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  1. what certainty exists, over the past year every thing appears to be in a state of flux!
  2. Before the end of the Thai Tax year (calendar) , place the money with your currency service, or in an isolated account, and get them to send to Thailand it at the start of the next year? I think if in Thailand the 50k would be taxed as income if you were here more than 180days. (I've only glanced at that subject though).
  3. If it is a stocks and shares ISA, it may be possible to get the dividends paid out as income to your bank account. Other S&S ISAs have regular withdrawal facilities, where you can specify a monthly withdrawal amount to your current account. If your current ISA is not suitable, you can transfer the ISA to another provider and preserve the amount within the ISA wrapper. As a minimum you could transfer the stocks and shares ISA to a cash ISA (which can be instant access), to preserve your ISA amount. Within the Family we have recently transferred cash ISA to Socks and Shares ISA (took a few weeks), and Stocks & shares ISA to Stocks & shares ISA with a different provider (took only a few days!) Worth thinking about...
  4. No you report every 90 days instead.... or you can leave and re-entry with a permit, in lieu of the report, which re-sets the 90 days from the re-entry...
  5. Will you avoid the per withdrawal 220baht flat fee charged at Thai ATMs with that card?
  6. If the orders are for O-A visa holders entering Thailand to have insurance, but people start paying for the special policies for anything else, then you will be stuck with it... There was another post some weeks ago about "extra charges" & agents giving " extra services", where someone suggested by people paying previously it became a feature, by custom and practice. Many complaining, they or those preceded them may have given birth to the problem.
  7. You may also wish to consider the timing of sending the pension to Thailand as well, if you do have a buffer of a calendar years money, you may wish to isolate it and transfer that 12 x 65k+ in the following calendar year. (unless it is a civil service/military one, under the tax treaty). Not an issue at present, but good practice perhaps? You will have to research that bit yourself! As for method, I find SWIFT transfers from a Lloyds/Halifax account to work OK £9.50 charge UK end... To a Krungsri £FCD account 0.25% deposit charge (min 200baht), then exchange to THB at their daily TT rate, no passbook, but gives a nice SWF code, and the local branch could print 12 months transactions in a couple of minutes. Debit card to withdraw cash, or convert£ into a linked THB account. I'm not and extension person, just playing with the method at the moment
  8. Tax will be deducted in the UK, if it exceeds your personal allowance currently 12500 GBP (presuming that is still applicable to your situation), you would have to claim any tax back. If your were resident you would probably have the up to 25% tax free option available don't know what happens in your situation?? You mean indexation of the final salary pension? Should be still applicable any where, unless your scheme rules are strange? UK State Pension not indexed if not uk tax resident and staying in Thailand (only the Philippines is set up for UK state pensioners to get indexation).
  9. Yes, thanks for that, but the object of desire is the now discontinued (in the UK) non-O Multi-Entry Visa. I may tackle the e-visa sometime, but Dad and I will just apply to the local consulate six or seven times a year, instead of doing two applications by post to London each year as our previous routine. The last interesting ME visa from London was the O-A, and it's just been made to be of no interest to us it would seem.
  10. The MFA at CW in Bangkok will probably have to add their stamp to the translation as well. I think the other way is legalise it and get your local Thai Embassy to stamp it, in your home country.
  11. Considering the situation for a new applicant of the O-A, the condition of the insurance is that they must be in Thailand more than 6 months, how is that compatible with a new applicant, and which overseas companies said they would sign that certificate they have put up. As you say it's not going to happen.
  12. That's the way I'll be doing it in April next year, Kay is very helpful.
  13. The policy only covering Thailand is a big negative as well, as I see it
  14. Foreign insurance companies do not issue that certificate with their policies, they issue their companies certificate. If you have a link to a company that is offering to do so, I'm sure it would be of interest.
  15. Well you may not cancel your intention to go on the trip, but this post subject I can't see the point of it being incorrect. I do take many of the denied entry posts with a pinch of salt, as over many years, I have had absolutely no issue with Embassies, MFA, or immigration so far touch wood
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