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  1. HI Mattd, thank you for the feedback. This is really helpful. Do you have an official lik for this information? That would also be helpful. I almost feel like i am being primed for a hefty tax deduction because both HR colleges mentioned it together and then the big boss mentioned it a few days later. Basically saying that i would pay a lot of tax on this amount of money
  2. How would you go about doing that? Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks
  3. Hi, I will have my full time contract terminated at the end of this month. I will be receiving severance pay for the years that i have worked at the company for. This severance pay will be paid at the end of the month with this months salary. I have been told by HR that i will be liable for tax on this payment and because it will be a large amount (by Thai standards), i will be responsible for a hefty tax bill on the lump sum. Can anybody enlighten me on any kind of tax payment for such lump sums. I am looking at about 400,000THB
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