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  1. I think the UK is far too integrated, to suddenly just split to support political career ambitions, it would take years of transition. Nichola S. is probably quite a good politician, but I could only vote for her if she dropped what appears to be an anti-English Obsession! I don't doubt that Scotland could stand by it's self, with about 30 years UK collaborative preparation. One of the Banks at the time of the last referendum, forecast that there would need to be a fund of helicopter money equal to about half a year of Scotland's GDP available to stop the economy falling off a clif
  2. If transferring income made in the Tax calendar year, e.g. you have salary paid directly to a Thai Bank, it is Taxable, as soon as you have been in Thailand more than 180 days of that calendar year.. If you transfer from your savings (from income /dividends of previous years), I understand it would not be taxable.
  3. It's just another extension of the politicians political hobby, burning up more manhours, and probably producing absolutely no useful product or outcome for the people of the EU or the UK. What is the next thing, the nationalists will want an embassy for Scotland, Wales, England etc In addition to the UK. Together with the associated security costs etc. Can't really be bothered to take sides in this subject. It is all in the domain of the politicians that appear to have the view that the people exist to support their political hobby, rather than than those politicians (and their co
  4. Dad, received a letter about the vaccination, say, on the Wednesday, He was phone by the GP practice on the Friday, and given a time on the following Tuesday morning and got the his first shot of the AZ vaccine. The time to get the second shot seems to be under debated, especially for the Pfzer one, as the up to 12 weeks is not what it says on the tin, more like 42 days max perhaps. Still they are progressing well. Hopefully they shall also vaccinate the Teachers, before the Schools re-open. I'm a good bit down the list I would think end of March/April perhaps???
  5. "....in contrast with the Non Imm O-A, when doing so the insurance must be issued by one of the 13 Thai TGIA-associated insurers....." If that is then case for the non-O now, and they have not removed the clause that states the proposed policies are ineffective, should you not have been in Thailand for 6 months cumulatively (out of 12). I understand the 6 month clause is a general requirement for many Thai insurance policies. As I posted previously, I made an enquiry with one of the listed companies mid-2019 and they were quite up front that a Thai issued policy may not be suitable, as I
  6. Though the adverts seem to be better formatted than they were a few weeks ago, when it then had become un-usable on my win-7 netbook....
  7. There appears to be a lot of negative rumors about, outwith income tax and VAT subjects... e.g. Capital Gains Tax reform...a few ideas I've seen;... Aligning the CGT rates with income tax (would not worry us in it's self) Freeing the annual allowance (not much of a problem) Reducing the CGT allowance from the current £12300. If 10k not much short term effect If £6k or lower it may start causing problems, as we look on it the allowance as avoiding the need do paper, but for those that use the CGT allowance as a planned supplement of income by disposing of a few l
  8. Is that the 40k/400k insurance requirement? Did they ask for the 40k/400k insurance for a single entry non-O ? They did not try to direct you to the Thai insurance, which may provide no cover, if you have not been there for 12 months? As most likely not provide cover until you have been there for 6 months...
  9. Will it even stop that statement the politicians were programmed to say "were all living longer", to push the State private and company Pension age upwards. Only applicable if you are lucky enough to have lived in the right area, had the right employment, and landed on the right side of a statistical median! Pretty sure the state pension age won't be brought forward again. I do feel sad about all those people, and to a lesser extent those that will find it difficult to complete pension ambitions for the next wee while.....
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