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  1. I did the wheel chair trip, Xmas 2017, the assistance was great, as long as you could get up the aircraft steps using the crouches. EDI-MUC-FRA-BKK-THS inbound, Then BKK-ZRH-EDI on the way back. (I had booked those flights, before the mobility problem). Father is 85 and still comes to Thailand every year for 3x59 days, still gets good quality travel insurance at about 17500 Baht per trip....but of course he is still based in the UK....I think I would agree with the OPs thinking.
  2. Making multiple visits during the year (from the UK), to stay with the wife & son, all the trips have been less than 60 days so far. I was to be here 84 days over the school holidays, but had to go back to the UK for just over a month (with the son).
  3. If you mean unnecessary hassle for using the most appropriate visa, I hope not! Though I am going to stretch out the current ME by entering again (from the UK) during it's last few days of it's validity.
  4. I have similar travel insurance, unlimited trips of less than 92 days. I just fly back, as I normally have issues to address in the UK anyway. You also have UK residency, for since your under the 183 days is not an issue for you. (Just keep an eye on the NHS guidance for how long you can be out the country, should you extend your trips further, in future) Watch the small print in any Thai policy, some say you have to be in Thailand more than 180days ( depends what type of insurance company they are). This is probable (for me)but not guaranteed, so makes those policies of dubious worth, and would be worthless for you, if they have that clause! I have a Thai bank savings account, ( yet to get a ATM card ) which I put no less than 800baht/week in as a self insurance for outpatients. Yet to find a local solution on insurance, that looks credible....
  5. That's good, I hope it stays that way. That will be the plan for next year then, when my ME runs out. I'll only get a week in Scotland at the end Jan 2020, as I'll have to turn right round to get back for one last entry from it, before starting the SE applications every time I'm back to the UK (which I'll adopt as my sole strategy now I think).
  6. It's a pretty sad situation, spent 13 years coming to Thailand with every hour of leave and time in lieu I could muster, then decided last year to give up (snap decision on availability of a deal with a sweetner) my employment in the UK early and also due to a temporary injury. Plans were totally based on the availability of the non O ME, and the £1400/month net UK income on the London embassy's website, with a comfortable margin index linked. Also a one of my pensions that exceeded the 40k/month also index, for sending for the income method for future use, now marginally above 40 due to FX rate. I still love being over here, spending all my time with the son, and of course the wife (when she not busy at work). But I view the system, as totally unstable, especially with the Fx GBP effect. Totally not confident for the coming years, in relation to their regulations. A Policy on roller skates
  7. Krungsi, would not open a THB if no work permit, but they did not have a problem opening a FCD. I think the FCD is Ideal for the income method. Easy to SWIFT money in, at £9.60 a transfer plus the banks 1% deposit fee. (they do say now, that a THB account would be possible, if I bring the wife as a ref/existing customer, I"ve been with them more than a year now).
  8. The Embassy occasionally does mobile consular services to various UK cities, they certainly came up to Edinburgh before.....
  9. When (along time ago) I was getting the Daughter's passport I had to turn up with the then ex. In person at London. The embassy had a form that have my permission to use my Surname on her passport (which was the same surname as on her Thai and English birth certs anyway). Sorry don't know how to do it remotely, but RTE London can confer with MFA in Bangkok perhaps?
  10. I think the, in the region, consulates will collapse under the demand. UK consulates are able to take applications in person for non-O single entry, so I could get a rail card and go to Glasgow every time I go back. The, in Thailand, options don't seem to be practical, would they give you a married extension with a multi entry permit, when you don't really want to stay longer than 90days. The single entry is not much use, to allow in region trips, if the opportunity arose, or would they let you back in on a visa exempt, till the next booked flight back to the UK comes up. I can only think, single entry, and try and have the son over to the UK as much as possible in the main school holiday.. Hope you find a solution I can copy OP
  11. OP thank you for your information, I might start putting the 40k/m in the bank, as a possible back-up, the more stories like yours that I read, reminded me that nothing can be relied on now (not my previous view a few years ago). If I put 40k/m in the bank they would probably want 45k, if I actually applied, knowing my luck. Anyway we shall avoid dealing with those people as long as practically possible. Thank you for your post...
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