letting it slide for 6 months until I am outta here?