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  1. I gave up after sending a small parcel here, 52gbp shipping paid in the UK, they charged me 37% of 110gbp on the shipping! worked out as had to pay over 75% of what I was sending as duty. Never again....
  2. The sugar free sprite stocks in the 7/11 here seem a bit erratic (was thinking to try a wholesaler to get some), lots of Pepsi Max & Coke zero, as well as coke light etc.Est cola do a sugar free but it tastes a little different... I've taken to drinking Aquafina soda water in cans from the Jiffy garage shop,(poor mans Perrier) , and put 500 mg effervecent vitamin C in the water sometimes. Lot of low Sugar Almond milk options available, from most major supermarkets, a bit more expensive than coke though.
  3. The system of the e-visa has also been on a couple of recent posts, as being unresponsive unable to complete an application. There is also no reports of successful completions in London (though there must be some), in response to another post with Hundreds of views. It does not fit well if you were on a short return to the UK, and needing a visa for a flight out again. (the consulates look like the only way for SE non-O at present) I think they just cut and paste standard statements, you would think they would know you can't extend and get a ME re-entry permit, if your not going to be there more than 90days, and there response time is variable in any case apparently. I'm over 50 looked at the O-A but the pending insurance add on makes it non-viable. I will go back to Scotland tail end of January for the Daughter's Birthday and fly back to Thailand to get a last entry out my current non-O ME. (Since I've got flexibility of time). Not having the ME for making trips out and back to Thailand with the family perhaps almost impossible to schedule. It looks like Savannakhet, HCMC, and maybe even Singapore, could be the only possibilities for the non O ME, if the system does not catch up with them. HCMC especially, could arrange a 6 day holiday there, and if they did not issue the ME visa I would be flying back to the UK anyway, just somewhere else visited! OP, I have great sympathy for your situation. The system now appears at this time a total contrast to the superb service given by the London Embassy prior to the 14th June 2019. Certainly no Xmas cards this year for those responsible for this "e" thing.
  4. Certainly the exchange rate is getting painful now... About 20 years ago I looked a those two destinations you mention, Vietnam seemed still a bit shaky on the security front. I had a number of conversations with a guy who's wife was from the Philippines, he highlighted frequently that there was a lot of corruption there at that time, so I did not think I would like it there. I think Vietnam & the Philippines, likely get equal consideration now by tourists, where as Thailand was perhaps favourite before. (as well as looking at the other countries in the region)
  5. There does not appear to be any takers, you would think someone would know someone that had done it!
  6. Hi, the chap on another recent thread recons he re-started the form 10 times, whilst sorting various anomaly items and it locked him out apparently!
  7. Never really had a problem with the Banks here, even had a 5000 error on an ATM checked, and got the money back a few days later with a smile. (had accounts here since the green K was farmers bank). Don't think the Banks stability is the issue, I've no long term stability here, look at the previous posts of "how will I get all my assets if I cannot get back into Thailand" or "my work permits ended 7 days to get my stuff" etc That's why I would be wary of keeping a lot of cash in accounts here in my name only. Minimums, could perhaps be considered maximums as well!
  8. I hope everything does go well for you. With every such example as yours, I feel very uneasy looking to the future, they have disrupted my plans already by withdrawing the Visa I intended using for the next few years (from London) already, after only using them for 14 months. But my situation, is just a trivial irritation, compared with what yours potentially could become. I don't think the wife realized I needed a visa, until I mentioned that one of two main reason was to go back (to the UK) in Feb was to renew the Visa and get 90 Days to come back spanning the School Holidays.
  9. I don't there think so either, they are just trying to make less of them legally here, that's what it is....
  10. That sounds interesting, is there much of an ongoing overhead for the account etc?
  11. I have no interest in such matters, leave it all to the wife, even been with the wife to the land office to sign to confirm a couple of times.. As I am a non entity here.... Got a trains set though...
  12. I'm starting to do transfers, of one of my pensions, to the amounts I received a year ago, so if it was Julys 2018 payment it will be arriving here July 2019! (don't know if I'll need them yet, but how can you anticipate ahead anyway, will try it). Even though that one is probably under the Double taxation treaty anyway.
  13. Yes most likely right, could not afford to pay for the insurance which might change as they wish not as you wish (if it's the same as the O-X), and then additionally pay for coverage if something happens. "then you can not live in that country" what should be planned for then?
  14. First time I was in Thailand it was 35 to the pound, when I got married it was 75 baht to the pound. The pound is weak just now because nothing has been resolved, I think it will go down to 35 again and then start a recovery, no forecasts on how long that will take. The present exchange rate I blame totally on the MPs who could not arrange the exit on the 29th of March past, of whatever political party, better if it had already happened, business had planned for it, and we would be on a recovery path already, from whatever starting point it was from.
  15. Dad goes to Pattaya just because he knows his way around there, and can get by with English (does not feel comfortable upcountry). He goes 8 weeks, then back to the UK for a couple of months. Every time he has been in the past year, he tells of how much quieter it is now. He says many of the ex-pats he chatted to, at the couple of bars he goes to play pool, seem to be more and more absent. People trying to run new Bars, are just shutting again after a few weeks (leases to expensive to pay with few customers). Originally he used 2 entry tourist visas, then he used the non-O ME (with state pension) which was better and which is still good for his next entry. now we'll have to do a Visa application 3 time a year, a slight increase in inconvenience. Much more expensive there now. I just hope no more negatives arise, as positives have been absent for a few years now.
  16. Further to #167, forgot to mention Krungsri can print me off the last 12 months transactions in minutes!
  17. Just got my latest Krungsri GBP FCD statement. For Info Halifax online Transferred 1300 GBP, with 9.5OGBP Flat Fee on top. Krungsri statement shows 1295 GBP, SWF code = SWIFT deposit (So 5 GBP disappeared, will have to ask them) and then 5.10 CF = Collection Fee withdrawal on the same day, same teller code. 19.60 GBP or 1.5% in total Thai Baht withdrawals are at their published TT Ex rate.
  18. It is difficult these days to build a full record, if not in that type of continuous employment, I'm always at the Daughter to keep on top of making up full years as She is self employed mainly. Not only is it more difficult to make a decent pension, but they keep putting the age up! The Life expectancy increase thing has stopped, or maybe even slide now, as the transition from Heavy to Light industry has run its course. The politicians really need to ditch that stupid "were all living longer" rubbish, it also depended what area you stayed! But being in pensions of a similar format as the Civil Service, you are likely to have been contracted out. e.g. I've got 40 full years to April 2018, and still need to pay 6 more years to get the full "New State Pension" (this addl 6 years seems to be a recurring theme), just thinking about doing the 2018-2019 year as a voluntary. Then I've still got 11 years to add 5. So then i have to balance if I'm likely to go back to work in the UK for 5 in the next 10 2020-2030. Thing is, I can't touch my private DC pensions until I resolve that, or it would have potential tax problems.
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