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  1. The non-O ME is what my plan was based around, even shortening my border run to the UK in Jan to 6 days ( daughters birthday). I'll not get to use them for years as I'll only be in my 23rd month when the UK issued ones a finish. So unless I take a detour via HCMC on the way back next Aug, the original plan is no longer available. The visa requirement in 2018 was show £1400 a month, and in 2019 had increased to £1500 a month, asked for by London (Though not actually enforced apparently). That is still above marriage extension requirements, is it not. Except they will not recognise the income here now and will not process an extension quickly enough even if they did. Still the pound has just has to come a couple more percent and my SWIFT transfer stream would be valid for an extension (which would be unavailable due to time scale). So I'll be doing them as non-O SE each time as well. It would be most disappointing if I dropped past HCMC next year and ran into problems, as mentioned by the OP, like those signatures are not real etc. ( The ball is also burst for using the non-OA as an ME alternative )
  2. Great point....! The linkage to fixed term insurances just does not work, I'm here for 67 days this time and my trip insurance auto renewed 21 days after arrival! Would they have.only let me in for 21 days if that was compulsory, even though I had my renewal details with me. The insurance companies system was Automated, no option to generate the new cert until the.renewal date. The insurance set up is like a mortgage indemnity, to cover the lender, it does not appear to be a good design concept for the the user. Two time milestones rather than one, as well as the activities outside Thailand you are planning for. It's just a mess! There is speculation that they may expand the scope of this idea later. You think they would be able to arrange.a group insurance to cover them against the unpaid hospital bills more efficiently. The future does not seem bright, unless you are of the mind to stagnate here.
  3. http://www.thaiembassy.org/london/en/services/7742/84508-Non-Immigrant-visas.html Non-Immigrant Type O- A (Long Stay) 1 Year/Multiple entries Copy of evidence stating that applicants have insurance as stipulated by the Office of Insurance Commission and health insurance of Thailand which has insurance coverage for outpatient not less than 40,000 Baht and for inpatient not less than 400,000 Baht. Please check < http://longstay.tgia.org> for more information regarding the insurance requirement.
  4. I hope your trip goes well, are you flying in via another local country, I like to prepare as well, I would get a Visa for the transit country, if it's an alternative. Just in case! I think they would be better just selling and insurance certificate for 1000 baht each, as potentially, and especially in your case you probably may not gain any duplicate cover by purchasing the Thai insurance. General condition of most Thai insurance is that you have to be in Thailand for more than 6 month out of 12! Over and above it's other limitations, (see the small print). I am not in Thailand continuously and a few months ago, enquired about local insurance (over and above travel insurance, a small OPD self financing fund, similar to the compulsory insurance provision value, and a couple of other small amount of Thai coverage that I would have doubts about anyway). The response was that they probably could not offer me a policy... It would be useful to know what reaction you get to their certificate, if it were simply confirming the coverage it may have been plausible, but including it conforms to a Thai Cabinet resolution . It shouts of a very insular design.
  5. If not now, they should be able to so that soon. Think it's still a work in progress perhaps. (the MFA consulates, not the Honorary Consulates)
  6. METV is still possible apparently, non-O ME is unfortunately not. I will probably visit the London Embassy next April when the Daughter goes down to renew her Thai Passport, but most likely will just get my Visa from one of the consulates, since the ME is unavailable (reinforced by the fact that the O-A visa is now not of interest as an Multi-entry due to it's revised requirements)
  7. I have to say I've never encountered them ever being rude, they are only asking for me to show the visa, to assist them in their process. It was not in a tone of being demanded.....Perhaps I've been lucky! On Qatar I recently had two personal welcome(s) on board, by the cabin staff, within a couple of minutes! (I think their i-pad lists had got mixed up perhaps)
  8. Edinburgh always checks for a Visa, normally asked how long are you going for? Do you have a visa, show them the visa and explain it's function, (90 days non-O ME presently). A couple of times the check-in staff had to call a supervisor to clear something on their screen. Big smile and every thing is fine (look like a matter of seniority ). I'm generally flying economy, and get lounge access due to having Qatar Airways Silver Privilege Club membership. I've found them to be reliable and great value for money so far. It's some years since I used an Emirates business class lounge, the first one of their lounges I used was the one in Hong Kong, and they definitely set a standard to judge other lounges by...I have to agree. (Before I have used them out of NCL-DBX-BKK before they started their service from Edinburgh, but actually used them quite a few times HKG-BKK-HKG) Checking in recently at LHR T2 Thai airways on this trip (one way ticket), I thought I may be asked for a return ticket (which I had a print of), since I got a online check-in confirmation, rather than a boarding pass, but this was not the case, (had to use the electronic self service terminal to get the boarding pass printed on the thin thermal paper like an ATM receipt) they just checked the visa..
  9. what certainty exists, over the past year every thing appears to be in a state of flux!
  10. Before the end of the Thai Tax year (calendar) , place the money with your currency service, or in an isolated account, and get them to send to Thailand it at the start of the next year? I think if in Thailand the 50k would be taxed as income if you were here more than 180days. (I've only glanced at that subject though).
  11. If it is a stocks and shares ISA, it may be possible to get the dividends paid out as income to your bank account. Other S&S ISAs have regular withdrawal facilities, where you can specify a monthly withdrawal amount to your current account. If your current ISA is not suitable, you can transfer the ISA to another provider and preserve the amount within the ISA wrapper. As a minimum you could transfer the stocks and shares ISA to a cash ISA (which can be instant access), to preserve your ISA amount. Within the Family we have recently transferred cash ISA to Socks and Shares ISA (took a few weeks), and Stocks & shares ISA to Stocks & shares ISA with a different provider (took only a few days!) Worth thinking about...
  12. No you report every 90 days instead.... or you can leave and re-entry with a permit, in lieu of the report, which re-sets the 90 days from the re-entry...
  13. Will you avoid the per withdrawal 220baht flat fee charged at Thai ATMs with that card?
  14. If the orders are for O-A visa holders entering Thailand to have insurance, but people start paying for the special policies for anything else, then you will be stuck with it... There was another post some weeks ago about "extra charges" & agents giving " extra services", where someone suggested by people paying previously it became a feature, by custom and practice. Many complaining, they or those preceded them may have given birth to the problem.
  15. You may also wish to consider the timing of sending the pension to Thailand as well, if you do have a buffer of a calendar years money, you may wish to isolate it and transfer that 12 x 65k+ in the following calendar year. (unless it is a civil service/military one, under the tax treaty). Not an issue at present, but good practice perhaps? You will have to research that bit yourself! As for method, I find SWIFT transfers from a Lloyds/Halifax account to work OK £9.50 charge UK end... To a Krungsri £FCD account 0.25% deposit charge (min 200baht), then exchange to THB at their daily TT rate, no passbook, but gives a nice SWF code, and the local branch could print 12 months transactions in a couple of minutes. Debit card to withdraw cash, or convert£ into a linked THB account. I'm not and extension person, just playing with the method at the moment
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