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  1. He touches on many relevant points, I think the message has been delivered clearly enough, about not being wanted, (and the senders on the back of the enveloped are hoping others shall adopt their attitude), I think the "Retirement" label is past history, and the situation is stressful for those who still consider it is a stable ongoing viable option. It's now just a longer visit visa, because a person may be retired. Anyone that asked/asks me about "retirement", since Oct 2019, I would respond that the option is not offered anymore, by Custom & Practice. The potential of sudden regulation changes suggested in the video would not make much odds overnight ( ), until a few years of revised Custom & Practice, uniformity of regulation etc. had been demonstrated. Of course there will still be those hit by the great first impression, burn their boat on the beach, and then read the notice on the palm tree later. But anyone planning Retirement ........ A post lock-down video, should be interesting...
  2. I wonder if it shall remain logical, on the first of August, within the time period specified by the Government ?
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